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  1. Not all 1080p 60hz screens are made equal. I have two phones one from 2017 and one from 2020, both low end, but the screen difference is huge. The 2020 one is way clearer. I think there are changes in technology that arent listed in specs.
  2. It used to be that processor technology was quite sluggish to change between 2010 to 2018 but since the arrival of ryzen, even new low-end laptops are comparable to mid tear models from the 2-3 years ago. I am thinking of buying a thin and light with at least 4 cores. The new ryzen CPUs especially the 4300U and the 5300U are offering a lot in $400 laptops like the HP ones. If I try to get 1-2 gen old laptops, the best I can get it are the ones with 8th gen i5s and they would bill be around $250 to $300. Is it worth buying a 2-year-old laptop for that, keeping in mind th
  3. Hmm what about older macbooks or laptops from 2018/2019? Those would serve me better since I don't need the new M1 power. I just need a good screen with a good keyboard. And before all that I need someone who had experience with working on both new and old laptops.
  4. How would I know long term (half an hour plus) in store? They would keep asking me whether they should pack this in 10 mins HAHA
  5. Hey! I have two old dells from 2011-2012 and both of them have a resolution of 1366x768. I never found the use of any powerful laptops as I only work on word and excel which aren't that resource hungry. I work on my desktop mostly with a big monitor and it never bothers me. However these two laptops start hurting my eyes after half an hour. I have used night light, other such apps, dimmed the resolution but nothing helps. I was thinking maybe new laptops with 1080p resolution and anti glare can help? But I don't want to spend $700-$1k without asking s
  6. You have not read OP. I have already said I have tried and found trick to get through them. Anyways, I bricked my phone doing rooting lol
  7. What if I just remove play store and browser and keep services? Removing package installer and keeping playstore can be another option?
  8. Doesnt have pacer, myfitnesspal etc. Also doesnt have a good camera for photos.
  9. No! I will not install a browser as that mutes the whole purpose of doing this. Yes, I understand but if there is a gap between desire and accessibility, I would have problems doing it. I have understood that from psychological books like the ones from BJ Fogg
  10. As I said, those things don't work here. Shops here don't accept cards but UPI is prevalent quite similar to how weibo works in china. And, I want to add some apps like pacer, myfitnesspal which would not work on a dumb phone not even on the new nokias. I am using the Realme 5 Pro.
  11. Yes thats what I was talking about. The harder is gets, the less likelier I would attempt it
  12. In india we use the UPI system for NFC and there are posts that with magisk it could work https://androinterest.com/2020/04/23/run-banking-upi-apps-in-rooted-android/
  13. I cant control myself. These things are wasting my life. And, I do think I am not alone
  14. It's not. I have to pay through NFC sometimes and keeping cash is a problem.