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  1. Do you have a link to indicate when this changed? https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/get-free-xbox-games-with-games-with-gold-28b9440a-b98e-e04d-1881-a109d73293a0#:~:text=Your Xbox Live Gold membership,and two on Xbox 360.&text=Xbox One games are yours,games are yours to keep. According to the Microsoft FAQ, 360 games you get to keep, and XBO games are yours as long as you're a subscriber.
  2. I believe Gabriel is correct - the Games for Gold games are only available if you keep your subscription up to date. With that in mind, if you let it lapse then renew it later, you get access back to the games you had before. Also GamePass does offer the same Gold discounts, plus additional ones. I sub to GamePass Ultimate on my XBO because it's not much more than Gold and you get a hell of a lot more out of it.
  3. I feel like you're confusing two different statements. You said we don't have the tech to avoid asteroids. He posted a link, and you said it's all theoretical. Those aren't mutually exclusive things though. Theoretical just means nobody has put it into practice. I think we do have the tech, given enough time before impact. It will definitely involve some innovation and overcoming engineering problems, but the theoretical tech required are all within our current understanding of science and engineering.
  4. I'm what you might call a "boring drinker" - I don't particularly enjoy the taste of most alcohol. I don't like wine, or most spirits/liquors. I outright hate most kinds of beer. I'm the guy that unironically orders Coors Light because I love the light, smooth taste to it. I hate most craft beer because most of it tastes like hoppy shit, and hardly any craft beer caters to the kind of person that likes Coors Light. I drink maybe once a month, if not less. And usually just 1 or 2 beers. I got shitfaced drunk in High School often enough during parties, etc. Bu
  5. It depends on how long term the naturally occurring immunity lasts, and I haven't seen what the current research says about that. If I were a health policy maker, I would still offer them the vaccine, but at the lowest priority, after the general public has mostly been vaccinated. The flu shot didn't give you the flu. Most flu shots (especially if you get the injection) does not contain live virus. It literally cannot give you the flu. So either one of two things happened: 1. You already had the flu or caught it shortly after receiving the flu shot. The flu
  6. People like to bring up the Saturn V as a real viable alternative, but the reality is it's not. The problem is that much of the engineering diagrams were lost, and there are not complete blueprints. On top of that, little if any of the manufacturing processes would still exist, meaning that they would need to recreate all the tooling and dies and manufacturing lines, often with little documentation or direct knowledge of the process. A realistic alternative is likely going to be the SpaceX Super Heavy Booster (The 1st stage of Starship), as well as Blue Orig
  7. Yes of course. That way I could help contribute to diverting it in any way I can. I wouldn’t choose ignorance because there’s always a chance of success.
  8. Have you had any reactions to previous vaccinations (aside from a sore area on the injection site)?
  9. Ahh months - yes that makes sense - still, oddly laid out
  10. What in god's name are the data points along the bottom? A M J J A S O N D J? I assume they're supposed to be days or weeks or something but I'm very curious what they actually mean.
  11. One of my friends is in isolation. She works at a larger Grocery retailer, and one of her coworkers on the same shift tested positive. They were asymptomatic so my friend is probably fine, but she's getting tested anyway.
  12. Indeed, correlation does not imply causation. And no one here is implying that eating dark chocolate will make someone a psychopath. You have my sympathies for that - though it's important to note that sociopathy and psychopathy are not the same thing, Anyway, I digress, this is getting a little off topic
  13. You seem to be taking his statement a bit personally. He's not saying that "People who like dark chocolate = psychopaths". He's saying that - according to some studies he read, psychopaths happen to prefer dark chocolate more than the average person. That doesn't mean all dark chocolate fans are psychopaths. Or even that most are. Just that one group has a higher rate of incidence than the general population. Not all of the studies actually support the hypothesis though. The top search result actually shows that they did not replicate the results of the 2016
  14. Did your Dentist prescribe any pain killers? When I got my Wisdom Tooth extracted, I was given T4's w/ Codeine. They were very effective (though I tried to take as little as needed). As others have mentioned, cold things work well because they numb the nerves. Milkshakes, smoothies, ice packs, cold water, etc. If it's legal in your country/state/region, Cannabis works quite well too.
  15. Ahhh yes. Terry's chocolate oranges are a staple here in Canada. You can get them year round, but during Christmas/winter, you can find them everywhere.