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  1. Yes I've seen a few Mastered for iTunes albums (I own several) - and they do sound pretty good. But I'd for sure appreciate lossless for my Sennheiser HD 6xx's.
  2. I'm going to chalk that up to the language the article author is using. Your AE-9 is no different from an External DAC in terms of functionality - I expect it to work fine in this scenario.
  3. Any word on if this is also coming to iTunes purchased music? It appears to literally be the same catalogue and probably even comes from the same source.
  4. These prices are not for Toronto. For Toronto, you'd be looking at $600K+ for a piece of shit falling apart. I believe average detached prices have reached over $1m.
  5. You don't even know the half of it. So Vancouver (BC) and Toronto (Ontario) both have your typical "massive city overpricing" that's insane compared to anywhere else. But in the rest of Southern Ontario, the prices are getting pretty bad themselves. A fixer-upper here would be in the neighbourhood of $300,000+ CAD. A decent newer house that won't need renovating or updating is easily pushing $500K to $600K, and some cities and areas are even seeing "regular" houses go for above that.
  6. Both of those prices (even after converting to CAD) are vastly cheaper than even a 1bedroom Condo in Southern Ontario.
  7. It could be both. Here's a Reddit post that talks about using a PS4 with a 16:10 monitor: They note, however, that to get it to work, they had to use a 16:10 monitor that had native HDMI. Your best bet with your existing monitor is to pick up an HDMI to DVI adapter or HDMI to DVI cable and try that. You might find some of this info useful as well: https://hometheaterhifi.com/volume_11_4/feature-dvi-hdmi-hdcp-connections-11-2004.html TL;DR, get an HDMI to DVI adapter (ideally one that explicitly lists HDCP support). If that fails to
  8. That'd be the kind of thing you see on the news, some moron with a jigsaw trying to cut their way into a house, get's caught red handed, or ends up injuring themselves because they cut through a live wire or glass or something xD
  9. Whether or not a company has to charge taxes depends on the specific legal codes it has to follow - not just in the country that the company operates from, but also the country of the user making the purchase as well. In most cases, you the purchaser are expected to report those purchases on your taxes so you can pay any applicable "sales tax" (HST, GST, PST, VAT, etc) from those purchases. In reality, next to no one reports these purchases, and in most cases, it's nearly impossible for the particular revenue agency (IRS, CRA, etc) to enforce these tax omissions.
  10. If you’re talking about SMB 1.0 please fuck do not enable that.
  11. Install Classic Shell on 8.1 and it’s basically Windows 7 SP3. Great system once you deal with the UI issue.
  12. I find it hilarious how confused people are about bagged milk. Once you understand how it works, it’s one of the most straight forward concepts. Also those bags use less plastic than a jug does, and it makes them lighter to transport, making the whole process less carbon intensive.
  13. Again the mine thing is unsubstantiated, especially the part about apartheid labour. Maybe his father did own said mine. That doesn’t prove he got rich from it nor that Elon benefited substantially from it either. Patently false. I’m not going to go through them all as others have already proven this wrong. This is a weird statement all together. I know lots of people - myself included - that give Tesla employees and engineers lots of credit for what they’ve done. At best he was born on first base, with a relatively middle class upbringing. No he didn’t come
  14. I mean maybe but why Aukey and not literally every other big brand selling similar stuff? Amazon needs to ban Anker and a bunch of other companies too if that’s their strategy. Not convinced.
  15. Okay, so you're anti-capitalist then. That's okay. But now we're talking about a difference of world philosophy instead of facts. Whether you think anyone deserves to be a billionaire or not, Musk certainly worked hard for his. Could others do the same under the same circumstances? Yes, some. Not most though,