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  1. Be that as it may, you can understand now non-Americans are at least somewhat concerned about the FDA's processes, given the political climate. With that in mind, the peer reviewed science will be critical here. Personally I don't believe in any of the conspiracies that say the vaccines are dangerous or rushed unnecessarily. While Pharma companies are for profit, they're also very long term focused companies. A drug or vaccine may take a decade to pay for itself. It's not in their best interests to kill off a bunch of potential customers. Nor is it in their best interest to ruin th
  2. This^ means the same thing as this^ It's a 20-count package of cable ties. You get 20 of them. Not 400. Now, is $15 USD a lot for 20 cable ties? Unquestionably, yes. I can buy a 100 pack of Velcro brand cable ties for $30 CAD, or a 25 pack for $13 CAD. So, is it outrageous? Not when you consider that you're mostly paying for LTT custom branding. But it's definitely a little on the expensive side of things.
  3. I would rather think a proper solution would be for LMG to offer shipping upgrades. So for those who want to absolutely avoid USPS, they can pay to upgrade to UPS or Fedex. But, one of the major differences between UPS/Fedex and USPS (and by extension, Canada Post), is that UPS and Fedex will charge you a brokerage fee for many items crossing the border. This is in addition to any customs fees/taxes you need to pay. It's basically a fee for them to file the paperwork. Canada Post and USPS will not charge you for this fee. That alone makes it worth it in my mind.
  4. There's no doubt that Toyota is among the best automakers. But there are pros and cons to every make and model of car. Tesla has plenty that Toyota doesn't offer. And vice versa. They could learn much from each other.
  5. Part of that is likely simply their inexperience as an automaker. Tesla has only been a large scale automaker for about 8 years - the Model S came out in 2012 (and really, the S and X were not very large scale at that). Compare that to, say, Ford, which has been operating since 1903. Traditional companies might be slow to adopt new tech (something they're a lot better at lately, but still need improvement on), but they also have much more experience in finding out what technology is reliable.
  6. My interpretation of that, is that Geekbench is specifically benchmarking the CPU, while isolating the rest of system performance as much as possible. Would you say that's an accurate understanding of what it does? Overall system performance is very important - particularly when reviewing an entire system as one product (Example: M1 Macbook Air or whatever). But if you're trying to isolate the specific performance of just the CPU, I would think these tests can be very useful, along with other tests.
  7. Let me clarify your request - are you specifically looking to record MIDI commands? Or are you looking to record the Piano as a sound file? These are not the same thing. MIDI basically captures information about how the Piano is being played (which keys, amount of pressure, foot pedals, etc) - so that you can reproduce the performance (or even modify the performance). Otherwise, capturing the sound from the piano should be easy - the back of your piano should have an analog output of some kind (usually a pair of Phono 6.25" (1/4") jacks, typically with one of them also
  8. bbbbbuuuttt in Gone in 60 seconds, they hacked keyfobs in seconds! Movies aren't real????
  9. Savage Jerky is a long time sponsor of the WAN show - not sure if they're still sponsoring it lately though, as I rarely get a chance to watch a full WAN show. As others have mentioned, you emailed them on a Friday - if they're experiencing high volumes of support emails, it's entirely likely that no one has even read your email yet. Now if they haven't responded by tomorrow (Wednesday) end of day (I'd assume 5PM EST - not sure what time zone they're in), then I would send them a followup email, and also reach out to LTT staff here on the forums (Colton usually responds
  10. People consistently keep dismissing Geekbench - but, do you have a source that actually verifies that it's "not a real benchmark"? I've heard the claim many times. I've also heard the opposite claim - the justification behind the defense of Geekbench is that it's a pure CPU benchmark with little to no RAM usage, whereas other benchmarks often are more CPU+RAM dependent. Essentially Geekbench does realworld tasks like running "C compiler Clang, the PDF reader from Chrome and compression engine from 7-Zip" (snippet taken from a quote by @LAwLz in the M1 review thread). No
  11. Hard disagree here - Yes, those people should be the first to be vaccinated, but eventually the vast majority of the population should be vaccinated. That's all well and good (and should be happening already, but it's not) as a short term solution, but cannot be used as a permanent solution. You're thinking too small. Plenty of vaccine trials were done outside of the US. Additionally, at least one (possibly more) of the vaccine manufacturers has already pledged to sell the vaccine at-cost, so that should at least help alleviate the profit motive. Countries like Cana
  12. He literally admitted that he copied their design. The fact that he didn't copy it exactly 1:1 does not eliminate any copyright infringement. Granted, the odds that LTT will ever pursue this in court is likely zero, but they could, should they so choose. You can see for yourself against the original LTT shirt - all the major design details are essentially identical. I suspect the only reason it's not a 1:1 copy is the lack of skill or experience on the OP's part in getting the details just right (not an insult against the OP - if he truly did make that copy, he's got some decent sk
  13. It's rather odd because it seems to be one or the other. The "more traditional" forum members seem to frequently be outright apple haters, in which they will very easily call people sheep or isheep or apple fanboys for the smallest things. Then you've got the folks who are claiming that Apple can make a DIY CPU that would "destroy" AMD/Intel. And there's me in the middle - I don't particularly like macOS, but I don't hate it. I do quite like iOS and iPhones, but I'm sure no Apple fanboy. I'm also not an Apple hater either.
  14. That might work in some countries, but in the US, people would probably lose their shit if the vaccine was tied to employment or something like that. Schools shouldn't be too much trouble - most school boards already have mandatory vaccine lists. Exemptions will be key here - some places have exemptions based on non-medical needs. I of course 100% support medical exemptions for vaccines - some people will literally die if they take a vaccine due to one medical issue or another they have. But I do not support religious or moral objections for those same vaccine lists.
  15. Yep, Facebook is already filled with comments about how people won't get the vaccine. Now, if you're an American, I would have been hesitant about any vaccine that the President rushed through approval before the election, but now that that's over, I'm a little more trusting. Granted, I won't get one until it's approved by Health Canada - and I fully trust their vetting process. I for one will be lined up to get one as soon as it's approved, and if multiple are approved and available, whichever one I deem the "best" based on the research. But realistically a