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  1. This is an interesting concept. Someone with real estate or investors could build out a cineplex, of sorts, where you book an entire theatre to yourself but it only seats like 6-20 people (you could even offer variations with different room and seating sizes). The renter decides what to watch by either bringing their own media or selecting a choice from a catalogue with various pricing depending on movie age, with new releases being more expensive. If you get the balance right between a healthy profit margin yet being inexpensive enough that friend groups might start switch
  2. You can actually buy fake coins specifically for this purpose (as you get the coin back when you return the cart) - they're usually just coin shaped and often on a keychain.
  3. I tend to keep anywhere from $5 to $40 in cash on hand, usually just in my wallet. Hardly ever use it though - it's just there in case I need to go somewhere that accepts cash only on short notice. The vast vast vast majority of time (I'm talking something like 99.999%), I pay with a Card of some kind or another. In Canada - or rather, at least in Ontario, you can pretty much go anywhere and pay with Interac (Debit Card) or Credit Card. Even the vast majority of local shops will accept one or both. Even some of the Mennonite shops take card now. Very very ra
  4. I would absolutely never recommend this for anyone unless they're using "fun money" (meaning: money they're using to pay for gambling and don't mind losing it all). That's trying to time the market. Maybe you'll get lucky. Maybe you won't. Historically speaking, it has pretty much always been a better plan to just hold through dips. It almost always work out to you having better returns than trying to time the market. Now, using additional money to buy dips? Sure why not. But selling good investments (I'm assuming you have a widely diversified investment str
  5. That's awesome man. I'm about 1800 km (like 1200 miles) from Kennedy. Would love to go there one day. I would absolutely kill to see the fully stacked Starship launch in person - that will be insane compared to a Falcon 9.
  6. Hey guys, We recently lost our networking specialist at work and until we hire some new people (who may or may not have any particular specialty in networking), I'm basically fumbling my way through Firewall and Switch management. I can probably convince my employer to pay for some training (and possibly even certification), but I'd like some advice on a few details. 1. CCT Routing and Switching vs CCNA - do CCT first then CCNA? Or skip straight to CCNA? 2. Cisco official training courses vs Third Party? Cisco charges like $300 for th
  7. Agree to disagree. Personally I think the new trailer looks awesome. The colour tone is different and fresh, compared to the original 3 movies.
  8. As pointed out "secrete" means to exude or discharge, generally a fluid (example: your saliva gland secretes saliva; a pimple might secrete puss, etc). Bac on topic, my secret ingredients are Soy Sauce and Worcestershire Sauce, typically. Also been experimenting with Marmite, as it's not a common ingredient in Canada (very popular in the UK). For homemade spaghetti sauce, I add all 3 (just a bit of Marmite because it can be overwhelming), plus some Hoisin sauce, and shitloads of herbs and spices to taste, and lots of garlic (ideally cooked with the ground be
  9. It's supposed to lack the Green colour tone. Go rewatch the end of the third movie - inside the Matrix when Neo "defeats" Smith (by defeat, I mean he lets himself be infected, and the Machines use Neo's direct connection to destroy Smith), and the machines "reboot" the Matrix under the new truce, the colour tone changes from the green undertones, to the bright cheery tones that match what we see here in this Trailer. With that in mind, I'll have a look at yours - it'll be cool to see it look like the classic Green tone, but it absolutely makes sense the way they colour
  10. Lots of people do this - not everyone has the luxury of plumbing that can accommodate even toilet paper. If you use a garbage bin with a lid, it's not disgusting at all, since you won't smell anything or even see anything. Worst case scenario, if you take like, particularly smelly shits or something, is you occasionally use some air freshener, or you sprinkle some baking soda on top, etc. It all ends up in the same place anyway, most toilet paper gets filtered out by the sewage treatment system and thrown out at the dump. Just depends on if your plumbing and
  11. For people saying that putting toilet paper in the garbage would create a smell: Buy a freaking trashcan with a lid on it - problem solved (also, don't overfill your garbage - empty it when it gets full). One of these: https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/sterilite-step-on-wastebasket-white-42-l-1424680p.html#srp Or something just like them - typically a department store (like Walmart) would have some variation of this for very cheap. Doesn't need to be that large necessarily either. Smaller will help ensure the smell doesn't get noticeable.
  12. To answer your question about the seal: If you're not sure, call a plumber yourself and ask them. With that in mind, most likely the O-Ring is fine, but it seal was broken (broken meaning that contact between both sides was compromised) when too much pressure was built-up after you kept flushing and plunging more and more shit down your drain. Once the pressure was relieved, your toilet probably settled back into it's original position and the seal now contacts. If you're unsure, ask your Landlord to confirm that detail with the plumber. I hope you learned your lesson t
  13. Oh for sure, Paper Towel is by all means not the only item you should avoid putting in a toilet. As you said, primarily for human waste, and if sewer connected, toilet paper.
  14. Ask them to fix it. It's up to them on how. This is between your Landlord and the plumbers now - though make sure they do fix the problem.
  15. No offense but you are a brutal toilet operator. Never, ever put any kind of paper towel into the toilet. Bounty, generic brown paper towels, etc. You need to stop asking us questions and speak to your Landlord and the plumber ASAP about this stuff. No, we cannot tell you if the brown water is sewage vs just dirty water. It's effectively the same thing, just depends on whether water from the sewers is being backed up into your unit, or your own piss and shit-water is being backed up. Either way, it's piss and shit that makes it look dirty. If you