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  1. Starcraft and age of empires II are failed games? In what world? Honestly can't even come up with a shit title that got remastered.. On the topic. I loved those games. But a remaster from EA 2018 is not something I wanna see. I rather play the original with shitty graphics on my PS2..
  2. This is a very odd thing to say when we don't actually know what the GPP actually contains. Sure it might be no different than other tactics in the past. But it might as well not be. You can state things like fact when the details are hidden behind a heavy NDA.
  3. The SNES mini is readily available here in Sweden. My local Media Markt has a bunch of SNES mini on the shelf. And most internet stores have it in stock..
  4. Cool. But as far as I understand space rockets these days require great weather conditions. If these new rockets have equally high requirements for good weather.. Good luck launching a rocket in Northern Europe.
  5. I must join the group of people here saying third party apps more or less doesn't matter anyways. I went through my apps list and I have two third party apps. One for my grocery list and one for my password manager. Apple already have the apps I need on a daily basis. Now playing, calendar, timer, weather, time, notifications, homekit and activity tracking.... And that thing pinging my phone to locate it. I swear to God, how did I live without that feature. Edit: more on the topic. This feels nothing more like what they did on ios when they killed 32bit app support. Cleaning out old unsupported apps. Sure it sucks if you use an old app but yeah. Try running red alert on a windows 7/10 pc with the original installer. It's not just plug and play.
  6. If my math is correct this crazy number only amounts to less $1.5 per user on average. What's more fascinating in this story imo is not how fortnite has become even bigger than every game before it and now also makes a shit ton of money. But rather that candy crush still manages to pull in $5.8million on a weekly basis. A six year old game! The only person I know who stills play that game is my dad.
  7. Is it possible to read the original version of senate bill 3025 and the revised version somewhere? I'm really interested to see how they managed to make it about franchises rather than loot boxes.
  8. I never heard of these companies before this so naturally I googled them. And I found a game called "counter-strike online" by Nexon. I checked the wikipeida page. A game from 2008 with the following description on wiki. Were they the actual pioneers of this f2p p2w mess that plagues most games ten years later?
  9. If you're having trouble installing windows 10 on an external HDD I believe building your own neural network is a bit out of your league. No offence to you personally but Siri (my daily virtual assistant) is still not the brightest and Apple have spent years and god knows how many millions of dollar on Siri. With that said. You throw around alot of high-tech terms. My advice would be to start small. There's information regarding how to build your own virtual assistant. Don't expect to build a jarvis like system over the weekend. Rather expect to build a Jiboo-like system in the next year..
  10. Yeah but if you do that I don't think the University is gonna complain about abusing their free electricity since you're creating your own.. Not sure how your neighbours gonna feel when you cover their windows with solar panels tho.
  11. Yeah that was exactly my point. Using a VPN would do nothing to hide the fact that you're mining.
  12. Not really. Strix is an gaming brand for products. But e.g Rog strix 1080 uses a DirectCU III cooler. Much like arous 1080 uses a windforce cooler. It's not the companies brands for the cards but the coolers.
  13. <Insert meme of nerdy guy saying actually/> Windforce the name for gigabytes cooling solution and not the brand afaik. Much like DirectCU and twin frozr are Asus and MSIs cooling solutions and not gaming brands. So unless the GPP requires an exclusive cooling solution/design these labels will continue to exists on both sides.
  14. Same goes for the 100 series more or less. So Nvidia has learned to count?!
  15. Well in the past they jumped from ti200/ti500 to 4xxx and then from 9xxx to 2xx*. So with a little bit of nvidia history it's not that surprising that they will change it up once again. Or they are just bad at counting. *not counting the 100-series rebrand of 9000-series.
  16. Back in my days me and my friends played counter-strike and world of warcraft and the more casual people played Farmville. In the classroom on the laptops we got from the school(age 15-18). And before that we had other ways to not pay attention in class.
  17. There's an obvious difference between buying a cheap product from a Chinese no-name company and buying a used product from a reputable brand. My point still stands. Quality comes at a price. But you can get good deals in the used market sure. But the previous owner still paid for the quality. Half of the stuff in my apartment I bought from someone else. And I got more for my money than I would have gotten if I bought cheap knockoffs.
  18. Toys"r"us is still alive and kicking here in Sweden. That said I'm not that impressed with my local store. High prices and lacking in every aspect apart from Lego.
  19. But why? I have a hard time believing it will be great to play without a controller. And it's not like I'm gonna whip out a controller when I'm on the toilet, waiting for the buss. You know the times when you usually play something on your phone. I can't be the only one that prefers single player casual style games on my phone. If I wanna play something more serious or multiplayer game I very much prefer my dear pc. Or even a console.
  20. As long as they don't put the God awful keyboard from the macbook lineup on the new MacBook air. Nevermind the fact that the keys have a 0.000001 nanometer travel distance. But the tiniest dirt or dust particle that get stuck under the keys makes keys non-responsive when pressing down. I've had my macbook in for service twice in less than a year for problems with the keys.. But in all seriousness I'm a little surprised that Apple is keeping the macbook air lineup. I was under the impression that the macbook was the successor considering its thinner, lighter and smaller than the macbook air. But then apple released an refresh last year. Better display is a must for the air to make sense imo.
  21. Iirc blizzard have had this thing for a long, long time. Im surprised this wasn't already a thing on PlayStation.
  22. Afaik He said on the last episode of the Crypto-adventure that they will be creating a coin. But that nobody should ever ever ever ever bothering investing or mine it. (not sure if it's been published on youtube but it should be.)
  23. Well considering it's Bahnhof we''re talking about I see great potential for Seedboxes.