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  1. I imagine the ray tracing performance on here isn't going to be as good as Nvidia's offerings nor will it look as nice as Nvidia has had time to really egt RTX built up while Microsoft has onlyhad so long to make DXR and it being less of a dedicated hardware thing may mean even though its an easier to implement API the visual fidelity of the ray tracing will be lower. (As seen on the PS5's Spiderman RT reflections having only about half the details showing and at a lwoer resolution)
  2. Its a secretlabs chair by the looks of it. Like 100% thats just a secret labs chair with a fancy big lumbar pillow.
  3. Steam has explicitly stated that in the unlikely case they have to shut down for any reason they'll unlock everyone's games to be drm free and download directly. Epic is only pushing this so they can push their shitty storefront and lure people into using them over others through shady marketing.
  4. Don't hype up based on these alone because old Navi had better specs on paper than nvidia's offerings, by al laccoutns it should have performed amazingly well. But it didn't and was performing way udner spec. So I cant trust AMD's "specs" claims.
  5. TFlops is flawed anyways never believe them. But just because somethign has mroe cuda cores doesnt mean it has that much extra performance. AMD beat out nvidia in specs with their last card but it performed significantly worse despite having superior specs in it. We can't expect a linear increase in performance and expecting a linear increase is stupid. Diminishing returns will happen and how they optimize said cores and other parts of the card wil ldetermine performance not raw spec alone. You could have a card with massive amounts of everything in it but have it run horrible all the same.
  6. Sony is jumping into the scene a little late after trying to parade their PS4 as "better than PCs" for a bit. But this is ultimately a good thing for everyone. Devs and Consumers alike. SO while Sony is egotstical and slow imo they're at least making the right decisions.
  7. Issue: $5 is not worth advertising a company. A normal deal for advertising even just once is a few thousand dollars. Hell for prolonged exposure if the company is not going through some agency it can be upwards of $20,000. If an agency is involved said agency tends to take a 90+% cut of the money and only give the creators a small amount of a few hundred to a few grand. What BK did is forcibly advertise themselves basically for nothing. Exploiting content creators and using them as advertisers for their brand WITHOUT PROPER COMPENSATION. Not to mention IT DID NOT MENTION IT WAS AN
  8. This is good because Funimation is horribly exploitive and loves to shit on creators and their works and Crunchyroll is a massive scam where they funnel money they claim go to creators into their own pockets while enforcing a strict monopoly of their own.
  9. 21 Years ago nvidia announced the Geforce 256, the first ever Geforce branded card. On the same day they plan to announce whatever this is. The 21 years thing might be a reference to that?
  10. The numbers here do seem weird to me considering previous leaks. These numebrs just seem too low in comparison of what other leakers have talked about in regards to performance and the changes made to get performance. But everything is a grain of salt so who knows hot this'll turn out.
  11. The airflow looks atrocious to be honest. If they want to power 4k gaming and ray tracing that thing is going to run hot and LOUD unless there's some special airflow vent somewhere.
  12. They are more withholding some truth in the video itself. The video is only 1440p at 30 FPS with unstable framerates but they didn't state what resolution or FPS they aimed for the engine and likely wanted to lead people to believe it was 4K at least. This is the same situation as Microsofts "Not all games will be 4k 60 as its up to the developers" but since Sony/Epic were vague about it they've avoided explicit drama. Tim Sweeney even claims the PS5 is the only hardware this is capable of being done on, claiming not even high end PC's can do it "due to the PS5's SSD tech."