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  1. Maxis created the Sims and SimCity which I would say is probably even bigger than battlefield.
  2. $1,800 is alot but looking at real puppy prices(in Sweden) it's around the same prices. And real puppies don't have wifi!
  3. Why not? They killed of a bunch of popular studios over the years. Maxis, Blackbox, Westwood and Visceral to name a few.
  4. Good thing I have no friends and for that reason shy away from multiplayer-games. There's an upside to everything I guess. This sounds too stupid to be true. How gullible do EA think people are? If this doesnt make people stop supporting EA I dont know what would?
  5. I use it on my iPhone. I run chrome on everything else but prefer safari on the phone. I tried to switch to chrome but didn't really like it. The deal breaker for me is that tab navigation is on top, not ideal for a person with tiny Linus-hands and a big phone
  6. I approve of this product. If its good enough I could easily see this replace a TV. Personally I only use my TV for streaming from my AppleTV and gaming. I prefer G-Sync and low latency instead of silly "smart-TV" features that I dont even use. I can't even get channels on my TV so if I was upgrading my TV I would probably jump on this instead if the picture quality is good enough.
  7. Louis makes it clear that he doesn't like Apple and the things they create. He doesn't like how macos or ios works. But I must have missed the part where he says anything remotely connected to dishonesty or anti-consumery stuff. Build quality? Not so much. AT&T exlusivity? Nope. No copy paste? Not really. Taking of mp3s of the iPod? Nope. (And he's wrong about that. I had several iPods throughout the years and have filled them with music without iTunes..) Besides the thread is about planned obsolescence. Which hes not talking about...
  8. A PUBG-tv show/movie? A TV-series might be kinda unique but we already have the battle royal and hunger games movies. What would make a PUBG-story any different?
  9. Topic already exists and your post is not up to the standard for a news post.
  10. To be fair. Anonymous is just a name. Anyone can use it for their own agenda. Wanna be anonymous? 1. Do something pointless like ddos a website. 2. Create a silly video with your message by using the scene from V for vandetta and voice it with a silly robot voice. 3.?? 4. Profit?
  11. Tbf FPS-games tend to have terrible controls in general when compared to mouse+keyboard.
  12. Really? How could anyone even be a little surprised by this? You don't have to read any ToS or other boring legal document to realize its quite obvious Netflix is keeping tabs on what you watch on your account. If Netflix wasn't tracking your viewing history. How the hell would the following be possible? (Continue watching as xxx) Spoilers it wouldn't be possible without some kind of data storage. The tweet is harmless, no personal information at all. Just stating X amount of people watched movie Y, Z days in a row. And I bet the person that wrote the tweet had no mo
  13. Easy way to prevent this seems to be to have filevault turned on. With this guest users can only access Safari. And they cant login to your real account because you have a password on it with automatic locking. (: As I see it this is only a problem if someone gets their hands on my computer turned on and logged in.. And if im logged in someone could access all my stuff anyways.
  14. So do I get anything cool if I own WoL, HoTS and LoTV?
  15. I use swiftkey for the most part but switched to the stock keyboard to try to reproduce this error but nope. Either Im not affected or the issue has been fixed in the 11.2 beta. I dont currently have any phones with 11.1 nearby so cant test this further.
  16. I tried testning this on my phone but no success no matter how fast I was pressing the buttons. Then I realized Im running the ios 11.2 beta. So I tried my GFs running 11.1 and had no problems recreating this issue. So yeah. Its a bug but it seems like they already have a fix for it. Just a matter of releasing it.
  17. I think a good example of the logic would be. You lock up your house with 5 locks on the frontdoor, turn on the alarm and place a couple of armed guards infront of the frontdoor. But you leave the backdoor wide open to let your friend in. Do you really trust that nobody else other than your friend would discover they can walk right in? Then why would you lock the frontdoor in the first place?
  18. Looks like they did just that. You have to you use your face now..
  19. He's updated the post now. When I first read it it was just a couple of Twitter-links. But yeah. This looks like it could be a big deal. But DJI is a big company, they'll probably get away with it.
  20. Yeah nope. Not able to see a word of your post. Also I think you really should put some more context in the OP.
  21. $350 for picking parts and putting it together seems like a lot.. I spent about 400 on my girlfriends system. Granted I didn't need a gpu.. But that system runs games like sims, cs and i would assume lol just fine. Seems kinda stupid to spend 350 on this service when you can build a system for around 600-650 that runs less demanding games just fine.. Disclaimer: my thoughts are based on the Swedish market prices and the great consumer laws. We have a three year warranty by law on everything (at least tech stuff)
  22. Fair enough. Still I was working in a IT-repair shop up until recently and atleast 50% of the computers passing through had some type of cover over the webcam. But up until your picture I can't recall anyone ever covering their camera. So I think my point is valid with the correction "almost nobody" I wish I could disconnect my webcam. I dont even think its possible to do it on my Macbook.. Guess thats what you get for buying Apple..