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  1. Cool stuff but $399? Not worth upgrading my msi dragon keychain to a holographic one for that price..
  2. Well.. The new Call of duty will have BR but not a single player campaign.
  3. And I'm guessing the evil Apple overlords are stopping you from putting ze bionic beaver on your macbook?
  4. Anthony was fiddling with it in the "6 million subs don't matter" video. So an update should be coming soonish.
  5. Well it's certainly a possibility but I think I'll stick to using Swedish keyboardmapping in the OS. Most symbol keys are mapped differently in the swedish layout compared to the US-layout anyways. I would get real annoyed when trying to type. My custom 60%:er actually have ANSI-layout but with a short-shift just for the comfort level. Personally I don't see a reason for having a gigantic shift button ._.
  6. Å, ä, ö is an integral part to the Swedish language so it would suck bad to have to press another button to use those letters.
  7. As for why the ps4 someone else has to answer but my guess that the second plug is for USB-passtrough. Iirc that keyboard has a USB port on the back. Next time. Do your research better on exactly what you see buying. If you ever have keyboard questions hit me up
  8. Actually.. We have 105 keys. Regular English layout has 104. We are superior
  9. Ah you got a ISO-layout one. We Swedish people use it for ><|. And the boxes usually don't have a ISO-layout keyboard on it but the ANSI-layout you use... I'm curious about how the enter key looks like? Yes there is but. You will give up ><|. I actually use a K95 with ansi.
  10. The whole Gnome project is now on gitlab. And gimp is now under the gnome repo on gitlab. All though not completely related to the topic since Gnome wasn't really on github in the first place. But it most certainly have a positive effect on the hype of #movingtogitlab.
  11. Funny how the article calls it a knee jerk reaction and later talk about how it's likely Microsoft will start policing what can and can't be posted on github.
  12. Well import taxes and fees makes buying anything outside EU pretty much a shitty deal for us Swedish people. Especially after the changes postnord made.. Thanks stupid people buying crap on wish.
  13. Yeah I get that. In the left corner it's says m2. But still.. It looks fucked up.
  14. Wow. Them shrouds be ugly af. Why do the south bridge need to extend its arms all over the board? Looks so wierd.
  15. You wanted a modular mac pro? You wanted a six core macbook pro? A new mac mini? You get none of the above! Yes. Other platforms had those features before and now finally Mac OS also have those and they told us about it. Is it forbidden to showcase new features that happen to exists somewhere else already? I'm trying to not be passive aggressive or anything, but I'm curious how you think they would have revealed the features instead?
  16. If I'm not mistaken duck duck uses a combination of engines.
  17. Mac OS finally gets a real dark mode. I might have gotten an bit more excited then I should've. #applesheep? 

  18. Watched half. Yeah nope. This is why I rarely reach outside my comfort zone on YouTube. If dashlane really gave this guy money I guess it's time to switch password manager.
  19. Gitlab also have a better bug tracking and who does what system than github to be fair. Not to mention integrated CI/CD
  20. Hyper threading is technically a intel only feature.
  21. The battery life will probably be on par with the crazy gaming laptops on the market.
  22. Time will tell how Microsoft will treat github. Personally I'm skeptical to a positive future for the platform. Gitlab has seen a 10x increase in daily new repository apparently and my guess it will increase over the coming week. Gnome, a pretty big player in the FOSS/Linux scene, moved all their stuff over to gitlab. Will be interesting to see how many other big players will follow.