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  1. To be fair. The symbol doesn't crash ios but just the application you type (receive?) the character.
  2. Yeah. Pretty much. I personally don't think the "people are used to it" aspect is the reason for most to stick to it. But the "everyone uses it" is the probably the only reason Skype still is relevant. It's too convenient and too easy to connect with people so everyone still uses it. Atleast when communicating outside their own company. It's pretty easy to compare it Facebook, you can survive without it but it's ALOT less convenient. But everyone thinks it's a steaming pile of shit. Especially since the redesign I and alot of people around me have experienced major stability and
  3. Who uses Skype these days? Well. Tech companies and reviewers do. I've had contact with reps from various hardware tech companies and resellers over the years. Afaik LMG also uses Skype for stuff. Linus has complained about the separation issues with Skype and Skype for business on wan show atleast two times. But is it a platform for personal use anymore? Not so much.
  4. One of the first sites I saw on the list was the Swedish police's official site. Gg wp! edit: Seems like a ton of Swedish government sites and various "official" swedish sites were hit.
  5. Nothing really prevents you from playing HotD2 right now. Sega didn't replace your CRT TV by force. Thats the difference imo. With this product they can (and they will) pull the plug and you're left with a paper weight. Sure I had no plan to keep my SNES, PS2, Gameboy, Wii, Switch, Xbox360 forever, but as long as the device don't fail I can keep it around forever. With this the longevity seems extremely limited at best. Planned obsolescence is a term that springs to mind.
  6. What happens to this console when Google shuts down their servers? We can still enjoy our old 80s and 90s consoles today. I doubt you can say the same about this one in 20years?
  7. I just want to warn you. the legs in the picture are crap. I have a desk with those and no matter how tightly I screw them in, no matter how flat the floor is the result is the same. The desk wobbles a bit.
  8. I tried changing the value to a negative value and increasing it. But the result is the same. The game changes it back to 0 on launch. So looks like it's not possible. Which isn't that surprising since it would be altering the gameplay experience. I also ran the benchmark on the legit copy and the cracked one and the differences are nothing to get excited about. We're talking about a couple of extra fps, which imo fits inside the margin of error.
  9. Looking through the .ini-file i found this setting "crowdDensity=0". I don't have time to fiddle around with it at the moment. But in my mind it would be wierd if changing the number to something higher actually would reduce the number of NPCs. And Ive played the game at ultra settings at 1080p resolution so I doubt that I've turned it down in game. (Big patch so cant start the game atm)
  10. We had a good run Microsoft but we need to break up. I'm leaving you for linux.
  11. Most of these sites seems to be of the type you avoid if you dislike unknown viruses and malware on your pc.
  12. You get what you pay for. Quality costs money sadly.
  13. Why? Who cares? All that this guy does is piggyback on other people's hard work. "Omg look this big famous youtuber got some flack for this. Give me views"
  14. Take your time to read the guidelines for this section before your next post.
  15. Mostly the personal challenge badges. The system is broken at best. My Jan challenge is to average 543 active calories a day. The tracker started out Jan first to say my average was above 12k. Since then it's been dropping down and is now sitting at 400. And I calculated my average manually and it says 574. Also I got the new years badge "close all your rings for a week in January" on December the 31st..
  16. My only wish is for Apple to fix their activity app and the achievements attached to it. If you wanna experience a bug fest I could definitely recommend it.
  17. Disk holders? In 2018? That feels outdated. Hell even most cases these days lack 5,25 bays...
  18. Not surprising at all. As I see it fitbit bought pebble to be able to create the ionic and now that it's launched there's no reason for them to keep pebble around.
  19. Give me a laptop with a trackpad on par with apples (including the fantastic gestures mac os supports) and I'll be interested. I've tried so many different laptops over the year and the only laptop that doesn't make me wanna plug in a mouse is macbooks.
  20. All the non-cracked games was listed as 4.7 until Sonic Forces were cracked. Then they were updated to list as 4.8. Which makes sense. South park got cracked instantly on 4.7 so they changed some stuff to newer game releases (the likes of AC:O, NFS payback, BF2) Some information on sketchy parts of the internet have made people over at a certain subreddit, to believe that two other games from the 4.8 list is coming soontm Denuvo is far from dead but its just a matter of time before someone cracks the latest version of it. But then Denuvo just releases another version. And then
  21. Hm. My girlfriends routers disconnects all Wi-Fi connections after like 10-20seconds when we're trying to cast stuff to her chromecast and then bounce on and off in 10-20seconds intervals before shutting down for 30+minutes after a couple of minutes. I've blamed her craptastic ISP-provided router but maybe it's the Chromecast that's causing these issues? If so good news I guess.
  22. It's not that bad when you read into it imo. It's 26skins each for 12 teams. I find it very hard to believe that anyone would ever want all the skins for all the teams. Why would I want 26 Fnatic skins when I hate that team?
  23. Did you miss a every day or is it EVERY TIME? In that case, just login and out 320 or 312 times *. It's around 10times a day. I've done far more time consuming and tedious stuff in WoW the last decade... *the details in the post is a bit unclear on how many tokens I need Nevermind. The OP is wrong. It's 100 token once if you login up until February 13th. https://overwatchleague.com/en-us/news/21363697/team-skins-and-league-tokens-now-live
  24. I checked and it's turned off on my phone. But I'm not sure if I have turned it off manually, it's been like two years since I set up my phone last time I believe. I'm gonna wipe and set up my old iPhone as new when I come home. Some quick Google research made me believe that it's turned off as default. First hits were all about how to turn it on, if it was turned on by default the guides should be how to turn it off. But nevertheless the feature exists and I'll bet that most people dealing with shady stuff has it turned on, so the matter of the default setting beeing on or off is probably
  25. that anti-brute force feature that wipes out all data after accumulating 10 failed password/PIN attempts? Yeah thats a feature you can toggle on and off from the menu. I'm not even sure it's turned on as default.