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  1. YouTube don't want to hurt the feelings on youtubers. What's next? Give everyone participation play buttons?!
  2. When AMD released their Threadripper processors there was actually 2 types, Threadripper and Threadripper Pro. Threadripper is what's available since launch, while Threadripper Pro was only available from OEMs, that means a entire system, as they cannot be bought by itself. Now you can as AMD have made them available for the DIY market. AMD Threadripper uses the WRX80 chipset. Asus, Gigabyte, and SuperMicro already have boards for it. Price for Threadripper Pro starts at $1,149 https://www.tomshardware.com/news/amd-announces-global-retail-availability-of-threadri
  3. USPS uses different type of vehicles for their delivery services, so I'm assuming these will just replace the oldest fleet that have, and not everything. Here is a pic of the trucks they used (in toy form), have seen the smallest one irl. They even use vans from whatever car maker they want to get it from, like this one
  4. I guess it depends on the bios, For me, hot swap is located next to each individual SATA port.
  5. Yes, but only if the SATA controller supports hot swap and that feature is enabled in the bios. When it's all setup, all of your drives will act like a "USB device", Eject it from the eject USB device list. before physically disconnecting to avoid data corruption.
  6. I've heard about them, but I've never been to one as there is none of them here. Still it's sad to see them go. Online shopping is convenient, but it doesn't beat the experience and joy of actually going to the store and looking at the all the products in person.
  7. I believe even if it doesn't say it, it's supported. Can contact LG and Lenovo and ask them, does the product you're interested in support USB on the Go.
  8. Those mask aren't made for Covid, but more for places that have lots of dust. Saw some test where they said those with those filter holes perform the worst.
  9. Okay so your OS actually boots into your desktop, but your HDD isn't showing up because it needs SATA controller drivers, and windows isn't letting you install them. Re-upgrade your OS to the same version you're currently using, that will rewrite all of the OS files and hopefully fix your problem.
  10. consumers will just buy anything that's cheap and don't really care for what's under the hoods like the type of OS it's running. They will only realize it when something they need to use can't be done, and that's when they'll start to pay more attention in the future on the system they're going to purchase.
  11. This pictures shows everything that's wrong with it There is nothing wrong being a vegetarian or vegan, each person has a choice into the diet they want to go with. What I don't like is how some will go to the extremes to shove it down other peoples throat, and act pretentious like their some elite group, just because they don't eat meat, while those that still eat meat are some low class citizens.
  12. Have you tried to let windows update install the drivers?
  13. If you're able to boot up every time with your new X570, why are you even trying to install your SATA controller? SATA controller is managed by Windows.
  14. So it did get into your desktop once with your new X570 board, after that it stopped working. Then try doing a system restore to go back a day or so and hope that lets you boot into your desktop so you can install them drivers.
  15. Okay so on your X570 it does boot, but not all the way where it loads up to your desktop. It crashes as windows is still booting. On your B450 it boots up fine as if nothing was wrong with it. Do you have a regular SATA SSD or HDD, can clone to that and you'll have a much higher chance of getting that to boot up, when it's all properly configured, can clone it back to your NVMe SSD. Try install AMD chipset drivers and see if that helps.