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  1. Removing the drive bought it down from 140 to 120, but it's not that much of a change for what you're going for which I assume the lower the better. Can toggle in the bios to power saver mode and also try their AI Suite utility which also has some power modes to tinker with too.
  2. Apple must've did that on purpose just to show anyone with a bike has to upgrade to a iPhone 13!
  3. Although my post, 6-7 hours have already passed and this issue may already be fixed. I have multi-quote and it's working properly, under the latest version of FireFox.
  4. Some don't seem to have problem playing CP2077 running on Win10 AME.
  5. Can uninstall and reinstall the software or update software.
  6. Most won't remember the size of old iPhones, not until they take out their old ones and compare it with the new.
  7. Just want to point out, when you go to Apple's site for their iPhone 13 Pro. It show 2 phones, which I assume it's the 13 and 13 Pro Max, where the Pro Max is taller. But when you scroll down the page abit, you'll see that the phones are not at the same level. https://www.apple.com/iphone-13-pro/
  8. Never bother with a sales rep especially when you know exactly what you want. Take a look at the laptop you like, then get a sales rep to get it for you, go to check out pay and leave. That person claimed to be a PC technician is BSing. Do not feel bad about what happened, that sales person/technician is in the wrong from spreading misinformation about i3 can only go 8GB of ram.
  9. Do a direct connection using a lan cable from your router to your PC, and see what speed are you're getting.
  10. Most TV will have 2 modes. PC and TV. When your TV is set to PC mode, it will act as a monitor. When you set it back to TV mode it will work like a regular TV and whatever you do on you TV will be independent from your PC.
  11. That sucks, try another USB port like the ones directly on the back. Can also take a look at the USB controllers/drivers in device manager. There may be a power management tab. In that, uncheck "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power". Can also try the adjusting the USB setting in Power Management located in control panel