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    Intel i5 4670k@4,5GHz
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    4xCORSAIR 8GB Vengeance DDR3 1600MHz CL9
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    Samsung 850 Pro (250GB), Samsung HD20UI, OCZ Vertex4, WDC WD10EARX
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  1. Most of these devices made to be as cheap as possible, including the CPU. Guess if a piss weak cpu could handle any encryption when its already have its hands full running the device's main functions......
  2. It wont matter, IOT is pretty much a swiss cheese security wise....
  3. Or they just ditch them showin the good old middle finger......
  4. And these tech illiterate idiots are the ones who want to regulate the internet.....
  5. Just basic stuff: good firewall (pfsense in my case) use VLAN's to segregate devices that need it(security cameras, windows machines etc) forget vnc and rdp use a password manager with 2fa instead of reusing passwords ssh set to key auth only dont use admin accounts for accessing shares enable auto updates (except windows, it mostly does more harm than good) isolate publicly exposed services onto their own VLAN, all of them is virtualized and backed up regurarly. made sure i have at least 2 copies of important files locally and one remote
  6. Its still better than a closed source app where you cant even decrypt what it sends......
  7. Maybe not but at least it wont have nasty surprises hidden inside.... (unlike a closed source SW where you can only hope that the dev tells the truth and he/she is not a scumbag)
  8. They hit the nail right on the head, but they still dont realize that the nail they are hitting goes into their own coffin......
  9. Nope, linux is highly modular. Including how it handles drivers, usually as kernel modules. As the name suggest these modules can be added and removed at will without the need for a full recompile. The only thing that is re-generated is the image but nothing gets compiled (minus the driver if you only have sources but thats a different story).
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Android_(operating_system)
  11. I exaggerated a bit there thats true, but i still dont have any empathy towards ppl who want to make a quick buck by screwing other over... (Maybe its just my environment, trying to screw over others here is pretty common.)
  12. Well if your TV has HDMI-CEC you can us the remote to control Kodi..... (LibreELEC is basically a bare bones linux OS with Kodi as a GUI.)
  13. AFAIK it doesnt emulate anything, android is linux based which means with some work it can be ported to anything and run natively.
  14. Just use LibreELEC... Better HW support and it supports almost any codec that exists.