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  1. If they start cracking down on that they are going to have bigger issues IMO.... (Not a big mystery what those pissed off customers going to do after cancelling membership.)
  2. Not only that but they can also tie that purchase to that PC, the wet dream of the entertainment industry......
  3. Specs and references, do i really have to throw in the cliche about IRL and paperform? /EDIT Dont get me wrong its a good start.
  4. Which will get ironed out, with w10 all i had to do is install offline. But these hacky workarounds will get squashed by updates.
  5. Never found it though, "hw tpm firmware source code" comes up dry on google... Anyway, if tpm were so good ms would not have to force it by making it mandatory. Its just how things work.
  6. I meant the code running on it, specs and standards are all fine and dandy but those wont say anything about the actual code running on those. Basically security through obscurity which im not a fan of...
  7. It would be fine if it was something that is actually useful, but TPM? It wasnt part of PC's by default and not widely supported because there is no use-case for it in the consumer space. Forcing everyone wont change that magically. Besides since TPM is a black box id say its just an added secirty risk besides intel me and the like.
  8. A singly browser supporting it for a single function, not much to support your theory that it warrants the tpm mandate....
  9. Shoving it down forcibly ppl's throat wont make it any less optional.... (Wont be needed in browser etc.....) If they really care about security make 2 FA mandatory, biometrics are overrated IMO.
  10. Making something mandatory for one optional feature is just plain stupidity....
  11. I dont think they will change anything meaningfully. Their store and backend is pretty much dead at this point but they just dont want to let go of it....