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    Intel i5 4670k@4,5GHz
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    MSI Z87G55
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    Samsung 850 Pro (250GB), Samsung HD20UI, OCZ Vertex4, WDC WD10EARX
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  1. Yep, that part tells chmod to change permissions inside that folder but not for the folder itself. To restore homes use: sudo chmod 755 /volume1/homes Then run again the previous command but this time with the /* sudo chmod -R 700 /volume1/homes/*
  2. Oops, slap sudo before the chmod command: sudo chmod -R 700 /volume1/homes/* If you mean he root home folder that one has the correct permissions.
  3. chmod -R 700 /volume1/homes/* You really should learn some basic terminal stuff, i know for many CLI is a PITA but you never know when you will need to poke around in the "guts" of a device.... ;D
  4. Bingo, set user folders to 700 recursively. Mine look like this: heathcliff@DS416:~$ ls -la /volume1/homes total 40 drwxrwxrwx 10 root root 4096 Dec 25 18:02 . drwxrwxrwx 39 root root 4096 May 9 20:52 .. drwx------ 2 acme users 4096 Dec 13 21:00 acme drwx------ 2 admin users 4096 Sep 6 2020 admin drwx------ 3 ares35 users 4096 Dec 25 18:09 ares35 drwx------ 9 heathcliff users 4096 Mar 28 16:00 heathcliff drwx------ 6 jagdtigger users 4096 May 14 19:42 jagdtigger drwx------ 3 kirito users 4096 Nov 14 2020 kirito
  5. I mean is the homes directory readable/writable by anyone? (Only the homes folder, the subfolders belonging to the users on the nas should be readable by the owner only.)
  6. @FloRolf I think i might have solved it, take a look at the permissions of /var/services/homes* and subfolders. *Symlink to /volumeX/homes.... /EDIT Rsync task started without error, so far so good.......
  7. Sounds about right, the typical corpo rat tactic "bully them around until they run out of money".....
  8. So it got forked huh..... The original stopped development back in 2017.
  9. Not to argue with you but i felt like it should be mentioned that it is a discontinued project.
  10. AFAIK no, but you need to add synocommunity as a source to the package center. Cant really look at it since im on the beta DSM and the package is not yet ported.
  11. Using an ancient OS in itself isnt an issue, the issue is that single nutjob who thinks plugging it into any network is a good idea......
  12. By design ARM devices perform better with a light OS so id say it is really interesting they killed it....
  13. Only if its owned by them, for instance my school allows private devices onto the network after logging in with our user+pass combo (wpa enterprise i presume). The only irritating thing it does for some reason if i query google.com the machine will ask for google.com.<school domain>.tld ....
  14. They might moved off a few inch from the rock bottom but they are still at the bottom of the Mariana Trench...... Especially with their lazy solution with bigger updates reinstalling and reverting almost everything back to stock. I just cannot trust nor can take seriously any OS that overwrites settings and forcibly installs/uninstalls things willy-nilly.
  15. Gross understatement, there no single month were they dont screw up something.... And i wont even get started about the idiocies win10 has, its a bone that got chewed on countless times already......