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  1. I kinda wanna buy something from them so I can file a complaint.. Would be fun to see their reaction to the fine. Maybe they will sue everyone?
  2. Google has some crazy stats when it comes to searches, so they have ALOT of random strange queries and other data to perfect the search algorithm and they've had 20 years to tweak the search engine. http://www.internetlivestats.com/google-search-statistics/
  3. Yes. Background music is something brand new on LTT. Edit: also by sampling random videos over the last year all of them had background music.. So yeah recent videos.
  4. Well.. There's nothing stopping Microsoft from seamlessly integrate git into VS even if they don't own it. Git is not github. Github is just a repository platform for git. So nothing would actually change except they owning a very popular repository. Git is already a pretty robust vcs and there's a ton of tools on all platforms to manage your projects regardless of the actual URL the project is hosted on. I'm not that big into VS but I see no reason for your company to not be able to use git tbh. Also I don't think Microsoft bought Skype to waste money but the current
  5. Yeah github is just the most popular repository for git. I've used a few repositorys over the years and currently use gitlab but my experience is that gitlab can be very slow. Bitbucket feels lacking. But if Microsoft buys github and do a what they did to Skype people will just migrate to another repository site. But there's a chance things will become very fragmented , atleast for a while.
  6. Keep in mind the Swedish taxes and other lovely fees attached to the price tag on netonnet.
  7. I suspect alot of people will move away from github if this happens. The FOSS-community sharing their code on a M$-platform? Seems unlikely..
  8. Primary use case is programming but I use it for most text-based files I need to read, write or edit.
  9. Amazon is expected to launch in Sweden later this year. So things should become a bit better even for you Norwegians.
  10. With all the hype around Crypto I see possibility for some tech challenged people with a bit too much money on the hand buying one of these. But yeah 99,99% of these boards will probably be in safe hands.
  11. I'm a massive lore and story geek. Which kinda reflects on some of these choices. Mass effect trilogy, kinda enjoyed andromeda. Wow.. The universe of azeroth will always hold a place in my heart simply because of the lore. Assassin's creed franchise, the Ezio games and origins. The starcraft games. Red alert 2. Age of empires 2. Zelda, ocarina of time & link to the past Batman arkham series. Mostly because of the performance of the joker and harley is better than anything on the big scre
  12. Non-techies are surprisingly good at breaking internal USB-ports from my experience. From forcing a flash drive in to the port the wrong way, to tripping over connected cables or dropping laptops on the side.
  13. Eh? Maybe I'm stupid. But how is two cameras placed next to each other able to capture images from different angles?
  14. Imo the worst fanboy war is Apple vs people not liking Apple. Or rather the constant mentality of "everything apple does is the worst thing ever!!" If Apple cured cancer, ended poverty and world hunger and achieved world peace in one week some people will still find something to hate...
  15. And the politician mentioned in the quote might be slightly biased based on what party she represents. The first words on the Swedish wiki-page about The pirate party is roughly "Not to be confused with The Pirate Bureau or The Pirate Bay."
  16. Well. First I use something called Amethyst for tiling windows like that. The default keybindings is a mess imo but the core functionality is pretty sweet. As for whats actually displayed it's a variation of terminal based applications running on a third party terminal emulator called iTerm2. The applications are Left: Neovim - a terminalbased and keyboard focused code-editor Top: Gotop - a Activity monitor, it's a bit lacking in flexibility imo, Middle: just a simple clock app called Tty-clock Bottom: Neofetch - a tool for displaying system information plus a shin
  17. I'm a fan of many things fallout. The artwork and atmosphere in the fallout universe I love. I even have a nuka cola poster on my wall. But apart from playing fallout shelter when having nothing better to do and angry birds* had turned to a crappy microtransaction ponzi scheme, no game have really made me start it up again after the first session. * Off topic af but at one point I actually had 100% in all the angry birds games.
  18. Ninite covers most of the basic stuff. Otherwise it's hard to say what you need to install unless knowing what you plan to do with it. And even then choices may vary. E.g some prefer Chrome others Firefox or even Opera.
  19. Not sure if this qualifies for this thread or if its better suited in the Unix-subforum. I decided to rice things up on my macbook today. Nothing superfancy or custom color schemes yet but it improves my workflow.
  20. When microtransactions in one game costs more than everything you own.
  21. From my experience Netgear is pretty good with patches and updates. My R7000 frequently gets updated.. And this a router that was launched almost five years ago.
  22. if you re-read the OP you can clearly see that this is in violation of the new GDPR, hence the lawsuits against Facebook and google.
  23. Yeah. I could just block it but the fact they leave me no choice to opt-out of receiving spam is bullshit. Sad to see my absolut favourite extension go. I guess I could file a complaint to someone official and/or write to the developers telling them they are breaching GDPR but I dont think it will get anywhere but a response from the devs "dont like it? fuck off!"
  24. MGMT has won a Grammy and when time was right Time to pretend, kids, electric feel was on repeat on the radio over here atleast. And comon. Everyone has heard Love will tear us apart. It's featured in countless popular movies and tv-shows. Great bands but not really lesser know/non-mainstream.
  25. You: Hey Siri, break !! Siri: hold on.... I'll honk when I'm ready.... *car crashes into a wall* Siri: here are some recipes for bread.