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  1. All of a sudden I don't wanna wear my wireless headphones anymore. But something I can't understand is. We've been using Lithium-ion batteries for years. But it seems like batteries all of a sudden are exploding left and right. So what has changed? Is it only the news coverage that has increased after the Note 7-fiasco or do more devices actually explode these day?
  2. Or you could just buy a strong double-sided tape and stick an Android phone on the back of your iPhone...
  3. This has a removable USB-Cable and a different design. Also the G410 has those weird keycaps most people seem to hate. Other than that, it's more or less the same keyboard.
  4. UK is very much part of Europe. Europe is a continent made up of different countries. You are talking about EU. Which the UK is also apart of, all though they are planning their exit.
  5. I read that. And it got me wonder. I have a smart TV from samsung, but to my knowledge it has no microphone. And I was just checking I cant find any indication on the TV-settings or the remote that tells me otherwise. So that would mean I would be safe from that atleast? Of course they can be listening in on my phone or computer instead but atleast the TV aspect should be fine?
  6. Is this really an issue though? If I were to buy a Switch and slap a skin on it, I would probably just leave it there forever. Not remove it and re-apply it for 24 hours. Even if I removed the skin and the coating was peeling off it wouldn't probably matter since I would apply a new skin.. But yeah. Props to Dbrand for actually testing it and not release a product that would damage the console.
  7. I think they till will remove the lightning connector on the phone. Not so soon after they pushed people to buy lightning headphones or adapters with the iPhone 7 removal of the 3,5mm jack. Replacing the USB A connector on the other end of the cable makes a lot of sense. As it is today you cant even connect your brand new iPhone 7 to your brand new Macbook Pro with the included cables..