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  1. So I just spent about 20minutes replying to most of the GDPR e-mails I've got, telling them to delete my data. Good day to be a EU-citizen. And not a single telemarketer call all day for the first time in weeks ..coincidence?

  2. My dear newpage-extension for Chrome Toby is also doing a "opt in or gtfo!" thing. Haven't decided what action I will take put probably delete my account and file a complaint and find another new page extension..
  3. Dammit. You are correct and I'm stupid. I blame allergies combined with a man cold from hell. Sorry about that. I left out the iPhone X because the X uses the same chip as the 8. My theory (which happened to be bs and should be purged with fire.) was simply going by chip numbers and the more traditional iPhone numbers. If they refresh the X it will most likely have the A12 chip just like the iPhone 9/ 8s or whatever they wanna call it.
  4. This could indicate that the new iPhone will be iPhone 9 and not 8s if you think about it. If the phone released in September actually uses a A12 chip instead of a A11X chip. Apple usually throw a A**X chip in the s models and keep the A** chip for new model numbers. And since they skipped a phone with A10X and went straight to A11 for the iPhone 8 my theory seems likely. Hopefully they will finally redesign the whole phone and not release yet another 6 lookalike.
  5. I don't think they will talk about their new phones packing a cpu with 7nm on the release events.. They will use A12 something and say stuff like it's {x}% faster than the older generation. And other stuff thats not telling a whole lot. Etc.
  6. Yeah. They make it so hard. https://www.facebook.com/help/delete_account/
  7. Had mine for two years or so. Can't go a day without mine now. All though some very active group chats can quickly become annoying when the watch vibrates constantly for 15minutes.. but that's also annoying on any other device with notifications..
  8. When I bought my H440 I was first like "omg awesome. that front panel is awesome. Clean and minimalistic!!" Took me about one week before I started considering cutting holes in the front. Not that I've actually gotten around to it in the last four years but soon™ I will never buy a NZXT case with no proper ventilation on the front. All though this new one looks great!
  9. Well.. It's Red so I wouldn't be that surprised if they didn't include it. But yeah it's very unlikely.
  10. Because all threads on this format eventually lead to a thread about apple vs <anything> Wonder how much they will charge for additional accessories. And do they include a charger in the box?
  11. 368 apps signed up on the webpage. 368 apps nobody would miss if they disappeared. Yeah in the current state this will have no effect at all.
  12. Ubuntu is a version of Linux. And there is a very large amount of versions of Linux out in the world. I'd say gaming on 4K is pretty meh. But for productivity it's great. I often code on my 4K TV with low scaling. The possibility to have alot of files open next to each other is awesome.
  13. If you are not interested in spoilers about the tv-show Suits DON'T CLICK THE SPOILER
  14. Background noise can be filtered out as people have said. And it makes sense that Google would do that. A call with a lot of background noise wouldnt be a great demo. As for contact details my hair salon or the restaurants I called last year or so never asks for it.. But I've been a regular at my hair salon for like ten years and even went to school with my hair dresser so my personal experience is pretty moot.
  15. Interesting. Asus dropping arez(likely atleast) and msi launching a separate brand for amd the same week.
  16. Using Chinese cheapo chargers and cables and dropping your phone are two things. Fast charging and wireless charging also heats up the battery more than regular chargers.
  17. Well there are reports of exploding iphones on the internet including 6s models. But most of these reports seems sketchy at best.
  18. Ah.. In a perfect world apple would make this improved design compatible with current models and then exchange all bad keyboards for free. It might be only a dream but Apple have created exchange programs before.. I keep praying that they will do the same for the macbook keyboards..
  19. Comparing it to my own H440 and can't find anything special... exclusive colorway? Eh. Maybe kinda unique with that blue psu-shroud plate.. But the hyberbeast version was way more unique... liquid cooling support? Got that. all-steel top and front panels? Got that too HDD drive trays and chassis? Check effortless cable management capabilities? Sure. integrated PWM fan hub? Got it. So what am I missing? Apart from the game key? Edit: oh I got it! The fans is what sets it apart! I only got t
  20. I could probably list 20+ people including some very close friends that I wouldn't have met if it wasn't for concerts, festivals and events. Glad to hear someone at LTT has a great taste in music. More on topic. I saw Metallica play earlier this week and the tickets were sold online. But all tickets were personalized with name and you had to have an ID with matching name or stand next to the guy with the correct ID. Not that they actually checked every person but still. Only selling offline seems a bit extreme. Just have personalized tickets and che
  21. SpotMini reminds me a little bit too much of the robot dogs from the black mirror episode "metal head".
  22. The game list felt more like browsing through the previously used games/unsellable games sale bin rather than the "new and hot games" self.. Many recent games.. Yeah right.
  23. I second that. I've managed to play AAA-titles on ultra settings remotely with moonlight on my macbook.. Without any major issues.
  24. Cool. Can't wait to play some FPS-games with my apple TV remote. It's no fun if it's too easy right?