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    AMD Ryzen 5 1600@3.8GHz
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    MSI B350 PC Mate
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    16GB Team Dark TForce DDR4-3000MHz
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    Zotac GTX 1080 AMP Extreme
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    Corsair 400C White
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    EVGA 650GS
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    LG 29UM67-P + AOC I2367F x2
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    Cryorig H7 w/ ThermalTake Riing 12 Blue
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    G.Skill KM570 RGB
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    Logitech G602
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    Logitech Z313+AudioTechnica ATH-M40X
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    Windows 10 Home

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  1. Wine 3.0 released: features Direct 3D11

    Ooooh I’d like to see a performance comparison, might start dual booting again.
  2. Basically any LG manufactured phone at that time had bootlooping issues. But the back panel thing is dumb. Chromebooks that cost more than $250 are dumb and the fact that anyone bought one without dual booting some other OS is dumb by itself imo. I own a Pixel XL, it’s pretty great, can’t say anything about the Pixel 2 though.

    The CPU may be a little lacking but you should be fine.
  4. dbrand being imature and unprofesional.

    They do this to get popular, being “funny” as a company on twitter is a good way to get attention and customers.
  5. Boycott Proposal to Improve Gaming

    >Still hasn't provided solid evidence against half the companies on list.
  6. LGBT community

    It seems like PC parts in general are really expensive right now.
  7. The ideas okay for maybe $30.
  8. THIS is how you use RGB


    1. Show previous comments  15 more
    2. ShadowTechXTS


      I used a phone, quick picture I didn't really focus on.


    3. TopHatProductions115


      That was a colorful conversation ;) ...

      Sees corniness of their own comment



      :(  I'll leave now.

    4. Vulrax


      No its not

  9. Boycott Proposal to Improve Gaming

    Can you provide some actual examples for why the hell Nintendo is on there.
  10. Boycott Proposal to Improve Gaming

    TLDR: don’t buy fun games for a month and accomplish nothing.
  11. LGBT community

    Wait shit not a water fountain I meant like a drinking fountain.
  12. LGBT community

  13. LGBT community

    I’ve had a cappuccino and a few sips from a water fountain.
  14. LGBT community

    I need water
  15. Mechanical keyboard recommendations

    Is there anything a little cheaper you would recommend?