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    Intel i5 4690k (OC 4.8Ghz - all core)
  • Motherboard
    MSI Z97 Gaming 5
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    16GB (4x4GB) Crucial Ballistix Tactile Tracer 1866MHz
  • GPU
    Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB - Palit Dual
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    Thermaltake Urban T81
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    1x 500GB SSD + 1x 8TB HDD + 1x 1TB SSHD
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    EVGA 750W G1
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    1x 1440p 144Hz AOC + 1x 1080p 60Hz Benq
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    Custom water cooling loop
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    Corsair K70 RGB (Pre LUX keycaps, Post Gaming trampstamp)
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    Corsair Sabre RGB
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    HyperX Cloud (Gen1) Silver
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    Windows 10
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    Acer Chromebook P.O.S.
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    Xiaomi Mi 9T

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  1. 4c4t is still enough (that's what I run), although it is pushing it. Newer games will run better with more cores, but not a necessity yet.
  2. I honestly don't know, I run a completely overkill watercooling loop. You *should* be able to run at least 4.0-4.4 GHz with an air cooler as long as you don't lose the silicon lottery (which can happen). p.s. don't hold me to anything... overclocking is overclocking
  3. Yuuup. I run my 4690k at 4.8-4.9 GHz (all core) from the stock 3.5 all core / 3.9 single core. It makes a big difference
  4. What I meant was why is outside your computer?!
  5. ...what? why on earth was your AIO on your desk to begin with
  6. While the IPC increase is little (they are very similar architectures), the 32 to 22 nm jump is a big TDP drop which allows for more potential overclock in the future (ever so slightly increasing system lifespan) at the 4 core playground single-core counts much more than multicore imo.
  7. I would just say 3570k. It has the newest architecture (important at this age mobo) and has unlocked multiplier (which you should be able to utilise using your motherboard). While hyperthreading is nice it is only a ~15-30% increase in multi-core speed, while having an Ivy bridge processor over sandy bridge will bring higher single core speed (especially important at this age-point CPU [I would take fractional single-core improvement over an ok-ish multi-core improvement ]) and also lower TDP.
  8. Even with a 1TB SSD boot drive, I would still recommend a (~2TB?) HDD for games and such. 1TB turns out to be less then you might think (I talk from experience).
  9. You can only clone the main partition and not lose any data (assuming you made no other partitions manually), however you will lose any system restore points if you delete the smaller ones that windows creates by default.
  10. Yeah, that is the one problem with USB liveboots - they aren't designed for long lifetimes and can degrade rather quickly Edit: True. That is why is put the word 'personally', I do know there are a lot of people uncomfortable with the linux command line.
  11. I would personally just create a linux liveboot on a USB stick and use dd to clone it. That way I know the program is a-ok (plus less problems with cloning the live system [which can change during the clone]).
  12. If the PSU only has a fixed 8 pin and the motherboard only a fixed 4 pin then you should be able to use one side of a 4+4 pin splitter (which you shouldn't really use for splitting anyways). Just make sure the PSU connector is actually an EPS connector (use a multimeter to check the pinout). Prebuilts (especially older Dell / HPs) often come with non-standard connectors, so watch out!
  13. They are similar (i.e. browns are much closer to reds than blues). However the tactile bump of browns is at least *noticable* for me. That being said, browns are my favourite, so I'm a little biased.
  14. I would go 3600 as it's slightly better for production and similar gamaing. 3500X don't bother, its simply not worth giving up multi-threading for such little difference.