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    Computer repair/ random computer stuff
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    I have been fixing PC's since I was in third grade
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    sitting behind a computer all day and night until I go blind but also get it rich for making apps i


  • CPU
    main-some random core i5
    retro- athlon 64
  • Motherboard
    main-I really don't know
    retro-still don't know
  • RAM
    main-4gb single channel
    retro-2gb dual channel
  • GPU
    main-ati Radeon hd 5000 mobility
    retro-8600 gts
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    retro-no case yet
  • Storage
    main-crucial ssd 500gb
    retro-2 10,000 rpm 500 gb hdd
  • Cooling
    retro-amd stocks cooler
  • Keyboard
    retro- emachines keyboard
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    main-Logitech Business mouse (actually good for gaming)
    retro-hp mouse
  • Operating System
    main-Windows 10 home
    retro- windows xp x64
  • Laptop
    iBuyPower cz-11
    dell d600
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    Lg k51

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  1. that would be a good price for a prebuilt with an ssd a hp gaming PC same spec with a ssd is 750 usd
  2. that's a good pc for Minecraft no need to upgrade really except ssd
  3. but will it be a upgrade from my laptop with an i5 m 540
  4. I want a pc that I can use for a few years until I can get a good gaming PC I plan on installing a gpu when prices go down (1050ti or something) is this a good pc that would work and be a good upgrade from my iBuyPower cz-11
  5. if I replace the ram with 2 4gb sticks will I get better fps
  6. yes the gpu was at the 100th percentile in the benchmark software I used
  7. light gaming maybe. what games do you plan on playing? it will probably run most games but it is not going to be a great experience hdd is gonna suck, you will need to put at least a 256 gb SSD, NOT a Kingston a400, but if you plan on only doing light gaming you can use ssd as boot drive and hdd for storage 8gb ram you can use it will be ok but don't expect to play warzone and have a good experience. ryzen 5 2600 still problaby ok but it's kinda old.i don't know anything about programming so I'm not gonna say anything about that
  8. in have an iBuyPower cz-11 laptop. I overclocked the gpu and went from 4 fps on medium settings to 54 avg on medium. my point is i want to know what I would have to do to get it back as a ok light gaming laptop. specs are i5 m 540 amd Radeon mobility 5000 series Kingston a400 ssd 4 gb single channel ram
  9. hp laptops are notorious for having these exact problems o have owned 2 up laptops since 2012 and they have both had the same problems
  10. tbh I didn't read the whole thing but from what I did reads it sounds like faulty Mobo or ram
  11. changed some stuff removed case it was crap but I left it with no case because idk what case you would like https://pcpartpicker.com/list/JsfMkX
  12. since the easy buy company is actually a yoga class no it is a shady website
  13. could be a no post try moving the cmos jumper to the next pins and back what model is the PSU and what are the specs