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    Computer repair/ random computer stuff


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    main- ryzen 3 3250u
    Mac- quad core xeon X2
  • Motherboard
    main-hp all in one
    Mac- 2010 Mac pro mobo
  • RAM
    main-8gb dual channel
    mac- 16 gb 8 sticks
  • GPU
    main-vega 3
    Mac- Radeon hd 5770
  • Case
    main- hp all in one
    mac- Mac g5
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    main-512 gb SSD
    Mac- 500 gb SSD, 3 500 gb hdd
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    main- hp all in one 1080p display
    mac- dell 720p display
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    main-razer huntsman mini
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    main- integrated
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    main-Windows 10 home
    mac- osx high Sierra
  • Laptop
    iBuyPower cz-11
    2011 MacBook pro
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    Lg k51

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  1. I want to mod and install cfw on Nintendo 3ds launch console so I can play games from other Nintendo consoles what is the best and safest way to do this
  2. I have a surface 2 and I was wondering if and how I could dual boot Kali Linux and windows 11
  3. what about core clock it wouldn't let me overclock that either
  4. I'm trying to figure out why MSI afterburner will not let me overclock I have attached a video so hopefully someone can help me 20211002_171519.mp4
  5. what country because my country gt 710s are about $90
  6. I have a galaxy tab2 7.0 and I was wondering if I can install windows or a different newer mobile os
  7. imo it's only nerdy if your wear Minecraft clothes everywhere
  8. download speed?!?!!20210920_214415_HDR.thumb.jpg.a45b2fb0b6329dbf73951aa5c79b1a81.jpg

    1. adarw


      is that supposed to be bad?

    2. Surestgarlic2


      6 hours ago, adarw said:

      is that supposed to be bad?

      I have never got 2 mb per second in a download

    3. adarw


      1 hour ago, Surestgarlic2 said:

      I have never got 2 mb per second in a download

      so your happy? 

  9. have watched many videos I'm not for sure but I think the 7.52 update bricked it but it worked at first when it wouldnt update like I said about a week later the disc drive failed I also noticed the rollers were angled I'm not sure if it was supposed to be like that
  10. I need a laptop for simple task such as file transfer, google docs etc plan on using for. school what would be good it needs to have long battery life and a decent amount if storage 512 gb/1tb. I don't really need a power house I'm thinking like athlon or Celeron idc about the display I want to be able to run windows 11 (will prolly stick with 10) I want a decent keyboard, very portable, will not get very hot, quiet. thank you. NO CHROMEBOOK
  11. I have a PS4 slim which I want to know how to fix when Sony released the 7.51 update it would not update like many others I have initialized it and that didn't work so I went about a week just playing my disc games then my disc drive went out. the driveis still getting power though. how do I fix this? what is the problem?
  12. I got it at a yard sale for $15 USD about a month ago got windows 7 installed and it ran very fast I just bought a ssd boot drive for it and I have a spare hd 5770 would that be good enough to use t as a server
  13. what can I do to repurpose my old pc that has a c2q CPU 8600 gts gpu 4gn dual channel ddr2 ram and a g41 Mobo