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    Computers, networking, cars, starting projects but never finishing them
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    Got into computers in 2014, built my first PC in 2015
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    Tier 2 helpdesk Tech.


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    EVGA Z170 FTW
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    Corsair Vengance LPX 16GB
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    2x Samsung 850(?) Evo 500GB in RAID 0, 1x 2TB Firecuda Pro
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    ASUS VC279, Dell E156FP
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    Logitech G602
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    HyperX Cloud 2
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    Windows 10 Home Edition
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  1. OK makes sense... So what they have defined as my LAN IP block is actually by WAN block.. Threw me off for a little bit. Thanks Edit: Yep using info from LAN block got the gateway online. Strange. Thanks for the insight!
  2. Yes but there probably wont be much point to that... What are you hoping to accomplish? If you are looking for the benefits of a Gaming one while keeping the rest of the network separate I would make the 2.4Ghz frequency as 'Home Main' or whatever and the 5Ghz band 'Home Gaming'
  3. Hello all, Working to set up a 2nd connection to a firewall, and I am a little unsure of what information I need to put in to get my interface working. I have some misc. circut information that has been passed down to me, the bits that should matter: CR Serial IP - 32.132.X.X/30 WAN IP Block - 32.132.X.X/30 LAN IP Block - 12.70.X.x/29 Gateway IP - 12.70.X.X Usable IP Range - 12.70.X.X-12.70.X.X Subnet Mask - DNS- ANY Where im confused: Am I supposed to assign my WAN interface the CR Serial IP? If so how would I go about
  4. Id run them both off of the GPU. Its been a while since I drove multiple displays from seperate GPUs, the last time I did it was kind of glitchy when moving things between them, but not bad. Wallpaper engine might no like it either but I know nothing about it. Worst thing you can do it try it and then go back
  5. Hi all, had a question thats got me stumped as im not sure what im missing. Cooperate network is VLAN 1 on subnet Attempting to configure a guest wireless network to use VLAN 100 and a different subnet (, and then pass that VLAN through a stack of 4 Linksys LGS326P POE+ Switch (Call them S1-4) Router is going into S1 on port GE25, VLAN 1UT, VLAN 100T > S1 Uses GE26 to link GE25 of S2, S2 Uses GE26 to link S3 and so on... My Unifi APs are plugged into S2 on GE5,6,7,8. I have VLAN 1UT on these ports and VLAN 100T. My Unifi cont
  6. Yeah I ended up loading the Jyers Ui onto it and leveling it that way, as well as with a mesh. Can't get anything to print... Think I'm gonna try all new screws and z/x frame and gantry pieces... Some of the screw heads are a little stripped (on me from taking it apart) so many that will help.
  7. Bed adhesion on the first few layers. Cant keep prints stuck down, alot of them are getting pushed on the first layer. I am attempting to use the specialty coated bed Creality ships with the printer (Im actually on my second bed now) and stuff just will not stay down... Cleaned bed with 91% Iso alcohol, warm soap/water, a combination of the two with no luck. Temps from 200-215C with 50-60C bed temps, no luck. Right now I have it in my head that if home thinks Z0 but Z is actually at 0.05mm off of the bed then I would need to adjust for that. Obviously Cura knows that the nozzl
  8. Hello all, messing around on a Ender 3 v2, I am new to the 3D printing hobby. I am messing around with my bed leveling and am using a 0.05mm feeler gauge to level the bed. Wondering what the best way to adjust Z height after the fact is, as I cant seem to find what im looking for in Cura or on Google. I would imaging I would want to adjust my Z offset something like +0.05mm, giving me a 0.10mm gap, correct? Which setting should I be adjusting? Or will I have to get the Z height plugin? Thanks
  9. Hello all, I'm going through one of my servers and I have a question about the difference between 2 of the add-in cards. One of them is P/N OK869T, one of them is P/N 0DW592. I was under the impression that OK869T was an iDrac6 card (the board is clearly labeled iDrac6, it has Ethernet for management, etc... And the ODW592 was one of those integrated flash cards for ESXi (or whatever OS you wanted to use it for). Google shows both of these cards as iDrac6 - so what's the difference? Is one of them for dedicated NIC and the other just uses the existing NICs? Thanks
  10. Hello all, just got a 32GB upgrade kit of DDR4 SODIMM from Crucial to go into a Dell Latitude 3500 and im having some issues with it. I cannot get the laptop to post with a 16Gb stick in slot 1/2. Laptop will post fine with 8Gb in 1/2, 16Gb in 2/2, and 8Gb in 1/2 with 16GB in 2/2 (24GB total). Both 16GB sticks will post on their own in slot 2/2 but I get a post code as soon as slot 1/2 is populated with a 16GB DIMM. Any thoughts? RAM Dell Service Tag JVW3HT2 BIOS was updated this AM to 1.17.0, all updates are installed.
  11. Corner of the 4 state area. I really think it's between century link, sparklight, or viastat or something. No fiber. Just DSL, cable, and satellite.
  12. I'm moving to a new different part of town and need to find some Internet for the new house. Are there any advanced or in depth websites that list potential providers? Ironically I work for a WISP but there are too many trees in the way... Between me and a fiber fed tower just want to see if there are better ways to look for one though, other than ad websites, etc. thanks
  13. Ah glad to see I can do 2016 and then 2019 instead of 2008. Thanks
  14. This it going to be a new system. The 2003 server is getting decommissioned, and new hardware will be replacing it. Should just be a domain controller migration. Thanks, I will get 2012 as well. I couldnt tell if it was 2008 or 2012.
  15. Hello all, I have a domain controller that is still running on Server 2003 r2 that I need to get upgraded to a Server 2019 Essentials. Does anyone know my migration path? I cant tell if I need to go from 2003 > 2008 > 2019 or 2003 > 2012 > 2019 If I need to go to 2008 as a step, does anyone know where I can find a ISO? Thanks