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    Computers, YouTube (watching it), Interwebs, Computers
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    Got into computers in 2014, built my first PC in 2015
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    EVGA Z170 FTW
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    Corsair Vengance LPX 16GB
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    EVGA GTX 1060 FTW / MSI Radeon R9 270X 2GB HAWK
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    NZXT H440
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    2x Samsung 850(?) Evo 500GB in RAID 0, 1x 2TB Firecuda Pro
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    EVGA SupernovaNEX 650W
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    ASUS VC279, Dell E156FP
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    BeQueit! Dark Prock Pro 3
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    Corsair K95 RGB
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    Logitech G602
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    HyperX Cloud 2
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    Windows 10 Home Edition
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  1. @ragnarok0273 Sounds good. Will do @WereCatf I mean obviously no good. Just know drives can fail in multiple ways. If its just a waste of a drive then I wont do it. Thank you!
  2. What is the best way to simulate a RAID 5 drive failure? One of the goals I have been working towards recently is simulating different catastrophic events in a "enterprise" (On a very small scale) so that I can better understand not only what to expect in the event of something but also to know what steps I need to take in order to recover from an event. One of the next items on my list is recovering a failed RAID array, in a safe, non-production environment with non critical or known backups of data. (There are lots of others like recovering deleted data which I will hopefully get wrapped up
  3. Alright well ive got 2 IPs on my pi and it looks like its working. Time will tell. Thanks!
  4. Alright i can do that. My concern is the router will start resolving things I dont want. Ill also look into multiple addresses on the Pi. Thanks
  5. Alright I should know the answer to this but alas, I do not. maybe because its midnight, who knows. Anyways... Trying to get Pi hole set up on my home network (Nothing fancy just a and I am trying to get the router to redirect DNS requests to the pi. My issue is my router is making me put in a primary and a secondary address. My primary should be (The Pi) but I dont know that to put for secondary (But I cannot do again). Im imagining i wont want something like as that would defeat the purpose of a pi hole. So what do I make it? 127.0
  6. If you want to build one then I dont have much to say, But I would look into what Synology has to offer. Easy setup. Great interface. Easy backups. You can even use them as a NVR for cameras
  7. Trying to write a PowerShell Script to automate the factory reset process of some Ubiquity Wireless Radios. (One click reset really) Does anyone know how to send keys to inside the script? Right now it is current progression is that it will wait from a ping reply for the fallback IP of the radio, and then it opens an SSH client inside the same PowerShell terminal. Anyone know how I can send keys (So I can automatically fill in the password, hit enter, and then send the reset command Thanks
  8. Yeah that's what I was afraid of. Figured it was probably what was happening. Im not great at code or coding along that sort so I probably wont be able to reverse engineer
  9. Couldnt tell ya. All I can say is it would be a tricky soldering job unless you have experience
  10. @ahmed fraijeYes, it is possible. Soldering things like that correctly is a very difficult task and requires lots of experience (Or a nice machine)
  11. Im (Trying) to mess around with some contents of a exe file. I have got it uncompressed and have access to all the contents inside that exe. My issue now is that there are several files inside that while I can open them, I cannot understand a single thing as they are opening as random text. Anyone know how to open these? I will paste the text contents I can see here, and if anyone wants the file to try their magic let me know Edit: Of if anyone has any tips on the right place to start looking for where to do this I would appreciate those Other fi
  12. So I just edit the cert in notepad or notepad++? Will have to give it a go Edit: This cert is also inside an exe, so not sure how to get it out of that. I tried notepad earlier with no luck
  13. No actually I don't need the cert to last longer. I am messing with a program (not the one in the photo) that I have paid for and want to know if it will react any differently. To my knowledge it is an offline certificate (but I also don't know much about them). The program doesn't connect to the internet basically Edit: This cert is also inside an exe, so not sure how to get it out of that
  14. Is there any way to modify the values for these certificate fields? Just curious what changing some stuff in a program does. Ive been trying to find info on this for the last hour with no luck Thanks