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    Rhode Island, USA
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    Hiking, fishing, Gaming, Pc building, network building, Benchmarking, Livestreaming, network engineering
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    Not much to say about me, I am a guy from Rhode island with a thing for building computers and gaming. I will always love hiking, fishing and being with my friends more than sitting on a computer all day though.
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    Receiving department in a warehouse


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    Ryzen 5 3600
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    MSI B450 Tomahawk
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    Corsair Vengeance ddr4 3000 2x8gb
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    MSI MEC OC radeon rx 5700
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    Fractal design Meshify-C
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    ADATA 256GB m.2 SSD, Wd blue 500gb, wd black 1tb, Seagate Barracuda 500gb
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    EVGA 650W
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    AOC HP Omen 25x,
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    Cooler master nepton 240m
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    Roccat Vulcan 120
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    Logitech G502
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    Sennheiser PC 37x
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    Windows 10
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  1. Hello everyone. I currently own an MSI mec OC version of the rx 5700. EK currently says there is no waterblock available for it. I was wondering if anyone has the same card and just decided to go for it and try the available rx 5700 waterblock anyways, and if so, did it fit? I am looking to water cool my whole rig and it would just not seem right to not be able to cool the GPU

  2. In the next couple of weeks I am getting a new case, and when I get that Case I wanna Water cool my rig. Here is my question. Has anyone seen or heard of the possibility of WaterBlocks for the xfx RX 590 Fatboy? I know there is no reference model that I know of, but I would've figured someone made a waterblock for it by now.

    1. Mephisto2048


      Personally, I think spending $100+ on a full-cover waterblock for the RX 590 is a colossal waste of money, as I'm sure most would agree, that $ would be better spent saving up for a nicer card such as Vega II or RTX 2070/2080/ti. But, hey, it's your $ to spend. 

      So, down to useful part of my comment, actually watercooling your Fatboy; If you're interested in getting a VGA fullcover waterblock because of the looks, then I'm afraid the answer is that you'd have to either:

      1.) Make your own Fullcover VGA custom waterblock- Find a CNC Vector drawing of say an RX 580 or RX 480 custom waterblock, adjust the hole alignment and acrylic water tunnels to fit your card, convert CNC head movements to g-code, buy the raw materials ( ~5/16" thick copper sheet, ~1/2" thick acrylic sheet, rubber gasket or gasket maker, 2x male to female tube fittings and screws) then take your materials to a local CNC shop that offers time rental service (also determine whether B.Y.O.B (buy your own bits) or not) then make the cuts you need in said raw materials. Make sure you have some scrap acrylic and copper to cut into, to make sure you got all the g-code bugs out before cutting into your final product materials. Take the cut materials home, drill the screw holes if you didn't already (adding some form of gasket or pressure rated sealant to each hole before tightening screws down).

      Or, your more feasible option is to:

      2.) Buy a VGA Universal Waterblock that can be found on Aliexpress (for a cheap chinese one), on EKWB, or Ebay, then arrange for passive cooling of RAM chips and Mosfet chips. You could probably get away with some 110 CFM+ side-panel fans aimed at your GPU at a 90° angle to cool them. But, if you don't feel comfortable with that level of cooling, buy some Mosfet and IC Ram Heatsinks on Ebay and slap them on with some non-electrically conductive Thermal Grizzly or Minus 8 Thermal Pads.

  3. So I bought Corsair LPX ddr4 16GB 3000MHz ram, and it just didn't work in my PC. I would be able to get to Windows But that's all. No games would run for more than 45 Seconds. Once I put my HyperX 8gb at 2666MHz back in everything worked fine. Anyone know why this could be and how I could fix it? I am running a Ryzen 1600 and an MSI b350 PC mate Mobo

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. HiDefDan


      Thanks for the help though! 

    3. dizmo


      Ryzen is super picky when it comes to what RAM you use. It's why I refuse to use Ryzen.

    4. HiDefDan


      I'm thinking of switching. I have an old z97 board lying around. Trying to get my hands on a 4790k. Once I have that system up and running im gonna see which I like better

  4. 4gb rx 470 from a friend's friend for $100 or 4gb rx 580 for $230 off of amazon? i have an Rx 560 right now. It serves me well, But I am looking for the Best Performance for the Best Deal. With GPU Prices still pretty high, I was wondering which deal sounds better overall. 

    1. handymanshandle


      470, fucking easily. $100? I'd buy it just to flip it.

    2. HiDefDan


      Well it's whatever one I am replacing my rx 560 with. I think i'm gonna go for the 470. Cheaper deal is better

  5. Thinking of building a pc to hook up to my tv with some spare parts. How does an athlon x4 950, 8bg ram 2666MHz and a 4GB rx 560 sound? 

  6. Is this aida not liking ryzen chips? Or is this legit? Spire is on max speed


  7. So I overclocked the ryzen 1600 to 3.8 and ramped the spire to Max speed. I then ran aida64 for 10 minutes and either Aida dislikes the ryzen CPUs or I really never got above 37C


  8. So whats the best results you have gotten Overclocking the Ryzen 1600 on the MSI b350? also if possible can I see screencaps of it so i can overclock mine? 

  9. Recently saw a thread about what graphics cards can run the Oculus. I work for a company that represents Oculus. So here's a recently updated list of what can run it



    1. Canada EH

      Canada EH

      What is Oculus ?

    2. HiDefDan


      Virtual reality headset

  10. Well. my Motherboard is fried. Thinking of either getting a new one or just going Ryzen. Probably gonna go Ryzen 

    1. AresKrieger


      6300 isn't worth saving so just upgrade

    2. HiDefDan


      yeah. the only reason I am looking to maybe replace the motherboard is because I am in between jobs and have yet to receive any info about my first day at my new job

  11. Getting a ryzen build soon!

  12. Age of empires 4 confirmed! being made by Relic Entertainment! I can't wait!

  13. once student loans get paid I am gonna start saving for a Ryzen build. I love my FX build, but FX can't handle the type of games I play very Well. CPU intensive games that are running enhancement mods. Like Empire Total War Running the Darthmod V8.1 Mod. My 6300, overclocked to 4.5GhZ, and water cooled, still struggles in this 8 year old game. It's Ryzen time 

  14. Upgraded a little. Fx 6300 6 core cpu (overclocked to 4.4Ghz) Radeon rx 460 (overclocked to 1.2ghz) Corsair h60 AIO Liquid cooler G.Skill sniper series 2400mhz 8gb kit Asus m5a97 le r2.0 atx motherboard Deepcool tesseract atx mid tower case
  15. Thanks anyways. I can probably get a decent one on Amazon.