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  1. I mean, cmon

    Locked. This is better suited as a status update.
  2. I know it looks bad that it lost lots of it's value, but this isn't the first or last time it will happen, price will go back up with time.
  3. Windows 10 goes to sleep every 3 hours

    If your Windows options are all set correctly, I would look into the Schedule tasks to see if something was triggering the sleep.
  4. Not sure where you got the $12 with a 1070, NiceHash calculator actually says it should be under $6 CAD ;
  5. Then that's what @Energycore said, you'll have to use something like https://www.myetherwallet.com/ to send the ETH to your Coinbase wallet.
  6. Yeah, they came back, they are going to refund the money stolen. The refund dates are going to be announced on January 31th ;
  7. There's a way around it, last 3 payments I got were all 0.001 BTC and I transferred them for free on my external wallet
  8. [Guide] Mining Ethereum

    They made GT 740 with 4GB of vram, not sure those are worth to mine on For Nvidia I would say any GTX card from the 750 and up and the GT 1030 (though it's not making much). And not sure about the RX 550 or the cheap R5s (like the 230-240 or 340). But yeah, close enough!
  9. The 2018 GPU Apocalypse

    Thread merged.
  10. [GUIDE] Mining with NiceHash - updated

    That would make for a long post, there are a LOT of compatible GPUs, but depending on your electricity cost, not all of them are worth it. But here's a quick and dirty list ; on the AMD side, anything from the HD7850 and up (not sure about the R5 240 and under or the R5 340 and under) on Nvidia side, anything from the GTX 750ti and up (not sure about the GT 740 and under and the GT 8xx series, but the GT 1030 CAN BE profitable) Other older GPU might classify but I'm not too sure.
  11. All profitability calculators are not 100% accurate since the price changes daily (or rather constantly) and the difficulty will always slowly rise. Best way to know is to let it run and check how much you make in 24h or so. With my 1060, it varies from $3 to $4 per day depending.
  12. estimate on when gpu prices will go down?

    Locked. This isn't Tech News, thread moved to the GPU section. Also, there are already lots of thread regarding this ;
  13. Crypto/Mining

    Yeah, not sure how that misconception got around. Simple math will prove otherwise but somehow I see that being repeated everywhere!
  14. I would guess around 160 sol/s and less than 120w if you optimize. http://www.zcashbenchmarks.info/
  15. Crypto/Mining

    That's just misconception and is also completely illogical : Card 1 generate $1/day but cost $1.1/day in electricity, double that and you're not at $2/day generated and $2.2/day in electricity ... doesn't add up or make any sort of sense. Plus, there's no way a 1060 is going to use more electricity than it can generate.