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  1. Giveaways

    Thread cleaned. The link was also edited, posting referral links isn't allowed. If this is going to be a thing, then please link to the giveaway page directly.
  2. *sigh*

    Windows 10 woes again ... The RSAT tool is so finicky it's ridiculous.


    Had to jump through hoops for it to install and make sure it stick properly! Part the tool disappeared if I didn't have the "proper language" (EN-US) and if I didn't restart RIGHT after the install.


    WTF MS???

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    2. hey_yo_


      Windows 8.1 search > Windows 10 search 

    3. Densetsu


      @Cinnabar Sonar Search is my only real issue.

    4. Implosivetech


      sometimes my surface pro 3, at like 12%cpu, 25%ram, and like 0% disk will freeze up for no warning, I'm pretty sure this is my school system's fault, because they don't have a proper way to send permission updates to machines without freezing them.

  3. Locked. While this is an interesting topic, and one that will come back in the news at one point or another, this thread has ran it's course seeing as the last few pages seems to be mostly bickering, passive-aggressive replies, arguing semantics, some seemingly replying in bad faith and others doing some (on purpose or not) trolling. Open mindedness, being respectful and civil is what we ask of everyone. While we decided not to issue warnings, the behaviors displayed here by some are in violation of the Community Standards. FYI ; Post-locking thread cleaning may happen in the coming hours.
  4. which countries are you guys from

    That's a minority ... From QC myself and my passport says Canada, at least the last time I checked
  5. @asus killer @bcredeur97 That's a genuine concern though, that the operators might have too much confidence in the autonomous system. Not saying it's what happened since none of us were there, but it's definitely a possibility!
  6. One thing though, this autonomous Uber car HAD a human behind the wheel in case of things like this, they both (the autonomous system and human operator) didn't had time to react. Just saying.
  7. While I appreciate the video, we're not in that era anymore. And while pedestrian have priority at some intersection, randomly stepping in a busy street nowadays without looking or waiting for cars to slow down is, at best, reckless. BTW, I'm not saying this pedestrian deserved it, far from it, but putting the whole blame on autonomous cars and insinuating the pedestrian is completely innocent is somewhat misleading.
  8. Thread cleaned. Let's try to remain civil and respectful. If someone is trolling, please report their post instead of quoting them.
  9. TARAN

    Locked. This would be better suited as a status update.
  10. Thread moved to the Troubleshooting section.
  11. Ethan from H3H3 needs to be saved from a MacBook

    No it's not. Thread moved to off-topic
  12. So ... I had weird stutters on my PC yesterday, restarted and then realized my D: drive was gone, first troubleshoot steps : check the SATA connection and cable. So I switched the HDD to a new port on the motherboard and *wham* the HDD is back, so I thought one of my SATA port just died and left it at that.


    Same problem this morning (weird stuttering) ... hum ... Checks Task manager, my D: drive "active time" is @100% and read/write speeds are just a few 100's KB/s !?!?!?!?!


    *starts to worry about the HDD health* (my page file is on that drive, so if the drive is going bad, that would explain the stutters).



    Went and opened CrystalDisk ... and YEAH, I need a new HDD xD




    Thankfully I have a NAS and do regular backups, I might have to re-download a few games (my game library is on that drive) but I should be fine, just need a new HDD and I'll just throw this one out.

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    2. Being Delirious

      Being Delirious

      What drive is it and how long did you have it for?

    3. wkdpaul


      @Being Delirious it's a 1TB Seagate HDD, got it used, almost 2 years ago, for $20, so I didn't really trust it and only had my Steam library on it. So nothing lost really, plus I have setup regular backups to my NAS anyway, so even if I did used it for important stuff it wouldn't be that bad.

    4. Cinnabar Sonar

      Cinnabar Sonar

      I'm playing with fire here.

  13. Redneck +computer

    Locked. This would be better as a status update.
  14. Ebay Free shipping?

    *Threads merged*
  15. Help me bypass this firewall

    Locked. This type of discussion isn't allowed here ;