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  2. Not going to happen, as it was mentioned, we already have a thread about this that was done by @iamdarkyoshi here (and it's pinned);
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  6. Just got rear-ended by an old lady that shouldn't be driving.... No damages and nobody got hurt.


    We were both stopped at a red light, on the right hand lane and I was turning right.


    The light turned green but this traffic light is arrows that will NOT let you turn left or right because there's a pedestrian crossing and they have priority.


    So I didn't move, didn't even lift my feet off the brakes ... But somehow the old lady behind me decided to go!


    We stopped further down the street and exchanged info just in case but there was no damages since we were both stopped. As for her "defense", all she kept repeating was "but I thought you started moving!" ... Me; *sigh* *smh*

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. wkdpaul


      yeah I kept my cool because it was an old lady and she was rattled by the whole thing and she really seemed confused (kept repeating the same thing).


      @Implosivetech that intersection is super dangerous, people aren't paying attention to the filter or to the pedestrian light, almost got ran over a few times, even had to take a few steps backward once to avoid being hit by a dumb asshole in his SUV (I also punched his rear quarter panel when he passed beside me).

    3. Bleedingyamato


      That's a relief to hear you're ok.  Car accidents can be a lot worse.  

    4. Chaos_Sorcerer


      Imo if you're over 75 you shouldn't be able to drive 

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  9. For less than $100 USD, it's worth it IMO. With the mining craze going on they sell for much more.
  10. FYI, I just edited you title from "mices" to "mics"
  11. in the same window, right click on the microphone, go to properties and you should have a "listen" tab
  12. except mic ≠ mice If you want to change your microphone simply open the sound control panel and in the recording devices, select the one you need; press the keys Win+R in the "run" window, type mmsys.cpl go on the "recording" tab and the select the appropriate microphone
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  14. mice ??????? (plural of mouse) Or do you mean microphone?
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