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    Montreal, Qc


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    MSI Z370-A PRO
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    32GB DDR4 2400 (4x8GB)
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    Gigabyte GTX 1060 3GB
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    Phanteks P400S Special Edition White
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    240GB Avexir SSD + 1x 1TB Seagate
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  1. * thread cleaned * Please keep this on-topic and keep the Community Standards in mind when interacting with others.
  2. ^ this reseat the CPU and put only 1 stick of RAM in.
  3. * thread locked * This would be better suited as a status update, or on another website ; this website is focused on tech.
  4. Check LTT's channel, you can look for the announcement by Asus and follow the instructions.
  5. * thread cleaned * Please keep this on-topic and follow the Community Standards.
  6. so, they're doing a new Ghostbusters movie and it seems like they're pretenting the woman's only reboot never happened ;


    1. MEC-777


      OH YEESSSS!!!!! :D

  7. or a piphone http://www.davidhunt.ie/piphone-a-raspberry-pi-based-smartphone/
  8. Did you purposefully off-center your avatar just to bug people's OCD?


    Because it's working😂


    1. Show previous comments  14 more
    2. Den-Fi


      Aiight. Enough thinking @TVwazhere is just repeating everything I say.

    3. Gegger


      wkd-fi it is

    4. Gegger


      and now wkd-fi has done it



  9. PSA : Don't take your chances with Wish.com GPUs, there's potentially maliciously made GPUs that fry your system !!!



    I personally never understood the appeal of Wish.com, eBay and AliExpress are both more trust worthy and cheaper (and I'm aware there are scams on all platforms).

    1. OlympicAssEater


      ebay trust worthy?



    2. TVwazhere


      I've only bought from AliExpress for small things like cable adapters I couldnt find anywhere else (for a reasonable price)


      Not sure I'd buy PC main component hardware from there (ever). 

    3. wkdpaul


      Yeah, I wouldn't buy on Aliexpress, but I know people do. And buying on eBay isn't an issue if you know what you're doing.


      But the fact that this happened on Wish doesn't mean those fake GPUs aren't elsewhere, I know people are buying these in the hope of getting a free GT GPU. But if it fries your motherboard, then it's now far from being free and I know I wouldn't get one even if it was free.

  10. * thread locked * It's not OC (original content) and it's about someone having questions about their sexuality, not something to laugh about. I suggest you use other platforms for this type of reposts.
  11. * thread cleaned and locked * People have the right to speak their mind and criticize LMG, but ridiculing them for reaching out and speaking their mind isn't something we allow or tolerate in any way shape or form. Please keep the Community Standards in mind when interacting with others ;
  12. Yeah, seems like it (I can only find solution on how to INSTALL Win 10 S, not how to convert a Windows 10 install to Win 10 S). But I'm guessing the OP might want to do a clean install anyway if it's to give to a kid. Another simpler solution would be to add a ei.cfg to the ISO so that the OP has all versions available when installing ; make a txt file, rename it ei.cfg open the file and put the following in it ; [Channel] Retail Open the ISO and put the ei.cfg file in folder named "sources". When installing Windows, you should have all the versions available, including the one with S mode.