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  1. Try to begin, to See if you have the good driver for all of your system.
  2. Yeah Fade2Black001 have the right anwser about your GPU, the GPU have 123 watt, so the problem i think is not about your PSU. Sorry i was wrong...
  3. I suggest you to take a psu of 850 watt, you can take certified bronze. 850 bronze = 697 in around (capacity of watt [bronze 82%]). It very important to know i suggest this idea, you can continue to have many idea about your problem for take a good decision about your problem. I hope that will help you Roterblade.
  4. Hello Josh23 Can you give me all specs modal and mark of your computer?
  5. Hello Roterblade, you bust your maximum size for your watt. « For additional info here are some specs for my PC and graphical settings for my games: Computer: • Asus strix 1660ti • Asus strix B450-F • Ryzen 5 2600 (stock cooler) • Corsair 4x4gb LPX 2666mhz RAM • Corsair RM 650x • 1TB HDD & 500gb SSD» . 90 Mobo 65 CPU 450 GPU If you have 3 fan = 18 HDD = 9 SSD=3 RAM= 9 to 18 If you have optical disk = 30
  6. I want this for Christmas a TAIL ?



  7. I change my Hard Disk PS3.


    40 Go to 250 Go (old hard disk drive recycle).


    Lot of fun in view :)

  8. change your monitor... AMD RX570 with VGA monitor = NO .
  9. Maybe is your usb port, it a brand new laptop or? Maybe is a material problem, but before, try all usb port you can use. Or see if in the BIOS if your usb is enable, see too if is in legacy mode or things like that. See you driver again and assure you is enable.
  10. Try Lubuntu or LXDE. They are two distro very light. You will have no problem with those distro. You can do the essential with that like, navigate, see your mail, try some app (libre), you can write some text with libreoffice and other apps. You have a software download include. If you have any question, poke me i will try to help you the best i can do. I think the most challenge now for you is to create usb key for installing one of those distro.
  11. I discover the Roko's basilisk. Damn, why i'm so curious. I encourage all persons to do all can do for AI arrive rapidly in our world. I hope that will help me... lol

  12. Hello, Sometimes my application Illustrator of adobe (last version) crash after one hour two hour it depend all the time but it crash and i lost all my work. I have a graphic card intel HD 530 and processor intel i-5. 16 Go ram. Windows 10 professional. It for a Desktop. Thanks for any help.
  13. Sincerly, if you format your ssd in NTFS that will erase all thing on it, malware too normally. But maybe your'e on the good track. It up to you. If you can try to take a picture of your error, that will help us.