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    AMD Ryzen 3600
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    MSI B450m Gaming Plus
  • RAM
    Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8GB DDR4 3200
  • GPU
    Gigabyte Radeon HD7970 GHz 3GB
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    Thermaltake Core V21
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    NVME : Corsair Force MP510 240GB | SSD : WD Blue 1TB / Intel 520 120GB / Samsung 850 EVO 500GB | External HDD: WD My Book 3TB
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    Seasonic Focus Gold 750W
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    AOC U2879VF 28"
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    Noctua NH-D15 | 4x Noctua NF-S12A | 1x Noctua NF-A20
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    Logitech G910
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    Logitech G502
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. It would probably need to not only be always online, but a way for it to power itself without needing you to charge it every once in a while and comfortable enough that you don't need to remove it to sleep... Overall, I don't need a "choker" approach is good. Too many ways to be accidently killed by it since it's on your neck. A wrist band or the likes would be better. But I sure hope this never happens, except for criminals (who currently have the electronic ankle bracelet).
  2. It's one key. Just take note of the previous value of the key you're changing and if it didn't do anything after rebooting and the issue still persist, just revert it back to what it was before.
  3. Just the fact you have the driver installed can cause the issue, too. Welcome to the wonderful of computers.
  4. So you really do have a laptop, meaning it likely is a Synaptic issue with Windows 10. https://appuals.com/mouse-settings-reset-by-itself-on-windows-10/ Alternatively. Unplug mouse, reboot laptop, plug mouse back in. See if it happens again.
  5. "Default" means Right in the middle, where it would be by default, without you changing it manually. The thing I put in the "Spoiler", fixes Synaptic, to make sure it doesn't screw with the cursor's speed in Windows 10. It is a common issue. But this is only a thing that works if you have a laptop with a touchpad. You can Right click the Registry folder and click "Export" to save your settings beforehand and if you find it changed it for the worst, you revert it just as easily. The mouse model could be important, if it has a button on it that changes the D
  6. By the time GPUs are available again, we're going to be on RTX 40xx series. So sure, go ahead and sell it for a quick profit right now. But don't expect to get a GPU later this year.
  7. Games can change the speed of your cursor. They usually have options for that in whatever Control menu there is. But it shouldn't change the windows setting itself, though. Is it reverting back to default? Are you on a laptop or a desktop? This is important because if you're on a laptop, it's possible that you're touching something with the palm of your hand on the touchpad that changes the setting for some reason. Likely related to the Synaptic driver. If it is a laptop, you could try the following :
  8. It is great indeed. I haven't spent so much time on a single forum before and now it's literally the only forum I visit. But it's not every query that gets answered. It happens sometimes, that someone will make a thread and no one replies to it. Or only one person does and no one else.
  9. An FTP server is basically the ancestor of what we use and know today as "the cloud". Except it was more clunky, not as secure and usually needed an extra software that you had to configure with your domain, settings, login info and what not, if you wanted to upload stuff to it, but could be accessed as a Read only with a browser.
  10. The thing I find funny, is how the cost of the Redux being linked in the video description nearly doubled on Amazon.ca, a few hours before LTT uploaded their video on youtube, this morning at exactly 9:54 AM, even though the cost had not changed for the past 60 days (price in CAD) There's a conspiracy somewhere in here, but I don't care enough to find it. At this current ridiculous price, I'd take the D15.
  11. What's boring to one person, is aesthetically pleasing to another. Given the choice between Space Grey (basically black) and their white colored stuff... I'll pick the Space Grey.
  12. I got the MPOW Flame 2, they certainly feel a bit cheap, but I've been using them for over a year now and they easily last me the few hours each day I need to use them. I use them for my online classes or whenever I'm out walking about.
  13. Bought myself a new phone. Samsung A52 4G. It's not officially available in Canada, but is $200 cheaper than the 5G variant that Samsung decided we could have in NA. And frankly, I don't need 5G in my life. I have a cheap phone plan with only 250MB of data since everywhere I go has free WiFi (just enough data for use in case of emergency. I typically use less than 5MB per month), my care level for fast mobile data speed is at the lowest. I'm not seeing myself pay more than $15~$20 for a phone plan anytime soon, so next to no data for me. No picture... F for old phone (A5 2017). But
  14. Random question but...

    Has anyone actually ever used these options on their microwave?


    If so, why? And did it produce the result you were expecting?
    I've tried the Pizza option before, it resulted in cold pizza.
    I've tried the popcorn option, even though the packaging clearly said DO NOT USE POPCORN SETTING on the microwave... Resulted in burnt popcorn.
    I've also tried the "defrost" option, for the weight I inputted, it wanted to defrost the thing for nearly an hour, is this thing insane? I just left it on the counter for an hour and it defrosted without any issue and without cooking my meat.

    So does anyone seriously use these seemingly useless "features" that I'll never use more than once out of curiosity?

    1. emosun


      my popcorn button works awesome. you're spose to read the instructions for the microwave that explain how to use those quick buttons.

    2. TetraSky


      23 hours ago, emosun said:

      my popcorn button works awesome. you're spose to read the instructions for the microwave that explain how to use those quick buttons.

      Your microwave comes with instruction???