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  1. inTune MDM deactivated, enrollment deactivated, new mobile device still ask for enrollment ... when in doubt, delete enrollment policies through powershell !


    Got to waste a few hours on that, wish me luck 😞

    1. Slottr


      Intune enrollment is a selective dumpster fire lol

    2. captain_to_fire


      2 hours ago, wkdpaul said:

      Got to waste a few hours on that, wish me luck 😞

      I can't stop but think that we should pay a MSP to manage our network, security and maintenance should we expand our store and hire more people. At the moment, I do it all and it can be chore. I'm not really into paying a higher tier Office 365 just to get Intune. 

  2. Fair enough, but if a genre of music doesn't sit well with you, what can you do, right? Like I said, for myself it's country/western that I can't stand, but there are exceptions that I can listen to, it's probably similar for you. I didn't want to make assumptions about your music knowledge, so I just used exemples that came to mind easily, pretty sure I could find many others exemples, but IMO, that wouldn't change your taste, which I'm not trying to influence. I was just trying to point out that metal isn't necessarily limited to angry sounding m
  3. There's nothing confusing here, everyone told you to get a USB wifi adapter, or a PCIE wifi adapter because your motherboard doesn't have wifi ...
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  6. Just in case it will be misunderstood, it's a translation word play on 'weekend' (week = semaine, weak = faible ... weekend / weak end) Sorry, I'll get out now ...
  7. Great list (though I never saw 11:14, but I'll have a look) Though, Starship Troopers is WAY more than a popcorn movie, it's a huge commentary on the military industrial complex and is extremely satirical, it's worth watching while keeping that in mind (or can be enjoyed as a ridiculous action-packed popcorn movie, but I would argue you'll miss a lot by doing that), I would put it before The Big Lebowski
  8. YAY ! finally Friday ! Finalement la fin des faibles !!!
  9. Exactly, when even car manufacturers start having supply issues with IC components, you know it's bad and it's not a conspiracy to drive prices up. The higher prices are a symptom of the issue, but then companies aren't angry about making money either. It's a win for them (their stuff is sold almost instantly, and they get to slowly raise the prices).
  10. ^ this Normally, when computers are given / sold to employees, the BIOS is cleared of all this and is given without a HDD / SSD (that's our procedure), that way, you're sure nobody calls you back for a BIOS password and no data falls in the hands of the public. Other companies (I've seen it way to often), don't care about any of this.
  11. It's perfectly fine to dislike a certain music genre, group, song, etc ... And what emotions are brought up are 100% yours, but boiling down one style of music to a few specific words ? I don't know. The "angry" and "loud noises / instruments" are in many other types of music and songs (Killing In the Name by Rage Against the Machine for exemple), while some metal songs and groups can be a lot closer to rock than anything else (Nothing else matters from Metallica for exemple, I suggest you to listen to it) I also can listen to pretty much any type of music appart from country/weste
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  13. Thanks for the context. * thread locked *
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  15. * thread locked * See above, also, before you post, please make sure to read the pinned thread that says "read before posting"
  16. ??? Not sure what you're trying to say here ?
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  18. wkdpaul

    why is your face zooming in lol

    why not?
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  20. Looking at my PMs, I would argue that's not unpopular ...
  21. wkdpaul

    Status Dweller Giveaway - GMMK TKL + Lubed Glor…

    Good luck everyone! *Locked*
  22. wkdpaul

    bruh 2 people on hardwareswap are selling 3970x…

    I remember that happening to me to years ago, a guy was selling 2 GTX 480 for something like $30 or $40 ? Messaged him a few times over a few days and never got a reply ... finally got a 480 from someone else for $30 on a local forum, only for the guy to reply and ask if I was still interested ... 3 weeks later ...