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  1. Thank you. I had a look at the 3 phones you listed, and ended up getting a oneplus 3t. Relatively cheap, and as far as I can tell same idea as the Sony I had. Thank you.
  2. Daily browsing on my commute, music, video and a bit of gaming. I guess i am looking for the current "upgrade" options for the Xperia Z5.
  3. I recently dropped my Sony Xperia z5 which I have had since it's release (october 2015 I think). Insurance is covering about 300 dollars and I think I am willing to match that (600 usd total). As I haven't really been looking into phones for a while, I would like some advice on handsets that are similar to what I had. Any recommendations?
  4. Busy really. Being a student takes a lot of time.
  5. Well to be perfectly honest, it is indeed a hacker game. So she was right on the first part.
  6. Unfortunately not, been rather busy with school and what not.
  7. Off-topic, but merry christmas you glorious dudes.
  8. Not at all There is just so much to read./
  9. I have a new one. My mother has just recently got a new laptop and needed office 2013 with it. She called me today and asked me where the cd was. She wasn't aware that most stuff is digital now and handled with keys. Also, this blew up.
  10. Hey congrats on 123 posts!

  11. STORYTIME. So I am currently in the process of getting a new screen. It has to be super productivity oriented and good for programming (I love seeing as much of my code at once, as I possibly can). Naturally I went for a 27 inch 2560x1440 screen. Tell my mom: "This is what I want, going to order it now, it should arrive soon." She goes: "Why does it need to be so big?". Not sure I am getting my large screen
  12. Agreed. More networking is more better