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  1. Number of processors = physical processors. Some servers have multiple sockets with a CPU in each. Number of cores per processor = as it says Total processor count = cores per processor * number of processors
  2. So, if I'm understanding this correctly, you: Boot from the USB made with the media creation tool Follow the instructions shown When prompted to reboot for the first time, you remove the USB and then reboot With the USB not plugged in, your computer boots into the Windows installer again, basically ending up at step 1 again I have never seen anything like this. Do you by any chance have other USB drives plugged in?
  3. If you want good performance and are on a budget, you could try looking at used computers. For example an old office PC with a 4th generation i5 (e.g 4460, 4590) and a cheaper graphics card (e.g GTX 1070, RX 580) performs relatively well. Just make sure the card fits in the case and the power supply can run it.
  4. It means you cannot call Microsoft for technical support. The OEM licence is targeted for system builders who sell complete computers to others, and Microsoft expects them to provide technical support. < removed by moderation >
  5. As has been said here before, for CAD you really want to spend more on the CPU, rather than the GPU. I'd also endorse the build that @Jurrunio posted, but with the Crucial SSD. The Kingston drive doesn't have DRAM cache and because of that its lifetime will be significantly shorter and performance will be worse. I've only had bad experiences with Kingston drives in the past.
  6. AFAIK NVIDIA has only confirmed it for Ampere. So I wouldn't count on the 20 series getting it.
  7. Because you have tried using the output from your iGPU, you can assume that your graphics card is not the cause. I would check all the power connections on the motherboard.
  8. Try disabling your overclock first. NVIDIA support is unlikely to help with overclocked cards.
  9. I believe he's running mods, which consume a lot more resources (especially RAM). Vanilla can run on a potato.
  10. Your six core CPU will run it just fine, even when playing. I've done it on a 4 core APU with 8GB RAM.
  11. I don't know how the used market is in your country, but I would recommend upgrading to a 4th gen i5 or i7. Most games still run fine on 4 cores.
  12. It does not. You need to buy Windows separately. They come on a USB drive, from which you will boot your computer and install.