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  1. Summary of Airpods 3 Looks like Airpods Pro, but no ANC Water resistant(No rating) Adaptive EQ from Airpods pro Force stem from pros(!!) Spatial Audio Fast-ish charge(1 hour from 5 minutes) 6 hour battery of the earbud 30 HOURS ON THE CASE!! 30 hours from case Magsafe PRICE: $179 Seems that gen 2 will remain on sale.
  2. asm isn't that much used in embedded system dev now. I am a proponent for ocaml(waiting for it to mature in embedded) in embedded, but a lot of the stuff is now done with c and even c++ nowadays. Heck, I knew a few systems acting as glorified JVMs now.
  3. By your logic, he was also responsible for phil spencer and peter moore
  4. I would actually like the normal airpods half moon shape, but with ANC. They fit my ears perfectly.
  5. you do realize that ballmer has been the ceo before the og xbox and stayed there till after the xbone?
  6. this reminds me of the linyos torovaltos(linus torvalds) is communist copypasta and ballmer calling linux communism and cancer lol
  7. I think so: nvm, I am just wasting my time talking to you. Just one thing. Keep an open mind when trying out new things.
  8. Does not seem native. >No but we certainly got that thanks to Micro'soft. For you. I cannot go back to windows and it's trash way of doing things. The commandline is broken and it is way too unstable. Windows is still powerful but not my cup of tea. >It's not incorrect, the average user is not able to use it as intended as it requires hours of sitting around trying to fix. Newsflash! Just because you were having an issue doesn't mean others have it too. I have linux running on my desktop flawlessly for 3 years, on separate pieces if hardware. &g
  9. Oops double post Proton is user based. I don't think the dev even did QA for linux. Some people on the proton boards say that it worked fine for them. @Master Disaster issue is quite peculiar and baffling
  10. What do you want? An environment perfectly tailored for you? Because if you want that, you are going to have to put in some work, regardless of any operating system. You can use windows if you like. It might be better suited for you. But saying something like this: is incorrect
  11. What do you even mean? What was your issue? Which distro? What is your issue precisely? How is it unstable? A core 2 duo(2threads or 4t?) is obviously going to be suitable for basic work only. Was your laptop hanging or crashing? Linux has it's fair share of issues. But making blanket statements like this are misleading.
  12. It might be that you got frustrated because Linux is not an exact replica of windows. No OS is perfect, and if you think that Linux is absolutely perfect, then Idk what to tell you. >And your latest distro is from 2021 Which one? What are you even talking about? > but is still unstable and not all that usable but for basic tasks for the average user. Which one? What is your issue? If you are having problems with one distro, switch to the other.