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  1. Buy Custom built Desktop & Workstation PCs for gaming, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Machine Learning | ANT PC (ant-pc.com) how's this? change the gpu from RTX 3080 to RX 6900XT change the case from that to corsair 465x buy a gaming monitor and mouse and keyboard separately.
  2. We don't have shiz like maingear and origin and whatnot in India. You have to buy from a major corpo
  3. man, windows 3 must have run like shit! I remember, 386DX and i486 was the THING in those days, before pentium came, and obiliterated everything in sight, including my dad's am486
  4. put linoox on it and play half life and doom and quake and unreal and halo. Those are the real games.
  5. why bother when the hooman eye cant see over 24hz/s but in all seriousness, 4k computer monitors are overkill. 144 hz is fine, if you are a gamer, but if you are someone like me who stares at emacs, vsc and intellij all day, then 1080p@60hz is fine. Also I sent back a 90 hz phone back because of the drain, and went to a 60 hertz phone. Not that hard at all.vIts like going back to a hard disk from a dram less ssd
  6. why do people need 144hz monitors? If we start asking that then lmg will go bankrupt.
  7. run minecraft and burn your pc house city down. Then go upto your dad and say, "I told you so"
  8. lel, you have 2gb ram and your aero works? Kid, people have worse machines than this.
  9. lmao. As an Indian, I guess I should take basic then. Will understand my Indian comrade on basic support XD
  10. I thought that asus should have a share. I see a lot of asus laptops
  11. That model was adopted by nearly everyone. In fact, Tim Cook was hired to put in place a dell like logistics system in place at apple.