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  1. Dell Inc. 0HY9JP Motherboard.. So q connector could be a problem? Im sure that I connected everything well but I can check it out if connector is a problem @Leonard
  2. Anybody? Since I changed the case this is hapening every time when I turn on Pc. When i press F1 button everything is fine and windows is turning on I have no problems with overheating, temperature is just fine, All coolers are connected, I just want to know Is there any way to turn this off? It keeps bothering me every time. Temperature is just fine everything is connected so guys what's the problem? If someone knows anything...please... I don't know even how to google this lmao. Thank you
  3. @MedievalMatt @Airdragonz thank you for a quick response you helped a lot have a nice day
  4. I fixed everything thank you so much guys @Being Delirious @Jamiec1130
  5. @Airdragonz After that, convert the entire drive to MBR, then create a primary partition formatted as fat32? I did everything but this part is unclear?
  6. I need help guys please! I recorded some videos from tv to my kingston 16 gb usb, then when i insert usb into pc, it shows uonly 744 mb free space I HAVE 16GB LOL.... I deleted everything, format usb still nothing... guys anybody please any kind of help will be useful thank you
  7. @Cyberspirit im downloading driver now,when im done ill try again we'll see
  8. when i reinstall this happens and I install everything it says ok but still doesn't work
  9. I absolutely love this BS player,get used to something you know,I try different player if this doesn't work ofc,but I would love to keep this If you guys know the way,be sure to text back.Anyways thank you for replying
  10. When I turn on my bs player and start a video this happens.I can hear everything but picture freeze and stays like this...I tried reinstall and download another video whatever,same happens When i download BS free version same problem,I recently reinstalled win 7 Can anyone find the solution please response thank you so much guys
  11. will it change anyhting if i,reinstall windows 7?????
  12. you see.it wont fit at all.that's the main problem....