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    Welsh Anime Watcher and VN Player
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    Intel Core i7 6800K @ 4.0GHz
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    Gigabyte X99-SOC Champion
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    Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR4 @ 2666Mhz (OC'ed)
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    Palit GTX 1070 Dual @2010 MHz Core
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    Phanteks Enthoo Pro Black - Windowed
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    Samsung Evo 250GB, OCZ Arc 100 120GB, 3TB WD Blue, 1TB WD Blue
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    Corsair HX750w
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    LG 24" @1080p - TN, Samsung SD590 1080p - PLS
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    Phanteks TC-14PE rev 2.0 - Black
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    Razer Blackwidow 2014 (no back-light, Razer Green Switch)
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    Steelseries Rival 100
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    Logitech Z506 Surround with Asus DGX 7.1
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    Windows 10 Education - RIP Windows 7 :(

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    A Second year Computing and Games Development student studying at a university in the UK.
    As soon as this is done - I'm out of here, trouble is where? Everywhere is basically f**ked...

    Also, has probably the worst taste in music you have ever seen / heard of.
    One of the Few, who refuses to use Facebook. If you want me, use my twitter or here on the forum.

    Anime watcher, Favourite series in order
    1. Highschool DxD (All Seasons)
    2. Angel Beats! (That ending though T_T)
    3. Akame Ga Kill!
    4. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
    5. Dog Days
    6. Mirai Nikki

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  1. I have one of those, and its not the art or proportions
  2. Source #1: https://www.reddit.com/r/paragon/comments/85jq5o/epic_games_releases_12_million_worth_of_paragon/ Source #2: https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/blog/epic-games-releases-12-million-worth-of-paragon-assets-for-free Yes - you read the title correctly. Seemingly out of nowhere- Epic Games (Creators of Unreal Engine amongst other things ***COUGH - FORTNITE - COUGH***), Has announced that they will be releasing over $12 Million worth of assets for free for all developers using Unreal Engine. This includes the following assets: Again, this seemingly came out of nowhere - but its great to see this from a developer and publisher. Rarely - if ever - has another huge dev done this, let alone on the scale of Epic Games right now. All these assets are free to download and use in anyone's unreal engine product - not sure about publication, but I assume its fine since Epic Games are literally giving it away. My Thoughts: HOLY SHIT! - As a game developer (well, studying to become one at university), and currently teaching myself the Unreal Engine - since my course uses Unity3D... This is fantastic news. I love the support from companies that do this. GG Epic Games, GG. Your thoughts, Please leave them down below!
  3. Source: https://overclock3d.net/news/gpu_displays/htc_announces_their_vive_pro_vr_headset/1 HTC has just announced their new VR Headset, the Vive Pro. This is an updated version of one of the 2 main VR headsets with some upgrades/updates. Featuring: A Lighter Body New Strap Design Uses SteamVR tracking 2.0, which is compatible with SteamVR tracking 1.0 Built-in Headphones - so no need for the Audio Headset Strap like the Vive 1 And new screen resolutions of 1440x1600 per eye, 2880x1600 in total. The last point I think is massive since it has an increase of 78% screen resolution compared to the original Vive. HTC have said that they aim to be selling this device alongside the current model, so I assume this is not a replacement for the Vive, Much like the Xbox One and One X, both play XBox One games - just one can do so with more features. What is interesting to note from this is HTC will be creating their own Wireless headset adapter to be released later this year, based on Intel's WiGig technology. If you wish to upgrade from a fully working Vive set-up, you can do as the HMD can be available separately as a stand-alone purchase, or as a kit if the full set-up is needed. Currently, the price and availability are unknown. My thoughts? It looks impressive. The article says lighter design, I would like to know the entire weight, and the increase in screen resolution is nice. However, since HTC said they will be selling this alongside the original Vive, I assume this is a step up model - much like the iPhone 7 & X, as such, I'm a bit scared of the price, especially since pricing for VR headsets are still quite steep and is one of the biggest obstacles in getting VR mainstream. Your thoughts- please leave them down below!
  4. I just couldn't think of a way to put it, when I typed it, sub-protocols came to mind. Thanks for the info.
  5. It's just a coincidence - there are many different "sub-protocols" to the 802.x standards, in this case - 802.3bs https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEEE_802.3
  6. True - but theoretically it would be possible.
  7. Source: https://overclock3d.net/news/misc_hardware/the_ieee_802_3bs_400gbps_and_200gbps_ethernet_specification_has_arrived/1 Old Image: New Image - since this is technically Fibre, but still an Ethernet standard. The IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) has just approved a new standard for Ethernet with the capability to allow for 200Gbps and 400gbps Ethernet speeds - great for cloud computing and data centers - also for Enthusiasts, *Cough, Linus*. At its max throughput, the 400Gbps allows for the transfer of files at speeds of 50GB PER SECOND. But what does that mean for the average PC gamer - if you had this connection, theoretically you would be able to download all of GTA V (around 65GB) in UNDER 2 SECONDS. Don't get your hopes too high though as this is NOT coming to desktop users (I assume yet - in the future, maybe?). Here is a quote from the Chairman of the Ethernet Alliance: My thoughts? Holy balls. This is awesome. While it will not be for consumer use - yet, I assume this will trickle down in the future. Personally - I feel like Ethernet has been stagnant for a while with speeds. While WiFi has become more popular over the recent years especially with speed increases, Ethernet hasn't really moved in the "Public" space of 10Gbps for a while. Heck, even 1Gbps is rare to see in the various places. Perhaps this movement will help give the push on making these "older" speeds, the new standard for consumer use. While it's not obtainable right now - the future sure looks interesting, especially at 400Gbps. Your thoughts? Please leave them down below EDIT: After looking on the Wikipedia page for the 802.3 standards, looking at the 802.3bs, the 200Gbps is achievable over Single Mode Fibre, while the 400Gbps is achievable over optical physical media. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEEE_802.3)
  8. Intel Cascade Lake X

    I was the same with my 4690K - still a great chip for gaming and light usage, but I just needed more cores due to 3DS Max, Unity and Unreal. When I bought my 4690K, the first series of x99 had just launched, but I didn't regret buying the i5 - it was perfect until recently, where I stepped up to x99 anyway as the prices were cheap af for the deal I got.
  9. None yet - besides, I think it's against rules for self-promotion. I was also thinking about YouTubers in general and not just Airsofters - although a lot of people have, as you mentioned, moved over to secondary sources of funding. Either way - it's still a little unfair on the innocent.
  10. True. I've never uploaded videos for profit, I do it because I want to. My earlier comment was more sarcastic than anything - but hey, if there are people out there that will watch them, I'll give them a try - next time I got to a big airsoft event. (I'll need to get another camera facing me and a bigger SD card 32GB fills up fast) On Topic - this does suck though for those who make their living from YouTube. Because of the minority, the majority are being punished.
  11. Well, that I didn't know - bang goes uploading my Airsoft videos Not that I would make any money from them - not due to lack of advertisers, but more like lack of interest.
  12. Source #1: http://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/X299E-ITXac/index.asp Source #2: https://overclock3d.net/news/cpu_mainboard/asrock_announces_their_x299e-itx_ac_motherboard/1 Yes, you read the title correctly, ASRock - in their infinite abilities, has managed to out-do themselves on the already crazy X99E-ITX, and has somehow managed to get a full X299 socket onto the ITX platform. Of Course, some compromises have to be made, for example: 1) Rather than 2 full DDR4 DIMM slots, they have opted for SODIMM - on the upside, that now means Quad Channel Support 2) The M.2 slot now uses a vertical connection - similar to Asus' DIMM.2 (However, there are also another 2 M.2 on the back of the board) 3) The board DOES NOT support Kabylake-X CPUs (So no PCI-e 16 lane chips) The one thing I'm not too sure on is the Power Delivery - I think its mounted vertical - Which would make sense due to the already limited space on an ITX board, even without the huge X299 socket. As to how they plan on cooling the Power delivery, I have no idea - however, ASRock has announced that Bitspower has created a Monoblock for the CPU & VRM. No leaks on Price or Availability, as of yet. All I can say personally is - How? Like obviously it was possible as they have managed it, but my brain is going how have they managed it? The VRM itself will kick out a lot of heat and looking at it, it looks like it doesn't have any form of a heatsink on the thing. (I could be, and hope, I'm wrong) Given how X299s VRM has been a controversy - I will find this to be very interesting to see how ASRock will take care of it. Aesthetically, I think it looks gorgeous for an ITX board. Shame that I (and many others), will likely never own it. That's it for my opinion on the board, Please leave your's down below Edit: Thanks to The Benjamins - it is slated to hit retail at a price of around $400 (depending on the store) https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157786
  13. New motherboard arrived yesterday. Spend all day fitting and making sure my cables are nice - doesn't boot...
    Got one of the Gigabyte boards with dodgy bios and can't update it myself due to not having a Haswell-e Chip...

  14. Well then - we now know when Windows Media Player is going to stop working :P - I think my CMOS battery may have died or something...59bcfa2bc5e8b_wellthen.png.f7177c2fa9c6775db49c52dc3a5a1967.png