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  1. Source #1: http://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/X299E-ITXac/index.asp Source #2: https://overclock3d.net/news/cpu_mainboard/asrock_announces_their_x299e-itx_ac_motherboard/1 Yes, you read the title correctly, ASRock - in their infinite abilities, has managed to out-do themselves on the already crazy X99E-ITX, and has somehow managed to get a full X299 socket onto the ITX platform. Of Course, some compromises have to be made, for example: 1) Rather than 2 full DDR4 DIMM slots, they have opted for SODIMM - on the upside, that now means Quad Channel Support 2) The M.2 slot now uses a vertical connection - similar to Asus' DIMM.2 (However, there are also another 2 M.2 on the back of the board) 3) The board DOES NOT support Kabylake-X CPUs (So no PCI-e 16 lane chips) The one thing I'm not too sure on is the Power Delivery - I think its mounted vertical - Which would make sense due to the already limited space on an ITX board, even without the huge X299 socket. As to how they plan on cooling the Power delivery, I have no idea - however, ASRock has announced that Bitspower has created a Monoblock for the CPU & VRM. No leaks on Price or Availability, as of yet. All I can say personally is - How? Like obviously it was possible as they have managed it, but my brain is going how have they managed it? The VRM itself will kick out a lot of heat and looking at it, it looks like it doesn't have any form of a heatsink on the thing. (I could be, and hope, I'm wrong) Given how X299s VRM has been a controversy - I will find this to be very interesting to see how ASRock will take care of it. Aesthetically, I think it looks gorgeous for an ITX board. Shame that I (and many others), will likely never own it. That's it for my opinion on the board, Please leave your's down below Edit: Thanks to The Benjamins - it is slated to hit retail at a price of around $400 (depending on the store) https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157786
  2. New motherboard arrived yesterday. Spend all day fitting and making sure my cables are nice - doesn't boot...
    Got one of the Gigabyte boards with dodgy bios and can't update it myself due to not having a Haswell-e Chip...

  3. Well then - we now know when Windows Media Player is going to stop working :P - I think my CMOS battery may have died or something...59bcfa2bc5e8b_wellthen.png.f7177c2fa9c6775db49c52dc3a5a1967.png

  4. C# Kinda stupid - but how do I get this to save...

    I've managed to get it working somehow - but I'll definitely keep this in mind for my next project. Thanks for the help
  5. C# Kinda stupid - but how do I get this to save...

    Would this work? import the raw template into a hidden text box Pull the needed line in - make changes - hiddenTextBoxName.Replace(line[1] , editbox.Text); streamwrite that as false to overwrite the template with the new "modified" data
  6. C# Kinda stupid - but how do I get this to save...

    No. I know why it looks different as it's saving the text from the main text box on the program. All I want it to do is save the one line of text I have in a different text box where on the template, the corresponding line is. (i.e: in the separate text box is line[1] from the original template. I've edited that line in the text box. Now I want to delete line[1] from the template and insert the "modified line" into the template on the specified line - in this case, line[1]) and then save the original template - ignoring the main text box with everything else in it.
  7. C# Kinda stupid - but how do I get this to save...

    I thought as much. Here's the template file I have: The program imports this and does some processing to make it more legible/readable. However, after making the change I want, it's saving the file with the processing and not overwriting the part I need in the template. So its saving it like this: and not like this: It has to be saved as the format in the 3rd picture - otherwise, when reopened the program cannot understand what goes into the needed lists as its deliminated by a ','
  8. C# Kinda stupid - but how do I get this to save...

    This is a WinForms C# program. I've managed to get it to save now - but I have another issue. Its saving the file after all the processing (which is good as it shows the save feature is working) - but not what I want. I would like it to save the changed line to the original text file, so that when the user re-opens the file, the program will be able to read it. Ideally: User specified which line they wish to edit - write out that line to a text box - delete that line from the original file - insert the modifided text in where the line was deleted -save the original file (Not the processed output) - If that makes any sense, its weird to describe.
  9. People say they won't pay the "Razer Tax", and I can understand where they're coming from. However, I would most likely buy them (if/when I need a new set of peripherals). My Reason - I already have a Blackwidow keyboard (Don't call me a fan boy yet...) and it has been through hell. It's had water and tea spilt on it - My desk was tiny and really flimsy/unstable at the time and the slightest knock would spill the drink. And my keyboard is still working fine. My brother's Razer Blackwidow has basically been to war with spillages and still works fine (minus a broken stabilizer bar). It's had milk/chocolate milk, tea, pepsi, coke-cola, water, coffee - you name it, it's most likely been spilt on it. I've had nothing but great experience with my keyboard and I will most likely go back to a brand that has built my trust - albeit, will most likely paying an extra 10-15% over other brands. So I don't mind the new colours - I really dig the White colour scheme, I just wish you could buy legit skins for the keyboard - I went out of my way to create full front silver carbon-fibre vinyl (minus the key-caps) for mine as I wanted something other than "Black".
  10. C# Kinda stupid - but how do I get this to save...

    Yes - always run Visual Studio Enterprise as an Admin - just to ensure no compatibility issues.
  11. Hey everyone. Here is a really simple one for you today - Like I probably know how to do it myself - its just been a long time since I've coded in C#. How do I get a file to save? I've got a template text file (a simple .txt) - imported it to the program - did some processing (i.e split the lines, added each new index to an appropriate list) - made some edits (read in the original line I wish to edit in the txt file - made a change - refreshed the lists and the change is there). However, I can not for the life of me figure out how to get it to save the text file. I have been taught it in university - but I just can't seem to get it to work. The dialog appears, but when I chose to save over a file, it gives me the confirmation, but no changes occur. I've tried saving as a new file - but even then the new file doesn't appear in the directory I've chosen. Heres my "Broken Save Code" private void saveToolStripMenuItem_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { saveFileDialog1.InitialDirectory = currentDirectoryName; if (saveFileDialog1.ShowDialog() == DialogResult.OK) { fileName = saveFileDialog1.FileName; } } Again, Really stupid, probably really simple. But any help would be appreciated
  12. Still using my Asus DSX, reason - I got suckered in and bought it without knowing I didn't need it - may as well use it since I got it As for what - I use it for mainly the EQ of the DSX control panel. Won't be getting rid of it anytime soon as my fall back is Realtek which is... yeah... (Although EqualizerAPO and Peace is a good addon for onboard audio if you don't want to get a dedicated card/dac)
  13. Source: https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/ywp8k5/researcher-who-stopped-wannacry-ransomware-detained-in-us-after-def-con Source 2: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-40820837 Title pretty much says it all. The person who was responsible for helping stop - or at least Delay the huge attack on systems around the World by the WannaCry Ransomware has been detained in US Custody shortly after attending "DefCon" and "Black Hat" conferences in Las Vegas. This is not a US Marshals arrest, but an FBI Arrest of Mr Hutchins. This is known as a "US Marshal" gave this comment: There is no known reason as of yet for the arrest, but the FBI has acknowledged a request for comment but decided not release a statement. Since this is a legal investigation, not much more information has been made available. My Opinion: Shortly after delaying WannaCry - MalwareTech, now know to be "Marcus Hutchins" was practically Doxxed by journalists, so now there is information about the user available on line and in the tabloids. Naturally, after such a feet of delaying WannaCry, I can only assume that some governments have been keeping an eye on him or checking is background/History. After attending such conferences that could be questionable, such as Black Hat (Black Hat Hacking is pretty illegal) - I can only assume that made him a prime target. Either way, this sucks for the guy and I hope he gets released soon. Yeah - My opinion has changed and is not worth me typing until more confirmations have arrived. Your thoughts, please leave them down below UPDATE TIME: So - an update has come out from a different source (https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/aug/03/researcher-who-stopped-wannacry-ransomware-detained-in-us) In which it claims that Marcus Hutchins is alleged to have helped Although on another note - possibly a coincidence: The perpetrators are probably doing this as a precaution, but you don't know, perhaps the 2 are linked. UPDATE TIME #2: Just released via SkyNews Twitter: Turns out he was arrested for the advertisement and sale of illegal hacking tools.
  14. Technically yes and no at the same time - but I can see with the OP might have made the mistake, since the board is called "Tech News and Reviews" - albeit, I think the reviews are more for more official outlets of news.
  15. Source 1: https://gizmodo.com/reddit-raised-200-million-and-is-redesigning-to-look-m-1797407331 Source 2: https://www.fastcompany.com/40446832/reddit-wants-to-look-more-like-facebook-and-now-it-has-the-cash-to-do-it Source 2: https://www.recode.net/2017/7/31/16037126/reddit-funding-200-million-valuation-steve-huffman-alexis-ohanian So, Reddit (The members or the Staff) has decided to give the Front page of the Internet a face-lift. And to do so, they have managed to raise over $200 Million to give the now valued website of $1.8 Billion, a new lease of life with a much newer look. The money was raised through many investors of the company, most notably, ones from Scillicone Valley. However - they are going after Facebook with their latest redesign and as such, Something to note about this, it seems that Reddit is targeting Facebook not only in design, but with features and is looking into user-uploading their own video, rather than having to use an in-between service, such as Vid.me, YouTube, or even Facebook itself. My opinion: I honestly don't know what to think about this plan. I feel that the current design of Reddit is a little dated, but still fully functional and easy to navigate through, with all the relevant information needed. So a redesign would be quite welcome - just to make it feel a bit more modern - but to target a design like Facebook... I wonder how well that will go, considering how much we know Mark Zuckerburg loves to try and sue people (https://www.theverge.com/2017/1/19/14327854/mark-zuckerberg-facebook-hawaii-kauai-property-lawsuits) Edit #1: Edit #2: Your opinion, Please leave it down below