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    A Second year Computing and Games Development student studying at a university in the UK.
    As soon as this is done - I'm out of here, trouble is where? Everywhere is basically f**ked...

    Also, has probably the worst taste in music you have ever seen / heard of.
    One of the Few, who refuses to use Facebook. If you want me, use my twitter or here on the forum.

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    1. Highschool DxD (All Seasons)
    2. Angel Beats! (That ending though T_T)
    3. Akame Ga Kill!
    4. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
    5. Dog Days
    6. Mirai Nikki

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  1. Secret Always-On Office 365 Tool logs Massive Data

    Well, I say to use - more like forced. Given a choice, I would use a different service or would have expected my university to have its own custom in-house email server. As for documents and stuff - I use Google Docs/Sheets/Pages, and before I submit - I push it over to OneDrive as its the "standard" that is used in university, just to confirm the formatting is correct etc. But officially, we're supposed to use Microsoft 365 Office and Outlook - whether I like it or not and stick to doing what I'm told, that's a different story.
  2. Secret Always-On Office 365 Tool logs Massive Data

    I use Outlook and the 365 version of Office for University as they have a deal with Microsoft - not sure if education licenses are affected - but if they are, I can't imagine mine - let alone all universities who have partnered with Microsoft will be happy.
  3. I was recently using AndyOS just to mess around with Android on PC - experience was extremely *insert a profanity here for bad* on my 6800K and 1070. What I do like is what has been put in the description of the video: So, it looks like when it was reported to the Andy team, they are just like - "Screw You, we don't like you've found us out so...You're banned." If that doesn't scream shady - we need to get Slim in the house to do it, because this is shady AF.
  4. Personally, I prefer TS to Discord. Yes, it's not free - but the dedicated servers and low system usage is one of the huge benefits IMO. Discord can get a little CPU/RAM happy on large servers with a lot of people connected to the voice channels. The only reason I use Discord is that its free and a lot of my friends have migrated over to it - but I'll jump back to Teamspeak in a heartbeat.
  5. Is this real or is there some BS going on here

    Looking at the site, I would assume (from the URL) that this site bought a bunch of GPU's for the mining rush to sell at inflated prices, but have now decided to cut their losses and sell the cards cheap - OR - they are pre-used for mining and are now no longer a profitable way to mine, so the site is cutting its losses again - OR - this is an extreme bargain and everyone should get one
  6. I never said cure it, cancer - because as you stated, the way its formed cannot be cured (with current technology and research) - but in the future, I hope for a way it can at least be prevented or spotted extremely early to the point where it's still developing and can be treated or the way care can be improved etc. Having lost multiple family members to cancer, I know how painful it can be for families to witness this disease in action, which is why said what I did, we need to find a way to stop or at least prevent it in the first place.
  7. Rest in Peace man - I'll admit, if it wasn't for his content, I wouldn't be pursuing my current university course. I listened to him and agreed with him on nearly all topics. Such a shame - the world has lost a critical voice, not just on the internet, but also as a family man. RIP John Bain, this will leave a hole that will take forever to fill. Fuck Cancer, its easy enough to say, but we need to do something to stop this monstrosity once and for all.
  8. I totally agree that they are overhyped and talked about. But they still have their valid fan bases. That's the big thing about VN's. You had the people who liked the stories (such as myself), then you get the people who look for the flaws (perhaps something that is not common in Western society, or a mistranslation, or even a direct translation that could mean something completely different to what the original meant), and as a result causes jokes and memes. Sure, a lot of VNs get flack for being classed as "Ecchi" (erotic but not abruptly sexual content), and as such, they are the ones people remember as its easy to make fun out of them. Then you get stuff that just takes the genre by storm, such as "Just Monkia". "Doki-Doki Literature Club" was a twist in the genre as it was a primarily Western developed VN that took a path that very rarely Japanese VN's would dare to tread on. For that reason, the shock horror and the memes made it a huge success - which, like it or not, is not going to disappear anytime soon (In my opinion anyway). It has its fan bases, but the opposite fan base, I would argue, is what is keeping VN's relevant and talked about due to the jokes/memes/insults they throw at people who like the genre. EDIT: Not to mention, when you get people who oppose the genre and try to make everyone think in the same mindset that they do - it causes a huge out lash as a view on censorship. As for the groups saying it depicts acts against children, most VN's have a warning at the beginning (if any dubious acts take place) that the characters are over the age of 18 and that it's a fictional story. It just goes back to the argument "Think of the children". Just because people delve into the world of VNs doesn't mean they as any likely to act on what is seen in the story, compared to someone who plays Mortal Combat going up to someone and ripping their head from their neck.
  9. As someone who plays Visual Novels from time to time, I will admit, people talking about them all the time can get annoying. But from a personal standpoint, I believe they have their own right to be popular. Out of the VNs That I've played, I really like the stories of some of them, and others I like how they transition into other game mechanics, such as being RPGs. But yes - I can see why it gets really annoying when people talk about it all the time. On-Topic: This is a great move from GOG. The fact that its DRM free means no BS, and the fact that they "seemingly" are not actively blocking patches for the game - even though the user has paid for it (the base game and sometimes the patch) and is not being distributed through their platform - its a great move from a customer service standpoint. All I can say is Valve made a huge mistake. While not on the level of AAA games, VN's a certainly up there and are only gaining in popularity. They've shut the door on a possibly huge profit margin.
  10. Source: https://www.engadget.com/2018/05/22/red-lucid-3d-camera-hydrogen-one-smartphone RED announced their Hydrogen One phone a while ago, and it has some pretty neat features, such as a holographic display and such. However, one thing was noted on the RED phone and that was some contact pins, presumably for expansion modules, much like their expensive Cinema Cameras. And today, we are seeing one of many new attachments for the phone, in this case, a Dual 4K Synced Camera expansion that can produce 8K 3D videos, viewable on the phones "Holographic" display, or can be exported to be viewed on YouTube/Facebook or RED's own content hub. RED is partnering with company "Lucid" to produce such an expansion, Lucid CEO Han Jin noted: Not much is known spec-wise about the new Hydrogen One phone, but what we do know is it will have a 5.7" QHD Screen, Snapdragon 835, 4500mAh battery, a Type-c Port AND A HEADPHONE JACK!! You'll be able to buy the phone from RED direct, Verizon or AT&T. (No word yet on the availability in the international market, unfortunately) My Thoughts? Sound cool, however - if you're going to pay for such an experience, why not just get a normal phone and a RED camera with accessories? I say this as I assume - it ain't gonna be cheap considering its RED... After reading the article, it looks like the phone will act more like a display than a "brain" for the new expansion - so perhaps its just a standalone unit that supports the phone as an expansion to it, and not vice versa? I could be totally wrong, and if I am, I can't imagine the Snapdragon 835 being powerful enough to drive such an expansion, so perhaps it has a co-processor? Who knows. All I can say is it looks really interesting. Your thoughts? Please leave them down below!
  11. Apple Launches "Give Back" trade-in program

    They offered $40 for my 2011 MacBook Pro that I've just upgraded like hell. Its now got a 128GB SSD, a 1TB Hard Drive, 8GB RAM, New Battery... The Thing cost me £300 and then £160 to Upgrade it. Thanks for the offer Apple, but I think I will cut out the middle-man and sell it myself at the end of my semester...
  12. I have one of those, and its not the art or proportions
  13. Yeah - but I didn't want to say that
  14. Source #1: https://www.reddit.com/r/paragon/comments/85jq5o/epic_games_releases_12_million_worth_of_paragon/ Source #2: https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/blog/epic-games-releases-12-million-worth-of-paragon-assets-for-free Yes - you read the title correctly. Seemingly out of nowhere- Epic Games (Creators of Unreal Engine amongst other things ***COUGH - FORTNITE - COUGH***), Has announced that they will be releasing over $12 Million worth of assets for free for all developers using Unreal Engine. This includes the following assets: Again, this seemingly came out of nowhere - but its great to see this from a developer and publisher. Rarely - if ever - has another huge dev done this, let alone on the scale of Epic Games right now. All these assets are free to download and use in anyone's unreal engine product - not sure about publication, but I assume its fine since Epic Games are literally giving it away. My Thoughts: HOLY SHIT! - As a game developer (well, studying to become one at university), and currently teaching myself the Unreal Engine - since my course uses Unity3D... This is fantastic news. I love the support from companies that do this. GG Epic Games, GG. Your thoughts, Please leave them down below!
  15. CES 2018: HTC - Vive Pro Announced.

    Source: https://overclock3d.net/news/gpu_displays/htc_announces_their_vive_pro_vr_headset/1 HTC has just announced their new VR Headset, the Vive Pro. This is an updated version of one of the 2 main VR headsets with some upgrades/updates. Featuring: A Lighter Body New Strap Design Uses SteamVR tracking 2.0, which is compatible with SteamVR tracking 1.0 Built-in Headphones - so no need for the Audio Headset Strap like the Vive 1 And new screen resolutions of 1440x1600 per eye, 2880x1600 in total. The last point I think is massive since it has an increase of 78% screen resolution compared to the original Vive. HTC have said that they aim to be selling this device alongside the current model, so I assume this is not a replacement for the Vive, Much like the Xbox One and One X, both play XBox One games - just one can do so with more features. What is interesting to note from this is HTC will be creating their own Wireless headset adapter to be released later this year, based on Intel's WiGig technology. If you wish to upgrade from a fully working Vive set-up, you can do as the HMD can be available separately as a stand-alone purchase, or as a kit if the full set-up is needed. Currently, the price and availability are unknown. My thoughts? It looks impressive. The article says lighter design, I would like to know the entire weight, and the increase in screen resolution is nice. However, since HTC said they will be selling this alongside the original Vive, I assume this is a step up model - much like the iPhone 7 & X, as such, I'm a bit scared of the price, especially since pricing for VR headsets are still quite steep and is one of the biggest obstacles in getting VR mainstream. Your thoughts- please leave them down below!