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    Asus Sabertooth 990fx r2.0
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    16 GB (2x8) Corsair Vengeance
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    EVGA GeForce GTX 770 SC Dual
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    Corsair Vengeance C70
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    Creative Sound Blaster Z
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    Windows 8

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  1. Got Mods? We do! Starting off fairly simple with some custom sleeved cables from Ensourced Customs along with replacement drive bays and pcie slot covers. But then ramping things up by custom painting the fans and GPU back plate. What do you guys think?
  2. Long overdue update! The build has come a long way. I have a ton of pics and video documenting it so here we go! Second part of the build was getting the Enermax ETS-T40 White Cluster on and get all of the components into the case. The cooler wen't on pretty easily. I actually like they way they set it up more than other air coolers like the CM Hyper 212 Evo. Building in this case is a pleasure as I mentioned in my review of the Fractal Design Define R5. The only problems I ran into wer
  3. So this was actually a lot of fun to shoot. I hope to make a lot more funny videos soon. I actually did a longer video that I didn't realize was only supposed to be 30s.... Whoops. And had to re-edit down to this. Thanks as always to Linus, LMG and LG for the opportunity!
  4. Source: Cult of Mac Original Source: Palo Alto Networks Not too long after a major piece of malware theoretically infected up to 225K Jailbroken iOS users, exposing all of their data, another piece of iOS Malware has made been found. This time, however, the software has actually made it on to the official Apple App Store. This weekend the "XcodeGhost" program was found embedded in legitimate apps. It has been thought to have happened because of Chinese developers that use non-legitimate versions of the Xcode SDK taken downloaded from chinese file sharing site Baidu (DON'T USE THIS SI
  5. Source: TNW News Original Source: Palo Alto Networks So this is a funny and scary one for me. A malware called KeyRaider was apparently inserted into a build of Cydia, which is a popular iOS Jailbreaking app. The app is designed to help the non-tech savvy tweak their iOS devices. Researchers estimate ~225,000 VALID Apple IDs were compromised with out the users having any idea. The credentials were then uploaded to a server which the researchers were able to gain access to via, get this...SQL Injection! Yes good ol' easily avoided by database input validation/sanitation, responsible for
  6. Source: Mashable It looks like Iowa will be piloting a limited program in which a number (Mashable reports hundreds) of it's licensed drivers will be able to use a "Mobile Driver License" on their smartphone in place of their usual plastic card. This brings up a lot of questions for me. Like how secure is this? Where would these be accepted? How much money could this save and will it net a positive environment impact? What if your phone dies and you have no other way to identify yourself? Would this be more of a backup for someone that might have lost for forgotten their wallet and/or iden
  7. Looks like you can watch the same stream with the old viewer or new but just adding "gaming." to the URL? Jack Frags streaming Gears Ultimate https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=fgt4hRH_KVM
  8. Twitch is constantly slowing to a hault for me and forcing me to rewatch the same commercials over and over. I swear it's on purpose. I don't use Adblock in order to support streamers and YouTube but For E3 I had to watch 1 ad and the rest of the stream there were none. I tried watching on twitch with gigabit at work and it kept dropping. So annoying
  9. I know for certain they've signed a number of fairly big gaming content creators. Some of which already stream and have a huge following. I'm sure they'll do more to entice others. This seems really similar to the whole Vessel/YouTube thing. There are weekly shows on YouTube, like Tech Talk w/ Jay and Barnacules that have pretty high concurrent viewer counts. There was the ability to make users mods with the current YouTube Live chat format. I imagine there will be in the new one as well It'll be awesome to watch and see how this pans out! Yeah same here. One of the challenges I
  10. YouTube Gaming posted this tweet with an animated GIF of a beating 8-bit heart (Their Logo). Does this add any validity to Tech Crunch's fairly unsubstantiated claims?
  11. Original Source: Tech Crunch YouTube has been busy relaunching it's gaming focused streaming site YouTube Gaming. Tech Crunch has announced that tomorrow August 26th will be the day the site launches in the US and UK. It's been pretty interesting watching as YouTube apparently made moves to acquire Twitch, only to have e-commerce and hosting giant Amazon do so instead. Earlier this summer YouTube announced, without great detail, that they will be going head to head with Twitch in the game streaming space. Twitch seemed pretty welcome to the challenge. They are in the advantageous
  12. Welp that trip to the bathroom and twitter adding :large to the end of the image got me lol
  13. Source: YouTube Creators (Twitter) Previously when videos managed to get over a certain number of views (presumably 300) shortly after being uploaded the view counter on the video would simply display "301+" This was apparently so YouTube could filter out some of the spam/viewbot views for a more accurate count for the video. It was funny sometimes seeing "Views: 301+" and thousands of likes and hundreds of dislikes on videos from popular Tech YouTubers like Linus and MKBHD. I'd never been able to figure out exactly how long it lasts before the more accurate count appeared but accord