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  1. Also if you think that metalheads are angry all the time think again - here's Dimebag Darrell being his casual self for 4 minutes straight: Edit - OK the car smashing may not have been a good example but still it's not like he's always in a fit of rage or something like that.
  2. Benji gets it; ironically as a person who has had some trouble managing anger in the past I find it to be quite cathartic. Also maybe I purposefully kept my post short so that I may see what others think... Although yes I agree humanities are very important, and maybe I likely did assume too much by assuming that people would instantly connect the title to the concept of being assertive about emotions in DBT.
  3. Umm I think that's what they'd call an E X P O S U R E
  4. A patient told me that "the mother of a triggers" is Pandora's box I can't agree more.
  5. I suppose you have to use curb-side grocery delivery services too?
  6. The shame here is that most if not all fields of knowledge can be much more fun that it initially appears especially if you present it correctly. Which is the reason why I'm really happy that LMG is part of a community bringing tech literacy to the masses in a fun and educational way. I also like Smarter Every Day and Veritasium for anyone wondering...
  7. Or maybe it's just me idek? Edit - i.e. why I composed this post Anger is what's known as a secondary emotion which is designed to protect oneself from being hurt even more emotionally, and a lot of metal is about strife and human suffering (e.g. I'm Broken by Pantera). Therefore, it's not a surprise to me that metal is mostly "angry sounding," although I would like to see what others think; hence I wrote this post. Also as someone trying to better my mental health being assertive about emotions is an important tenet of Dialectical behavior therapy, as being assertive can be a positiv
  8. So sorry to hear that; sounds like your sister went through a lot of trauma
  9. Camera may be going through existential crisis; maybe some therapy will help Fr though what I've quoted is basically what I'd do if I were you
  10. Where Modern Math relies on Axioms as building blocks/rules of more complex concepts? David Wang made gaming fun again imho; why not let's make education fun again? (Funny enough my maternal uncle's English name is David, and my Uncle David is usually a good-spirited guy too) Please not let the final answer be "because politicians are 'too set' in their ways..."
  11. I believe that all good intentions do lead to good places; just that sometimes the detours lead us to hell. Hope that makes sense.
  12. Never before in my life have I discovered a forum which can give people healthy confidence boosts; I am so happy now that I have discovered this forum to be one of them. As a token of gratitude and in the spirit of moderation, let me share with people here a video by the one and only Kyle Hill on YouTube about the dangers of being overconfident - P.S. pay attention especially to Louis Slotin's story; apparently he's Canadian like Linus too.