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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950x
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    ASUS Zenith Extreme
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    64GB Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR4 3200 RAM
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    EVGA nVidia RTX 2080TI Hydro Copper
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    Corsair 450D
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    2x 512GB Samsung 960 Pro (OS, RAID-1), 2x 2TB Samsung 860 EVO (Programs, RAID-1), 2x 500GB Samsung 840 (Captures, RAID-1), 6x 10TB HDD's in a Synology 1817 w/ 10GB Networking (SHR-2 RAID w/ 1 Hot Spare, 27.2TB Usable)
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    Seasonic x850
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    Custom Liquid Cooling Setup in Basement
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  1. The PMP-500 still does quite well, even today for me. There's a video that JayzTwoCents made about how much pressure it takes to cause problems in a loop. Spoiler: It's a LOT. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAMmQy8bdXk
  2. Yup! Made a thread about it recently...well sort of. I did a full home network upgrade, and I made mention of it in that thread. Eh, I feel that might be a bit much for me lol. I mean, if there was a fitting crossover, sure, but I'm just a guy who spent way too much money and time on a silly project that thankfully still works.
  3. One day I hope to be brought on again for successfully running a "whole room" water cooling rig for 5 years, in case they ever want to re-approach the idea.
  4. 10/22/2020 Update: The RAID has slowed down again, in exactly the same way as before. I'm guessing this means my previous "fix" was never a fix, but a band-aid caused by how the drives got formatted after their stripe sizes were changed... or something. I have since learned that AMD RAID drives don't support TRIM, which might have something to do with the slow-down in the first place. At this point, I believe there is a systematic issue with AMD based raids, and I will be putting this RAID onto a dedicated NVMe RAID card from this point forward. I'm making this post purely as an informa
  5. The issue with that is mixing metals. I believe that Linus used a steel reservoir before, which caused their corrosion issue. Every water-block and pipe would also have to be steel as well to avoid having issues. A full copper setup would be pretty bad-ass though, so long as they could find a good copper reservoir. Acrylic and plastic work just fine though for practical applications.
  6. I doubt Linus would have abandoned it if his setup ran this smoothly. It always perplexed me that they ran clean for a month on the bucket of water during their first diagnosis phase, and then he just went back to the steel reservoir, causing the corrosion to happen all over again.
  7. Basement Water Cooling Project Update + Additions Full Album w/ Full Specs List (The images in this post are way higher than in the forum thread. I embedded lower quality images into the thread so they wouldn't look huge in the post) https://imgur.com/a/6uiMx Original Thread: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/391250-basement-water-cooling-project-no-more-remote-trigger-july82016/ So, about 5 years ago, I made a post about my "Basement Water Cooling Project", inspired by LTT's "Whole Room Water Cooling Project". The idea was to remove not only the heat of the PC from my
  8. How's your PC watercooling with the bucket in the basement? If you still have it 

  9. Glad I bought one when the Floatplane video came out. I KNEW they'd go out of stock lol.
  10. <Removed link> Edit: I WISH this article had a date on it, to know if it's current. Edit2: It wasn't. That occurred a decade ago. Thanks abcnews for NOT showing dates on articles lol. https://www.theverge.com/2018/10/16/17987280/youtube-down-outage
  11. Like, if you're running multiple computers, but don't even have 2 feet of head pressure, one might be enough. Depends on how you run your tubing I suppose.
  12. Just don't mix metals, and use the right amount of PT-Nuke for the volume of water you have, and you'll be good. Nickel and copper are fine, just keep aluminum out of ALL parts of the loop. (Coming from the guy who did basement water cooling w/ it still working) And when it comes to pumps, its MOSTLY all about head pressure. I use a pump meant for a computer water cooling setup, but it has 20 feet of head pressure, and it has no problem comfortably pushing about 6 feet of water vertically. It churns along day in and day out. I wouldn't use the pump inside of my computer, because its uncomfo
  13. No. That just isn't a problem if you have the radiator capacity to deal with it. The water moves too fast. The CPU temps typically idle in the 25-28c range, not overclocked, and the GPU idles around the same as well. During the winter, when the basement can quite cold (but not TOO cold because of a heater in the basement), the GPU can idle as low as 18-20c, whereas the CPU stays around the same. My CPU temp under load is around 50c, and the GPU is somewhere just under that. I could overclock the system if I wanted to, but I just haven't felt like it, or needed to for my workflow. Edit: A
  14. So just over 3 years ago, in this topic, I decided to take a stab at doing my own iteration of the "Whole Room Water Cooling" project that LTT did just over 3 years ago. I have a small office that heated up fairly quickly with my rig expelling a bunch of heat into the room. My "Basement Water Cooling Project" actually didn't fix that problem. Yes, the office does heat up a little slower, but 3 monitors output a surprising amount of heat. But heat wasn't the sole reason I did this project. The main reason I did this project was to rid my office of fan noise, as I do video and audio work for a l