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  1. Nope, they had bot mode (which Battlefront 3 still has). A lot of the complaining comes from rose tinted glasses and fair-weather "fans" who find it convenient to crap on EA for anything they do.
  2. They either had to do a prequel or move on. As much as I liked Shepard, I'm glad they are moving onto something else. The lore in ME is plentiful, they can pull it off.
  3. He is dead set on thinking this is a replacement controller, not a optional one akin to the SCUF or even RAzer Sabertooth. Customization for users if they want it, not a standard for developers to develop with. Reading comprehension isn't doing so well. It is 10000% optional to purchase and use. It is akin to buying a Logitech G700S over a OEM Dell mouse. More options, but not a development standard. Sheesh.
  4. I hope its the greatest thing ever and all the haters just shut up. Wait a minute, they're haters. They'll hate anyways.
  5. I figured I would post another press conference, EA is up next. I know what to expect from some on this forum (the shitposting is going to be amazing, no doubt) but if we could perhaps keep things on topic and discuss the games. Mirrors Edge, Mass Effect, Battlefront, hell who knows what other franchise EA could bring back this year. It is certainly one of the more interesting conferences for E3. The show starts at 2PM, so lets buckle up for what should be a good one. I will be updating it as it goes along. Because its fun, and cohesive threads > random nonsense. Mass Effe
  6. Lol wow. At what point did you miss the fact that this controller is 100% optional and intended for those who like to remap their button placements and trigger points? Amazing. This controller ISNT FOR YOU. Since you clearly have no use for it. Its for those who want more customization in their control scheme. Nowhere does it say that developers are being told that this is now the standard controller layout. Lol. Amazing. You are knee jerking and panicking over a optional controller made for more hardcore and enthusiast gamers. Tell me, once again, do you complain that gaming mi
  7. Microsoft just pulled an accelerated EEE on Scuf. Scuf was overpriced, had crappy customer service, and was entirely reliant on MS approving their devices for functionality on the console. MS has killed their creation overnight. Who is going to spend 200 on a 3rd party controller when 90 bucks on a first party one that is assured to work from day one till the day it truly dies?
  8. "I have no need for this therefore it is stupid and no one should need it" - Top lols

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  9. You didn't read any of the briefing did you? This controller is not adding additional buttons for developers to make use of. It is adding more buttons so YOU can decide which buttons to use best. So you can have your reload, action, jump and et al placed in different areas based off how YOU like it. So you can determine when the triggers are triggered based on YOUR preferences. Where did you get this idea that game makers are going to use the Elite controller and add more button functions? Eh? Thats not what is happening at all. This is the equivalent of you complaining that the
  10. Yup, it is entirely configurable and can store 255 different button profiles on the controller, so you'll be good for anything you decide to do,
  11. AFAIK, the Xbox One's OS hasn't been cracked open, has it? I haven't followed that side of things, but yea if they did then you'd have a PPC emulator already written in x86 ready to go, which would be pretty awesome all things considered.
  12. 89.99 Canadian, so 20 more than a normal controller. Can't say its unreasonable, given what more niche peripherals for gaming tend to cost
  13. They did, almost everything was about games. Curious that COD was not a part of the MS briefing, I think MS stopped paying for those rights. Now PS4 owners get to enjoy the "Mountain Dew cheetos 4 life" image that Xbox owners have enjoyed for all these years.