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  1. Didn't really like the fact that this apology video was basically a bunch of excuses that seemed to want to explain why the game was released in such a broken state, but instead left me wondering why they didn't delay the game if there were so many issues. Also don't like how they brushed aside the PC release as if it was fine, even going as far as to say they were very proud of it despite the many issues it has - even aside from the bugs (of which there are still many even of PC), there's clearly a lot of cut content and underdeveloped core features, such as the police having severe AI proble
  2. Why? People wanted Cyberpunk 2077, not the broken, buggy mess we got that happens to have the same name. It's entirely on CDPR for making the decision to release the game in an unacceptable state. If they didn't want public pressure to release the game, they shouldn't have announced a release date until the game was actually functional. And aside from the technical issues, looking at past marketing for the game, I'm surprised there aren't more people calling them out for what seems like blatant false advertising and fraud given that many features they advertised are seemingly nowhere to be fou
  3. You could already go to jail and have the government come after you for what this law describes - it's just that right now, because of technicalities in how the law was written it's only a misdemeanor (max of 1 year in jail); this proposed bill making it a felony just increases the jail time and gives you all of the other baggage that comes with having a felony on your record.
  4. Media companies can't actually do anything to you in a criminal case though, aside from referring the case to the FBI, who simply won't waste the time and money on a streamer who isn't running any sort of large scale operation and will just tell whatever company to figure it out back in civil court.
  5. I think you're confusing civil copyright issues, which is what you're describing and what the vast majority of YouTubers/Twitch streamers have to deal with, and criminal copyright issues, which have much stricter legal requirements and is what this bill is aimed at and what 99% of content creators don't need to ever worry about. This bill is about making the running of websites that stream things like sports, movies, and TV live into a felony, the same way that running websites where you can watch/download those things is already a felony (and I should note that this is only about
  6. This bill isn't that scary and is being blown way of proportion - it's meant to fix a loophole in copyright law where streaming content to others currently is just a misdemeanor compared to other forms of distribution which are already felonies. The only way for someone like a Twitch streamer to be affected by this is if they advertise their stream as for streaming the latest Disney films to their subscribers and that's literally the only purpose of their channel. And even then it would be extremely unlikely for that Twitch streamer to face criminal prosecution, which is a whole other ballgame
  7. Summary Github has reinstated the YouTube-dl repository after the EFF sent them a letter explaining that YouTube-dl did not circumvent technological protection measures as the RIAA had claimed in their DMCA notice. They also started and donated $1 million to a new developer defense fund "to help protect open source developers on GitHub from unwarranted DMCA Section 1201 takedown claims". Github is also changing its review process for these types of claims to make it easier for developers to have their repositories reinstated and to ensure that each claim is carefully scrutinized by legal
  8. I don't use Facebook so correct me if I'm wrong, but can't you also include that specific information in your bio as well? Or is the space too limited or the biography section not prominent enough to be that useful? Or were you able to filter people by their professional skills before, making the biography option much less useful?
  9. Except Google's default search engine deal with Mozilla is the only reason they're still in business. If this lawsuit goes through and those default search engine deals become illegal, that will only bolster Google's dominance in the browser marketplace by killing off Firefox.
  10. Considering that the default search engine deal with Google is basically the only reason Mozilla/Firefox is still in business, I kinda hope this lawsuit (or at least that aspect of it) doesn't go through. Of course, if Mozilla doesn't find an alternative source of income, it's only a matter of time until it shuts down, but I'd rather delay the inevitable for as long as possible. It's a bit ironic that if Google becomes unable to create default search engine deals then that would still be a win for Google, given that that would push many people over to Chrome once Firefox goes out o
  11. Good, exclusivity is bad. The sooner everything is available on every platform and it's completely up to the consumer to choose which platform to use, the better. Now if only Nintendo would follow suit as well.
  12. Makes me think he may have been genuinely trying to do a good thing, albeit poorly. Given that no one seems to have noticed until now, he was likely the only one putting any work into the project. That said, there's still quite a bit of harm that's potentially been done here. General public perception of the language is a notable one, but a more important issue is that Wikipedia is often used to train AI - such as auto-translators - and this could have really messed with any translations to and from Scots, which could hurt the actual language as a whole. Rather than placing all of
  13. When Oculus was bought by Facebook, they explicitly stated that Facebook integration would never be mandatory. This just goes to show that you should never trust any company to stick to their word and always assume they will backtrack on any previously made promises the moment they think the benefits will outweigh the negative PR.
  14. Is this sarcasm? The trailer for Far Cry 6 seemed like the most politically charged part of the entire event.
  15. That trailer for Far Cry 6 was one of the best things I've seen out of Ubisoft in recent years. Unfortunately, I have strong doubts as to whether the game will live up to said trailer. The AC Valhalla stuff looks promising - in particular the return of social stealth and eagle vision - but a lot of the animations (especially facial animations) looked very janky and the combat looked a bit meh. Hopefully the game will get significantly more polish during these few months before release. Also wasn't much of a fan of what I've heard so far from the female Eivor voice actor. Also, they