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  1. QuickNas still to quirky with a Ryzen 7 1700, downgraded (but if stable will it be a downgrade?) to my test bench mobo/ram/CPU/cooler setup (which means my test bench received quite an upgrade).  As soon as a few weeks pass and its validated as stable I am redoing the Threadripper system, case in hand!  

  2. Video Games kept me at home, saving money and out from crowded money spending areas like bars. I just drank at home instead, played video games and paid off my house and vehicles in 5 years. I still play video games but have kids now and only play rarely, but no, video games do not cause violence. I cause violence if I choose to be violent.
  3. Mixing metals is just fine, if you follow the science (I only own mixed metal loops, fun fact AIO's are 99% of the time aluminum rad, copper block and use the correct #science to stop corrosion). If you dont research you shouldnt mix metals Not all tubing is the same, and not all liquids are the same. Do your research on PET, PETG, etc its been a while for me but I go uber cheap on my custom loops so I cant remember the details Mixing and matching anything is okay, if you know what you are mixing and matching (and the science behind what you need to do to be able to m
  4. I have almost this setup...can OC the FX 8350 to 9590 bios specs and it gets way to hot lol (240mm aio cant cool it) and 3x Fury X's lol....When folding/mining with just 2 Fury's in a room it raises the temp QUITE a bit.
  5. I have a ARESGAME 750w been pushing a mining rig for 2-3 months straight no issue. My 2 copper coins.
  6. Wut? Mapped: The world’s coal power plants in 2020 (carbonbrief.org) (can do a slider to show 2000-2020.)
  7. Similar reasons - but people overseas in alot of countries will take LESS in Satoshi value, than they would in USD/Their currency if I make the transaction using BTC/Satoshi. They would MUCH rather have the BTC for less "income" and will eat transfer fees. I too am getting more and more into the transfer coins. Ive gotten some vested interests in StellarLumens as well
  8. Im not hear to argue with you. Use it or not, I can care less. I use it, and millions do as well. I mean, refute that if you want, but I dont care your opinion on it.
  9. Ahh, so your personal view on it does. I bet you arent into crypto - and thats all good - I wasnt for a long time either. Its actually kind of scary - until you understand how fiat currency works and realize its the same thing. BTW my response was also apart of your statement below, which means you dont know. I was, and am going to continue, paying in satoshi. Because those people were, and are preferring that over their own currency. Adoption is growing, and will continue to grow. I think that people who ARENT using it, ARENT mining it, ARENT researchi
  10. Its currently tied to the US dollar, which is tied to the Taxation of America and is a Fiat Currency (ever heard of that alt. coin USD that is backed by taxation only) - its the same methodology of value that our current currency (in the US) has. People will use it to pay taxes, therefore it has value - Fiat currency. It is no longer, and for some time, backed by the Gold Standard. Note - the entire world trade is based off this fact above. Why would they use it? This is the same as investing. There are always risks. Elon Musk bought 1.5 billion in BTC and within weeks crea
  11. The reason its "down" is there are not many financial ways to spend BTC currently - the most obvious way to "use" your BTC is "cashing out" which is what we are seeing. I.E. Tesla now accepts BTC. As more and more companies, and individuals start accepting BTC as a medium for bartering, the currency will then rush to new highs. BTC, and many many coins, are not going away. Hyper inflation of the worlds currencies are going to require a new replacement once cash becomes useless and waiting for it will be...crypto to be used. My 2 copper coins. (and you can watch th
  12. May also need to check Windows Display Settings ->Advanced and poke around till you find the frequency setting - my 144hz panel was set to 60hz until I changed it within windows settings (the last one I got)
  13. Someone will hack this monkey, and it will be throwing its shit everywhere!
  14. Yes allow our AI onto your PC, its ONLY to listen to stuff to ONLY filter out cuss words.