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  1. If MSI Afterburner is good to go, then have it show per core on the overlay, etc to monitor it live
  2. HWInfo or HWMonitor (both are free, HWMonitor is alot lighter and easier for someone new to understand imho) - check out your min/max usage per core, vs the GPU usage. If MSI afterburner is a problem Windows Task Manager can be used in the background and a quick alt tab out will show you where it was running at on a graph line. If you have one core maxed out, and rest are basically doing not much and GPU is at 80% usage then you have a CPU bottleneck for example. You want GPU at 100% usage always or something is holding it back
  3. Personally, I am using a $10 (got it on sale) Zalman gaming keyboard. I like it better than my mechanical, and multiple other membrane /memchanical keyboards I have available to use.
  4. My opinion without having a 1080ti (but 2 1700s) is that the single core on those, without heavy overclocking is fairly weak and you may see some life breathed into the 1080ti, but I dont think it will be earth shattering. You will see NO gain where you were not CPU bottlenecked. Whats your GPU usage while gaming? That should help you discover a CPU bottleneck
  5. Connect everything (I would) and do it exactly as you describe 1 8 pin, 1 4 pin and be done with it
  6. Thermaltake 200mm side intake fan, started the squeals and wobbles.
  7. The 8 pin EPS cables should split down the middle just like an 8 pin PCIe (6+2) cable splits What CPU? Massive overclocking? If you oddly dont have a EPS cable that can split then just use 1 8 pin.
  8. Yup! If someone wont meet me there, then it was a scam to begin with
  9. Everything is legal until the referee catches you. Also why I open carry with all trades/craigslists/marketplace sales I make and in a public place. Hell my favorite place to do exchanges is the police department parking lot.
  10. Let me guess, they just need me to donate startup money to get this idea going? lol
  11. Im surprised, as it was sitting at $165 for weeks, and now %190+ is the norm sale price and its sold out.
  12. DIY fixed my deep freeze today, could have either ordered a part that cost $45 shipped or wire it myself with a capacitor for $10 shipped - $10 later and a little learning later I didnt have to buy a new deep freeze.  


    On another note my fire pit was stolen over Monday night (at 9:26pm CST specifically).  Finally had time today (noticed Tues night it was gone) to go over camera footage...my fucking neighbors kid a couple houses down.  Called the parents, kid is an idiot, brokered a call to the police for an apology and new pit (he broke mine drunk that night, huzzah) so heres to night vision cameras