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  1. At work I have to listen to the moms bitch about not being able to get their kids a PS5 for Christmas unless they pay a grand on facebook...I really dont need more tech scalping to read about in my day lol While I am glad to hear of this release Im really sick of GPU launches and unavailability without asshole gouging. Its almost fatiguing (to the point I dont even care to know its happening)
  2. If that doesnt do it, we will want to look at your stock SOC voltages and VERY LIGHTLY increment those up. I believe up to 1.2v is MAX you want it, but I cant remember havent researched this in a while. Basically iirc you may have to hit up to 1.15v on the SOC to get it stable. Its been over a year since I learned all of this and havent messed with it on a physical hardware level since.
  3. Eh, Id personally disagree - Ive messed around a metric F ton with Ryzen first gen, rated at much lower, with (check my sig 3600 and 3200mhz stable) success on 2 CPU's way over spec (both 1700's). Just need to find that sweet spot, as the solution above technically should work, or Id look for a refund on parts as you are not able to hit spec. Pull CMOS, let it clear for a minute, put it back in and try DOCP settings, manually turned back down to 2933mhz frequency (leave all other settings alone) If this doesnt work put it on Manual and set the frequency to 2933mhz, and voltage for
  4. To expand on this point @DrLanG I can push 3600mhz across 2 dimms on my R7 1700 with manual overclocking. But as soon as I go to 4 dimms, stock settings only (2666mhz, due to CPU memory controller and likely the board as well, I think the board only guarantees 2933mhz across 4 dimms iirc)
  5. Your board is likely okay for 3200mhz (I didnt look up specs) in 4 dimm slots, but that CPU memory controller is only rated at 2933mhz. Id set DOCP profile, then manually set frequency to 2933mhz - I bet it posts. Just with loose timings.
  6. This. While I understand OP's request, as it has a hair of merit in terms of people with OCD (not me), watch, digest and actually understand the info you are looking for. Dont just assume bar graph = great or you will have more than just these problems on hand lol
  7. Gotcha so sounds silicon or cooling limited, so at that point I would upgrade the CPU as investing in a cooling solution wont give the same ROI (I.E. can still sell the 1700)
  8. Ive questioned myself a few times on this. My answer is simple (for me) - overclock your 1700 tons of free performance. With the OC on Ryzen Rig 1 I out perform 2700X @ stock etc. Gaming wise my results from scouring online is averaging a 3600/X in performance with the OC.
  9. Do you mean 6-8mm tubing, and 8-10mm in/oulets on radiators? If you cant shove them on (and I use zip ties to secure) then the tubing is too small. Get larger dia. tubing
  10. Sounds like it doesnt have a PCIe cable at all, and its a 4 pin EPS (cpu power) cable on the 350w. Even I have never tried or even googled if you can run a GPU power off of it lol. Or its a 4 pin proprietary pinout as it sounds like an OEM PSU. That Deepcool PSU should support the requirements no problem.
  11. And its good at doing this Also me with just a browser and discord open:
  12. Its very cheap to use USPS. Thats why UPS, Fed Ex, etc actually will pay them to deliver packages.
  13. Looks like HP/Dell proprietary stuff