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    Welsh Anime Watcher and VN Player
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    In the Land of Broken Dreams and Badly Tied Knots...
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    PC Gaming & Creation
    Anime, Anime, and more Anime.
    Some Manga.
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    Well, the old bio didn't age well did it? Lets make a new one...

    Now an Ex-Computing and Games Development Student.
    (Due to a university screw-up, I was financially unable to continue my course...)

    So, I'm currently pondering what to do with my life.

    Anime watcher
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    AMD Ryzen 5 3600 @ 4.3GHz
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    ASRock AB350M Pro4
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    Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB 3000Mhz (2x16GB - Samsung B-die)
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    Gigabyte RTX 2060 Super OC Windforce 2
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    ThermalTake Versa J22 Tempered Glass
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    Sabrent 256GB NVMe, WD Blue 500GB M.2 SATA SSD, 7TB Random Mixed Internal HDDs, 16TB External WD Elements (8TB Not in Use)
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    Aerocool Integrator 700W 80+ Silver
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    MSI Optix MAG241C (1080p 144Hz, VA), Samsung S24D590L (1080p 75Hz, PLS), Samsung S27F350 (1080p 75Hz, IPS)
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    Coolermaster Masterliquid Lite 120 (120mm AIO)
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    Drevo US Tyfring Mechanical Blue RGB Keyboard (Blue Switch), Random Mechanical Number Pad (Blue Switch)
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    Logitech G502 RGB Mouse
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    SybaSonic DAC/AMP, Mackie CR3 Monitors, Sennheiser HD559 Headphones, KZ ES4 IEM (Cyan)
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    Windows 10 Pro
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    MacBook Pro 2017 (2x Thunderbolt 3, No Touch-Bar)
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    Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB (EU Version)

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  1. Source: https://www.engadget.com/john-mcafee-dead-200832456.html Summary John McAfee, notorious creator of the McAfee Anti-virus software has been found dead in prison at the age of 75. People found his body in his Barcelona Prison Cell where he was waiting to be extradited to the US to face tax evasion charges. Quotes My thoughts Well, this is some really sad news. No one should consider suicide as an option - if you are at that point, please seek help. That goes for everyone from everyday citizens to convicted criminals. No
  2. I've had the similar issues with Xbox controllers in the past. I found out that the plastic can wear away on the the bumper where it hits the button. I fixed it in the past, and I know it sounds weird, but by wedging a little piece of cardboard - like a cereal box, folded a few times in-between the button and the bumper. Now my controller gives a solid click on that bumper with no issues. Maybe its worth giving that a shot. Best of luck
  3. Hi everyone, I got a question I was wondering you might be able to help me solve. So, I (like many others) still play Payday 2 and lets just say the Diesel Game Engine has not aged well - it was never great to begin with but that's another rant for a different story. While I have the system to obtain high FPS (a 144 fps at nearly all maxed settings) I notice a lot of game hitching in certain heists. I know how to fix this by doing the following: Launch the Game Alt + Tab and bring up the Task Manager Find the Payday 2 Process Manually set the CPU Affinity to
  4. Hey Everyone, I love my MacBook Pro 2017 - specs in my signature (since its part of the issue, it is the version with just 2 USB-C Ports), although I wouldn't mind one with higher specs - but that's a different discussion for another time. Brief Description of issue: Basically, I'm running into an issue where my MacBook is losing internet Wi-Fi connectivity when I use a dongle or a USB-C to A adapter. I think know what's causing it - according to other users on the internet, its due to the shielding (or lack there off) in the adapters. Its causing the signal to either short or bloc
  5. That second tweet showed the Xbox Series S (Which I believe is diskless). It sounds like my Xbox One (First Gen). Since its SSD based (The Series S), there no hard-drive to have a click if that was dead/dying. That sound has nothing to do with a disk drive, but sounds more like the fan is catching a cable (maybe the cable has come out of the fan channel to the hub and is being caught? Who knows - but that's just my thought). For the first tweet (apart from the forum making the tweet pulse in a funky way - could be an extension I have, IDK), that could be a disk drive issue - but I doubt i
  6. TL;DR: I don't think this is the right way to see a CPU's architecture...

    Well, I had an old C2D E6420 CPU laying around and thought - why not try and get the heat spreader off and look at the die as I was planning on making a key change from it...

    Key word - Was...
    I may or may not have - and by that - I did, split the die completely in half. Not a crack, on the face of it. No. A clean slide right through.
    Now I know - either I need to be more careful if I do this again or Intel used a solder on this chip... (Pictures in Spoiler)









    1. Sauron


      I guess now it's a core 1 single

  7. Never really used Office 2010 - I kind of skipped over that one. I was on Office 2003 for a long time, then I got a copy of 2007 on disk (which I still have somewhere) with a laptop I bought then went straight to Office 2013 and 365. Shame this has reached EOL, but 365 is not the end of the world (unless you've forgotten your managed accounts password and can't do updates because you can't sign in - don't ask me how I know...)
  8. Hi everyone, Hopefully a quick one for you - if you can help, that'd be much appreciated. My RTX 2060 Super has one of - if not, THE worst heatsinks I have ever seen on a GPU. Its a RTX 2060 Super Windforce OC (2 fans) from Gigabyte. This "cooler" is shockingly bad. My temperatures are usually pinned at the 88°C limit in MSI Afterburner, and that is with the side panel of my case off (Thermaltake J22 TG) and it's having to throttle itself to just keep it at that temperature. Due to this (and a fan baring shaking itself to the end of it's life if at anything over 75% speed), I'm
  9. Eh - still don't like the fact that support gets dropped so soon though. My phone has the gimped Exynos chip that's worse than the equivalent Qualcomm chip - so I'm dependent on Samsung with this one. (although I had no idea Qualcomm had a say in cycle support - considering the only Qualcomm chip phone I had was a Sony Xperia Z3 (got 1 update out of it before Google mandated the next Android was 64-bit only).
  10. I know it was being hopeful, just would have been nice for a flagship that's not too old to not be forgotten. And I don't think my phone is EOL, quite the opposite. I was trying to make a point of how many more feature updates would it get before Samsung drops it for just security updates - as it is still quite the capable phone. (not planning on getting a new one when my contract runs out - this does everything I need and is plenty fast enough for myself).
  11. Edit: Just as a heads up - there was an update to The Unpacked Thread by @zeusthemoose that I did not see stating the new 3 Android Generation commitment cycle, however, exact device list was not noted. Link: Summary: During its recent "Unpacked Event" - Samsung promised three generations of Android Updates. This starting with their current flagship, the Note 20 Ultra. Recently, a list has come out containing the devices that Samsung are now extending that support to - and it's bad news for some previous flagship holders that refuse to update (like myself and Linus, wh
  12. Spotify has just shown support for Epic Games anti-trust lawsuit: LINK Not surprising considering their own anti-trust suit against Apple in 2019. LINK
  13. Now this is interesting. Especially after what Luke said about Floatplane in a recent WAN show and after learning about this initial incident from Snazzy Labs twitter. Personally, I think Apple should have some sort of a cut as they act as a secure payment and currency processor - but the 30% is way too much. I think they are being too greedy for their own good - especially since there is no other official way to install apps on iOS. If this suit gains any tracking (and I think it will due to it being 2 big tech companies) it could open up the gates for other developers do do the same ti
  14. Considering there was an alleged GeekBench result for Apple's A14 chip stating it was running at around 3.1GHz and a 6-core ARM design (Source: Notebook Check), one could reasonably assume (given IF those numbers are correct) that the A14X will also run around that speed.