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  1. I would like to put in my application to do nothing and be a moderator pls
  2. Fortnite 2: LAN Edition
  3. Where can I put in my application to do nothing and be a mod? @ixi_your_face

    1. aisle9
    2. Levent


      Hey, his work is more valuable than some mods that are here.

    3. aisle9


      I'm not capable of seeing a status update asking that question and not linking the thread that refuses to die.

  4. Live footage of a freshly unbanned user running away from the forum mods.
  5. Bro just take 2 3700x's and hot glue them together.
  6. Nah. Personally I own a OnePlus 5 too. Owned it since day 1. It's honestly the best phone I've ever owned and have never had a single issues with it. It's legit the perfect phone for me.
  7. There's a method behind my madness, and I've seen a lot of results, obviously, for using 2nd gen Ryzen in a 1st gen board, which I know would work. But specifically I'm looking to use a 1st gen Ryzen CPU in a 2nd gen Ryzen motherboard. Does anybody have any experience with this working? Or know of anybody that has this working?
  8. For the stupid prices of these cards, and the price confusion alone, I hate this generation of video cards already. They're too expensive.
  9. I would just like to say that I bought the base model of the Surface Go the day it came, and I'm loving it so far.
  10. Oh oops, I kind of forgot about this thread. Don't really post anymore. Mine's been updated. It's still in a cardboard box, and still 16TB, but it has 4 drives now and is running Windows 10 (a cardinal sin, I know).