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  1. Howdy, some random ish thoughts. I joined the forum when it first launched in 2013 when I was 16. Had a lot of fun with my time here, but I'm always reminded of how odd of a person I use to be. I'm still socially awkward, sure, but not weird/creepy anymore, ya know?


    Some of the things I posted on this forum when I was younger were pretty cringe, weird, and sometimes outright creepy. Nobody likes to associate themself with that kind of behavior, but it's important to acknowledge and accept it so you can move on from it. I really didn't start to seriously fix my mental until the beginning of 2020. Found a couple new outside hobbies: biking and hiking. Mannnn let me tell you something, sunshine and vitamin d helps so much with your mental. Started taking vitamins daily. Continually watch self help and psych videos (Dr. K is a fantastic human). "Unplugging" from time to time helps too, and by that I mean no social media, Discord, etc. for a day or 2. That helps so much with relieving stress. Lost some weight (~50 pounds) and I've made a handful of close friends and we go out weekly. Living life behind a computer screen, stuck inside all day, really is no way to live, yet that's how I use to be (although I'm still a homebody, just not as bad as before). I still have my issues with anxiety, finding motivation, and managing relationships. Adulting is hard, but I'm trying to make life enjoyable. It's sad that it took until 2020 ish to take things seriously, but hey, better late than never I guess.


    Just some thoughts that have been brewing in the brain for the past several months. An LTT status update seemed like a decent avenue to express these thoughts since I haven't posted on here in a long time, and I expect few people to see this. Plus there's the "online anonymity" of it all. This conversation has also been had with a few irl friends.


    That's all. Stay healthy, lads. Have a swell night.

    1. FloRolf


      Recently Facebook has been giving me a lot of "Look what you posted 12 years ago!" and that really shows how much of an idiot I was lmao. 

      I am sure I will say the same thing again in another 12 years but I guess that's life. 


      I really feel ya on this status update. While I do have some outside hobbies and can disconnect from time to time I really don't have any close friends to hangout with, which really sucks. Glad you're moving on and improving your life and even sharing bits of that journey. 

  2. I would like to put in my application to do nothing and be a moderator pls
  3. Fortnite 2: LAN Edition
  4. Where can I put in my application to do nothing and be a mod? @ixi_your_face

    1. aisle9
    2. Levent


      Hey, his work is more valuable than some mods that are here.

    3. aisle9


      I'm not capable of seeing a status update asking that question and not linking the thread that refuses to die.

  5. Live footage of a freshly unbanned user running away from the forum mods.
  6. Bro just take 2 3700x's and hot glue them together.
  7. Nah. Personally I own a OnePlus 5 too. Owned it since day 1. It's honestly the best phone I've ever owned and have never had a single issues with it. It's legit the perfect phone for me.
  8. There's a method behind my madness, and I've seen a lot of results, obviously, for using 2nd gen Ryzen in a 1st gen board, which I know would work. But specifically I'm looking to use a 1st gen Ryzen CPU in a 2nd gen Ryzen motherboard. Does anybody have any experience with this working? Or know of anybody that has this working?
  9. For the stupid prices of these cards, and the price confusion alone, I hate this generation of video cards already. They're too expensive.
  10. I would just like to say that I bought the base model of the Surface Go the day it came, and I'm loving it so far.