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About DimasRMDO

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    Clutch Kicker
  • Birthday 2000-03-19

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    In your dream
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    Melbourne, Australia (UTC +10)
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    Just an ordinary student
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    Ex-Race Car Driver, IT Student


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    Ryzen 3 2200G
  • Motherboard
    MSI B450 Tomahawk
  • RAM
    1x8GB Mushkin 2666MHz
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    Corsair 100R
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    250GB Mushkin SSD & 1TB WD Blue
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    Avolv 550W
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    Microsoft Wired 600
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    Microsoft Wired 600
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    Logitech Z213
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. DimasRMDO

    Games today

    Aaah yes! I used to play that game with my brother >_< A Wonderful Life is my favorite though.
  2. My favorite wallpaper thus far 😍

    Oh yeah, enjoy 40s of chill music too ❤️


    Music: Performative (Instrumental)

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    2. DimasRMDO


      Nope, but I just checked some of his videos on YouTube. Pretty nice 😃

    3. TopHatProductions115
    4. DimasRMDO


      I was listening to this at that time...

      Yep, should be him.

  3. DimasRMDO

    What led you to your profile pic?

    Sauber F1 Test Driver :3
  4. DimasRMDO

    things most people do but you don't?

    Going with current trend and latest tech I guess.... For example, when the S8 came out, almost everybody in my school bought it (50/50 with iPhone X that day), then the S9 came out, some of my mates bought it directly. This was the time where I bought leftover S8 since the price dropped (the price was like buying an A8). I tend to buy something 1 year/gen older. Speaking of trend, I'm talking about gaming (like battle royale games for now), shoes (all my mates are obsessed with shoes), "Challenge" (cinnamon challenge, 24 hours challenge, etc.).
  5. DimasRMDO

    Games today

    Still stuck with Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life and Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland.
  6. I visited my mate this morning, and he had Google Home.

    When I first saw and tried it...


    Me: "Hey Google, play some music."

    *Google Home started playing random music from Spotify.*

    Me: "Oooh this is cool, maybe I should own one."

    Friend: "Yeah bro, you should get one, it's so cool! Weather forecast, music, almost anything!"

    Me: "Yeah, I think I need it mate."


    When I got back home, I just realized that I could just hook my S8 (or S4) to my speaker and did the same thing....

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      damn right.

  7. Cars nowadays >_<

    finding your car's problems without obd-ii scanner

  8. When you drive your mate's project car with a ported wankel engine (not tuned properly) and a welded diff on the public road....

    On every red light and turn...

    Related image

    Parking lots became hell all of the sudden.

  9. @ARikozuM

    Ahaaa! I've finally found my lewd photo of JDM cars 😆

    It was so deep inside my photo folder :P


  10. It's always possible with dedication, it can take more time but it's the result that matters. I've got a mate who had obesity and now he's an athlete, it took him a lot of time, but in the end he got what he wanted. Start slowly, don't directly go with the crazy stunts, I know you want it so badly but it's for your own good (I fractured my toe because of this). Get a trainer/mate to help you, to guide and motivate you, you can actually train by yourself. When I did parkour the other day I joined a club to keep me motivated.
  11. DimasRMDO

    Any games about which you feel nostalgic?

    Oh my.... I forgot that jewel.... I miss... Persona 3 (PS2) Persona 4 (PS2) GTA: SA (PS2) The Sims 2 Pets (PS2) Crash Tag Team Racing (PS2) Crash of the Titans (Wii) The Urbz: Sims in the City (PS2) Age of Mythology (PC) Monster Rancher 4 (PS2) Gran Turismo 4 (PS2) Assassin's Creed: Revelations (Xbox 360) Zoo Tycoon 1 (PC)
  12. DimasRMDO

    What led you to your profile pic?

    I feel lonely so yeah I put this profile picture... I like cars too so yeah... For my previous anime profile pictures, don't ask me
  13. I just saw my mate watching porn in the library :P

    It was hard to see because I saw it through the window's reflection.


    Me to my mate:


    You can't hide mate.


    1. Tech_Dreamer


      of all the placed to watch prarn.

  14. When you die too quickly in CS:GO but still get the MVP for planting the bomb.



    1. Speed Weed

      Speed Weed

      When you play CSGO on your laptop with headphones in school, and suddenly your headphones get disconnect then your laptop makes a huge ass sound " Bomb has been planted". 

    2. DimasRMDO


      @Speed Weed

      When you play CSGO on your laptop with headphones in school airport, and suddenly your headphones get disconnect then your laptop makes a huge ass sound " Bomb has been planted". 

    3. Speed Weed

      Speed Weed

      I dont think you can use any electronic devices on the airport now. 

  15. Just taught my mate on how to drift...

    Me: "Great, you're starting to feel it."

    My mate: "Thanks bro, you're the best!"
    Me: "Obey the law will ya?"
    Me and my mate:


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    2. Tech_Dreamer


      DUDE , Had a hard time describing what drifting to a relative of mine who had no idea what it was .  blurted out 'driving sideways on a road' . 🤣 how do you even describe it properly?

    3. DimasRMDO


      Describing drifting in a nutshell? Show them Tokyo Drift :3

      I describe drifting just like you said surprisingly, but I also added...

      "If you want to go right, turn your steering wheel to the left. Vice versa."

      Lucky me my mate had got that from the movie "Cars" reference.


      Of course he didn't get it the first time, he had to watch me drift and I also gave him some videos just to get the rough idea.

      I also told him that drifting was all about feeling and emotion, technique is definitely important, but from my experience....

      When I drift my car feeling scared, I won't drift beautifully. When I drift my car feeling angry, I tend to hit something (cone, curb, etc.).

    4. Tech_Dreamer



       Show them Tokyo Drift

      exactly this was happening when the question popped up lol.  🤣