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  1. Oh please....... Two of the links you posted are exactly the same, where the biker fell on top of the phone, probably landing on a rock as he fell and pierced the battery. This is a very rare occurrence of "exploding" happening between iPhones 6,6s and 7, not just one phone like the Note 7 was. Samsung had over 35 phones catch fire within a matter of 3 months even after recalling defective phones.
  2. 1) Will it run a 60FPS stable 4k (and by stable I mean it never goes below 60 in any game whatsoever) - 100% the 1080 pretty much runs at 60 FPS if you turn off AA, which really isn't needed for 4K . 2) Will it run a stable 144FPS on 1440p - Probably not, but this depends on the game.
  3. He's saying if you click on the black area next to the "Find out more" button it takes you to the GTX 1070 page. The "Find out more" page is obviously blank as they have not listed the GPUs yet.
  4. Hello forum members, I'm looking for a case for my new 2016 Dell XPS 15. Haven't really found one that I like, can anyone suggest one to me? Thank you in advance.
  5. Are you sure it's free? It might seem like it is, but rather it's added onto the cost of each pizza.
  6. Hello forum members, I'm looking for an ultrabook in the $1000-2000 AUD range, that will be used for general uses, such as the office suit, web browsing.
  7. Yes, that is true. Around 30% harder to run. Waiting for the 1080ti to come out, whenever they do come out.
  8. Anyone had experience with multi-monitor 1440P monitors? I'm looking to purchase three Acer XB271HUs, as they seem to be the better monitor compared to the PG279Q. I know there are a very minuscule amount of people with this configuration, but I thought I'd ask anyway. Read online some people are getting 50-70 on GTA V with 2 980TIs.
  9. Won't be using the stand, but the bezels would be perfect for multi monitors.
  10. 24" or 27"? Sorry, that this is a little offtopic. But how do you like the Acer Predator XB17HU? I'm looking to upgrade from my Dell U2412Ms to them.
  11. I actually like the first MSI design. Looks good, the black IO plate looks good as well. People are liking the EVGA design a lot, not to my liking in my opinion, this looks much better.
  12. Hello forum members, I'm looking to purchase a new PC that is connected to a TV for presentations, as a laptop I had connected has died. Would a NUC be good in this situation, specifically one with a I5 - 6260U. ?
  13. I agree with this, the GTX 1080 doesn't really bring any benefit apart from the reduction of energy consumption and 15% faster GPU. The price to performance will be much better going for GTX 980TIs.
  14. As @dragoon20005 has said . This motherboard does have two BIOS chips.
  15. For Broadwell - E , I would say around June - July possibly August as some reviewers already have their hands on Broadwell -E generation motherboards. For Kaby Lake, I would say Q3 2016, so not for a while Although, these are just my assumptions as we don't really know the release date.