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  1. Ah that could be it! I did recently update my Windows installation ISO that i have on a multi boot USB, so that explanation would make sense.
  2. argh sorry for wasting your time, a BIOS update fixed it - I don't understand how cos with the exact same setup Windows used to work fine on the old BIOS revision, but I guess I'll not question it. Thank you!
  3. The system posts normally regardless, and Linux works perfectly fine. Any combination of RAM whether it's 1x8GB stick or whatever and Windows still refuses to boot. I've had Windows work fine with the full 16GB for ages before, this issue has just come up recently.
  4. Hi all, I have Windows on a secondary drive that I keep around for gaming purposes etc., but as of late I've struggled to boot into it even if I totally wipe the drive and then reinstall Windows. The BSOD error is "Page fault in non paged area" which would suggest a RAM issue, however running memtest for around an hour shows absolutely no errors and Linux on my main drive works perfectly. I've tried installing it to a different drive, and no different. I can't even boot into Windows at all, as soon as it gets past the initial loading it displays the BSOD. It doesn't seem to be dumping a B
  5. I'm curious as to how good my setup is, just out of pure curiosity I bought some Grado SR80Es yesterday, and have been running them off my Marantz PM6006 amplifier, with the digital source being my Fiio E10k, using its digital coax output. I use foobar2000 for uncompressed files, using CDs ripped using EAC, and Spotify Premium running at the 320kbps setting
  6. Edit - even stupid sounding methods like having the 4 pin header go to a weird fan controller doodad are accepted
  7. Hi all, I recently swapped out the fans of my XFX R9 380 as the old ones just didnt spin at all, so i got some new ones, installed them and they span!...... very fast. Even if i put the fan at manual mode at 0RPM in the Radeon software, the lowest i've seen it is 1940RPMish, and this is because i have just realised that the GPU fans are 3 pin, even though the header is a 4 pin. So, is there a way of controlling the voltage going to the 3 pin fans on my new GPU fans? thank you
  8. If anyone like garage rock, listen to this album, it's fantastic
  9. They're illegal if you don't own the original games, and if you do have the game but download the ROM for it then it's sort of a grey area. Making the ROM yourself in most places is perfectly fine. That Quadro isn't amazing for gaming if you're looking to play demanding modern games at high settings https://www.notebookcheck.net/NVIDIA-Quadro-M620-GPU-Benchmarks-and-Specs.213796.0.html
  10. my main PC is just called my main PC or desk PC, and my TV PC is called the TV PC I'm not overly into naming things
  11. This album is fantastic, Kanye's verse is absolutely fucking amazing, makes me even more hyped for friday!
  12. You heard the new Jon Hopkins album? The first half is fantastic, second half falls off slightly but it's still a pretty good album
  13. I'd ask over at the New Builds and Planning section, remember to look at the sticky post before posting