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    Intel i5 4460
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    MSI H81 Eco
  • GPU
    EVGA 750 Ti
  • Case
    Corsair 230T
  • Storage
    Kingston V300 60 GB, WD 320 GB, Toshiba 320 GB
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    be quiet system power 7 400W
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    Stock I guess.
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    Between POS and good enough
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    Logitech G402
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    Hyperx Cloud Core
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  1. https://www.amazon.de/dp/B01684HUJU/ref=twister_B0763VBV2S?_encoding=UTF8&th=1 Decent monitor
  2. Why don't you just buy all 4 ? Then you can have knowledge and tell us which one you should buy.
  3. Why don't you like dress all of @LAwLz points ? I've read the whole thread and I'm trying like to follow your train of though, but like your post are too vague and you never address point of other members at least directly. Why would your suggestions achieve ??
  4. It only makes sense, that until now that most of developers are ,,white straight males'' because well after all they fucking wrote the first programming language and a shit ton of programming languages. What did you expect ?? Also why the fuck does the sexual orientation matter ??? Like I don't get it, why does it matter to you if I fuck a guy or a girl or even a fucking fleshlight ?
  5. So my phone just flew from the fifth floor in Uni rip Note 5. So does anyone know any good budget phones ? I'm looking at the honor x6 & x7 as well at the Motorola Play and Xiaomi A1.


    1.   Show previous replies  2 more
    2. cesrai


      @Tech_Dreamer Well I was in the Math-Building and to get to the balcony from where I was you needed to jump outside from the window. I jumped hit my elbow against the window, phone flies and lands after falling for like 3 seconds, while I was looking at it. That was sad really sad.

    3. Tech_Dreamer


      DAMN , You probably shouldve used the regular walkway to reach there, even if it took a bit of time.

    4. cesrai


      There is no walkway  to the balcony, you just need to jump :/ 

  6. Honestly I think WCCF pulled that number out of their arse, neither Annandtech nor PCgamer mention an estimation of the price.
  7. So the performance of this chip should be similar to the Hades Canyon NUC, pretty exciting if the console is cheap.
  8. Wo wohnst du denn ? Bei mir ist der Postbote ein Deutscher, aber auch die auslaendischen Postboten reden Deutsch. Was ist dann ein FOR ?
  9. Gehoert die Detsche Post dazu ?
  10. Danke sehr, wollt ihr was diskutieren ? Videospiele, Studium, weshalb Macbooks eine scheusslische Lueftung haben ?
  11. Gebrauchte Komponente, wo kauft man die in Deutschland ? Wo findet man Schnaeppchen ? Ich kenne nur Hardwareluxx :-/
  12. Wohin seid ihr alle ausgewandert ?
  13. So 50 according to your memory it would take 50 minutes 10 more or less. As a worker I would get suspicious if refueling took more than 10 minutes or so. Furthermore the worker should've have lost the control over the pump so that he couldn't shut it down, wouldn't that be a reason to call the cops ? I just find it really suspicious that the cops weren't called.
  14. Windows troubleshooter is shitty, I remember in Windows 7 where I had a networking problem and it recommended looking the problem in internet up.