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    The Glorious State Of Wisconsin
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    Ryzen Mobile and Cats
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    2 braincells and a wrinkle
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    R5 4600H
  • Motherboard
    Acer OEM
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    16 GB DDR4 2400 Mhz Dual Channel
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    GTX 1650/Vega 6
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    Nitro 5
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    Samsung 256 GB 960 Evo NVME SSD/ 1 TB WD Blue
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    130W Charger
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    Internal, 720p TV from the early 2010's
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    Aukey KM-G7 87 Key Mechanical Keyboard
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    Corsair Harpoon
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    JBL Xtreme(1st Gen), AudioTechnica AR3BT, KZ ES4
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    Windows 10 Home
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    Nitro 5 (Early 2020), Envy X360 (Late 2017)
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    Moto G7 Power

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  1. Welp I officially can say my stomach decided to say adios to me and I had a fun 5 minutes on my bathroom sink 

    1. Schnoz


      你最近有没有在Taco Bell吃过饭?

  2. Even my 2500U didnt run the game THIS bad christ 



  3. With my adventure with trying to snatch up any kind of GPU ive come to wonder something 


    Is buying a prebuilt or a laptop at this rate more reliable than trying to snatch up a GPU? 

    1.   Show previous replies  1 more
    2. sub68


      yes much more reliable

    3. Silentprototipe


      2 minutes ago, sub68 said:

      yes much more reliable

      Ive found 2 3080 prebuilts in person, multiple left over 20 series laptops and some 30 series online. However this was the in person stock situation in terms of hardware 




      Lol at the Intel CPUs being the only thing left in stock 



    4. sub68


      Just now, Silentprototipe said:

      Ive found 2 3080 prebuilts in person,


      1 minute ago, Silentprototipe said:

      Lol at the Intel CPUs being the only thing left in stock 


  4. Where do you plan on buying the laptop? American pricing doesnt exactly translate to European pricing
  5. Long shot but try booting up your motherboard outside of your case (AKA no skrews on the motherboard box). Sometimes a skrew or two can cause an issue like this
  6. These games generally are easily handled by the Vega 8 IGPU. However my own experience was with a 2500U at 25W. This laptop doesnt specify what wattage the APU runs at. If its 15W while it will run fine the performance wont be nearly the same as 25W. However the 3500U is an overall solid option if the 4500U isnt available at your budget
  7. Question now is if the allegations hold up will the person in question see prosecution. Im tired of seeing people get cancelled for things like these and not a single time has there been law enforcement involved at any point
  8. Thats a yikes from me chief... Besides that yikes from my expirience with prebuilt machines this could potentially be a few things. My guess could be the more than likely sketchy power supply (Its a prebuilt go figure). Other guesses could be something to do with your software (Clean reinstall of windows does many wonders sometimes). Really I dont have enough info to make a judgement besides, prebuilt prob means the PSU is eating it. Give more details of what the OEM of the prebuilt is, specs, and any other info you belief is important
  9. One does not realize how much 40 minutes of extra sleep helps until you get it

    1. Schnoz


      I need that 40 minutes...

  10. Who is this man and why hasn't he been mugged yet 


    Post image

    1. Spotty


      If you see someone on the bus with a suitcase filled with cocaine would you mug them?


      Nah, that man has some serious connections to get graphics cards like that. I ain't messing with him.

    2. Prodigy_Smit


      If I mugged him the Russian mafia would come for me.

  11. Wow AMD is worthless at attempting to sell GPU's 

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    2. Silentprototipe


      @Tristerin Actually I was so fast AMD forgot to update the site. I was sitting there refreshing for a solid 3 min before the site crashed 

    3. GreatnessRD


      I seen it pop up on the east coast, but couldn't add to cart. Not the card I wanted, but was just trying my hand. Hopefully they release some 6800 XT's later. GPU buying is a complete shit show right now, lol

    4. Moonzy


      are they worthless at selling it if they sold out...? 🤔

  12. Thats some pretty bad news. If it doesnt output anything to the display you are pretty much boned. Its dead
  13. Firstly make sure the laptop is even posting or outputting a display. Connect it to a TV or a monitor and see if it outputs any video to the display. If not I believe your issue is much worse than just a broken display
  14. Soon...



    I shall be the quickest yeet in the midwest hold my F5 key 

  15. Considering theres literally nothing else on the market thats available whats left to lose trying to snatch one up Im totally not planning on grabbing 2