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VRM heatsink recommendations?

Demonic Donut

I'm looking for a better heatsink option for my VRM on my Sapphire Pulse 5700xt.


I've got a Morpheus cooler on it with nice alphacool copper heatsinks for the memory but I'm using the aluminum heatsink (pictured) that came with the Morpheus cooler for the VRM. It's adequate but I'm hoping to find something better. I'm going to be using a semi permanent thermal adhesive as I've had issues with the heatsinks falling off after some time and moving the case around. "Thermal Tape" is garbage...


I'm thinking about cutting down some copper heatsinks for each module, but my last attempt didn't work out because my bandsaw tried to eat the heatsinks... I can also try stacking them along the chips but coverage isn't ideal due to overlap with how large the heatsinks are. Height can also be a problem but I've bought a new bench mounted belt sander so I can trim things easier now if I need to.


I'm hoping to find a one piece solution if possible. Has anyone run across such a thing?


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