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What does a curved monitor look like next to a flat one?

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Just now, Hydra453 said:

Hi guys,

Im buying a second monitor ( my current is a 60hz 27" monitor) which is 144hz and is curved (also 27").

Idk what it will look like next to a flat monitor. I wont buy it if it looks stupid.

Do you have a TV that you can put next to it? That'll be a fairly good indication

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Looks like a portion of a circle. 


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Looks curved lol

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it looks curved

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A curved monitor is curved, not stupid.

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18 minutes ago, Hydra453 said:

Hi guys,

Im buying a second monitor ( my current is a 60hz 27" monitor) which is 144hz and is curved (also 27").

Idk what it will look like next to a flat monitor. I wont buy it if it looks stupid.

I'll look like a monitor a fat person has sat on.

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My center monitor is flat and the side monitors curved. If I only had two and had them side by side, it would look silly.

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