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  1. Hi Have a look at around 5minutes He put a PCI extender on the gpu card The card is put in horizontal position, it saved space
  2. Just a suggestion I would remove the graphic card and use a Ryzen 3 3200G at 94.00$us or for more power a Ryzen 5 3400G at 149.00$us On sale at Newegg us . Save a bit of money, with video card.
  3. I would remove the Finish language from Windows
  4. Try removing one of the memory stick . It possible you have defective memory .Also possible you have a bad connection . Try reinserting them. Try also clearing the Cmos ( look in owner book )
  5. Try clearing the -- > Cmos <-- Hope this help
  6. Ok try this Go to desktop Go mouse right click (Drop Menu ) -- go Display setting Go to --Sound Just below -- Master volume , Trouble shoot Go -- Manage sound Devices At the Output Devices you should see your Monitor / Tv --Click on it and --Disable Hope this help
  7. Hi Try this it may or may not work Start Type --> sound-- This will find --> sound setting <-- Open Go to top right corner --> Sound control Panel <-- Open Connect to output jack -- Headphone or speakers Go to Playback -- . this is the first option-- . Play with the setting to see witch one work
  8. Hi One thing you can try. I am not sure if it will work. Use Windows 10 install tool . Do not install windows . Go to the location were you see the drives. If your external drive is connected you should be able to format in this location. You can see and example in YouTube, " How to do a clean install of Windows 10 " Hope this help
  9. Hi My opinion I would go with Ryzen 3 3200G The video card in included in the chip so No video card. At 85.00$ us For the mother board ,i would go for more future proof with a 500 range MB
  10. It possible that this is normal and the dusting just made you notice it . Get a temp monitoring software . There are free program out there.
  11. There several software that can do that . But I believed that all sort of issues will cone out . Just do a clean install
  12. Hi You can try this, It may not work.. Do the clean install routine of windows 10 Go to section new install not the repair. Go until you see the drive section , that is were you do the install All the drive should be there. Format the new SSHD . Do not install Windows . Just quit and reboot Hope this help
  13. Post a picture of your card or the make and model. it would help