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  1. This is the general consensus, it makes no sense release an i9 that's identical to the i7 and even worse gets nowhere near competing with AMD's Ryzen 9. But Intel does not care about reason they care about profits and people have proven them since the i7 8086K that their fans will buy literally anything for premium $, just say it's "binned" and voilá. The truth is the entire 11th gen is pointless, you can can get the i9 10850K which with an OC is identical to the i9 10900K and it's 10c/20t goodness for cheaper than the 11700K and motherboards are equally cheaper, only 10th gen is c
  2. Princess Luna

    Oh. Didn't realize these were out..... lol @ $6…

    The only I can think of is if you use QuickSync (iGPU acceleration) extensively since 11th gen is coming with the brand new video architecture which increases performance in more than half but everything else it does look like a worse deal since the 10850K with it's 2 extra cores has better multi-threading and single-core wise they are very close still (didn't help Ring Bus on the 10nm/14nm hybrid monstrosity they made lags behind the former increasing core latency). 11th gen is seriously fighting head on 7th(KabyLake) for the title of most useless stop gap gen they ever released,
  3. Princess Luna

    Oh. Didn't realize these were out..... lol @ $6…

    i9 10850K for 380 bucks be like making both 11th'ss gen i7 and i9 obsolete.
  4. Value wise the 10700K is actually a compelling purchase right now, you do get enough for any gaming and general pc usage you could want for a relatively good price. That said so should the i5 10600K... my i7 8700 system which is basically the same CPU horsepower does well on this sort of thing and wouldn't hold back a 3060 Ti
  5. Princess Luna

    So it looks like the 6GB 3050Ti is a lie. It lo…

    RTX 3050 Ti will have 24GB of VRAM, marketing go brrrrrr
  6. I know right? my 1080 Ti Founders Edition feels so tiny nowadays lol
  7. NZXT Official Discord Server is permabanning anyone who dares sharing this video, obviously the right thing to do.



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    2. AluminiumTech



      obviously the right thing to do.

      @Princess Luna Can't tell if serious. But if serious I would strongly disagree that it's the wrong thing to do and frankly I would say it's obviously the wrong thing to do.


      NZXT should be punished for this behaviour.

    3. FakeKGB


      1 minute ago, AluminiumTech said:

      @Princess Luna Can't tell if serious. But if serious I would strongly disagree that it's the wrong thing to do and frankly I would say it's obviously the wrong thing to do.


      NZXT should be punished for this behaviour.

      I'm finding out if it's true.

    4. FakeKGB


      They do not permaban - though they did take my link down and never explain why.

  8. AMD's current Navi architecture handles 1080p better than nVidia's Ampere architecture, these benchmarks shows how far these processors can take the GPU and the RX6800 is simply going a bit farther.
  9. I don't think so, to be honest. Can still run plenty of (old)games though...
  10. The RTX 3080's 10gb of vram is by all means 100% sufficient for 1440p gaming, VRAM hasn't much weight as it seems to be honest. Like stated I'd go with the 3080 since DLSS and RT... the 6800XT is on pair rasterization wise so why not get the extra nVidia goodies.
  11. The GTX 1660 Super is a rather underpowered card and at 240 pounds I do feel it's more expensive than it should be... but given the current awful state of the market with shortages all around I understand you find yourself would of choices. Are you willing to check on used market? Maybe you can find better deal for your money or even just get something much cheaper just to help you get by and later you buy the proper card you want
  12. Would only matter if you had more workloads and more multi-tasking planned. For gaming performance alone even with the RTX 3080 you'll still be GPU bound at 4k meaning you'll get virtually the same performance in-game with a wide variety of processors, from cheap ones to the top of the line ones: An i7 10700K or a R5 5600X aren't exactly low tier thou
  13. Or even the i7 10700K for the matter if Intel pricing is better where they live, playing at 4k we all know he'll be GPU bound any ways.
  14. How many % would this one be: It's not good to deal with absolutes, all in all the statement that the processors are on pair of one another stands. To be fair everyone who has ever had an Intel Stock Cooler under operation knows that thing is as loud as it gets, it is clearly inferior to AMD's and it can get to really bothering levels. Also again with this "something that is slower" there's no objectively faster or slower answer in here. Having the alternative means you can at some point bother yourself to learn and do it, this options is simply not
  15. I sense some unnecessary bias in here. The reality is that the 10400 and 3600 are too close to one another to really matter, your own "better methodology" benchmarks shows a variance within 1%~2% meaning OP won't be gaining or losing significant performance regardless what they choose. So we get back to the fact that if they are paying the same price, potentially cheaper with the Ryzen if they stick to stock cooler, there's the notion AMD is still a better pick thanks to not locking CPU/Memory overclocking and having a superior upgrade path (without mention actual better performanc
  16. The video below has every bit of information on what benchmarks are concerned you could possible need: Here's a few things for you to consider: The stock cooler on the R5 3600 is by all means sufficient for it meaning you'd not have to buy an aftermarket cooler already improving on pricing ratio. The R5 3600 seems to fair better than the i5 10400F on 1080p high refresh, e-sports games and alike. The B450 motherboard has better upgrade path. So if you pricing ends up near enough the same the winner here is the R5 3600.
  17. Sadly Gamer Nexus hasn't made a 2020 video on the subject so we'll have to use the 2019's one: This should give you an idea how certain programs scales in performance when using hardware acceleration from a video card, but as rule of thumb you should first make sure you got the best CPU you can afford.
  18. I was going to advise on the same thing, resetting the BIOS is the way to go here but remove the battery? Nowadays all motherboards have jumpers
  19. What kind of adapter it is? I'm afraid that is your issue, if it's a passive adapter then it will not work regardless what you do since DisplayPort is a digital signal while VGA is an analogic signal. You need an active adapter which is quite rare or for a better solution since the monitor seems to support DVI (which is a digital signal) is use a DP to DVI cable.
  20. I have looked up on google and I cannot seem to find a lenovo ls1951 that actually has DisplayPort. How exactly is the video card connected to it? Are you using an adapter? If so... what kind of adapter?
  21. If you can actually buy a 3060 Ti at around MSRP then I think it could be a good purchase yes. Performance jump is expressive and you'll have latest driver support and DLSS which is even more performance on the table, the 3060 Ti is by all means a 1440p capable card, specially if your target is 60hz~75hz. @boggy77 The 3070 is a bit of a harder sell, it's only about 8% to 10% faster than the 3060 Ti for a considerable price bump... So the RTX 3080 is the only way to go but supplies on that one aren't getting restocked any time soon. Bottom line is... if
  22. What monitor are you using exactly? Adding it's model and specs is helpful. Your computer has iGPU, does it work fine with it? Did you install the nVidia latest drivers fresh new? As in was there no other video card on this system prior?
  23. While Velcade has nailed the matter I think you could enjoy a short read from Gamer Nexus on the matter: https://www.gamersnexus.net/guides/3359-liquid-metal-aging-one-year-test-how-often-to-replace-liquid-metal It's possible LM holds even better than high quality thermal pastes do, I wouldn't fear of it while your temperature numbers are in check.
  24. As Dizmo said, your parts selection looks as solid as it gets. I'd just be wary of potential temperature issues when this machine is at full steam. Ever considered a mATX build instead? can still make it fairly compact and would ensure better cooling potential.