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We need more Nicky V!

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That guys is hilarious.. more screen time for that man!

I like him as a person, but his "Impression" makes me cringe so bad I end up skipping the parts he's in.. So for that fact I gotta say...


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First to people with this racism thing going on. GET OVER IT! It was already cleared in the other thread by both Taran and Dennis (plus Linus mentioning it on WAN Show). Furthermore its way better in latest CSF (Vessel).

I don't think Berkels alterEGO needs more screen time. It works in these lighter videos or as funny parts under longer vlogs. But no way it fits in any other thing under this brand.

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Nick Van Berkel - Yes. 

Nicky V -                Eh. 



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Just move to Jersy and you'll get Nicky V for the rest of your life, 24/7

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I enjoy Nicky V, but im a big goof so

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nicky v is just fine the way he is, but it would be nice if berkel (not nicky v) co-hosted wan show for once :D

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Dennis doesn't care so that isn't racist.


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Eh, Nicky V is fine for me.

I find Taren annoying though. 

What do they know of England, who only England know?

Zowie make the best gaming mice hands down.

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Why are people so easily offended these days? Can nobody take a joke anymore?


Of course not it's 2015 people get offended at literally anything and everything.

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Wow people are really upset... I think he should have his own channel lol.

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nicky v is just fine the way he is, but it would be nice if berkel (not nicky v) co-hosted wan show for once :D

I second this.

"Live life or die trying" - Rainbow Coke Factory

Current Build In Progress - http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/329137-portal-themed-900d-gaming-pc/

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4 hours ago, berkel said:

lol i didn't know threads like this existed

Welcome to LTT. Also nice thread necro, reporting. /s

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Tell me you don't like this video???



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On 24/09/2015 at 5:09 PM, Comic_Sans_MS said:

How about NO.

I mute the audio when Nicky V is on a Channel Super Fun or Moving Vlog.

He just says so much SHIT!!!

And I am not talking about the Dennis racist shit, Dennis doesn't care so that isn't racist.

I am talking about Nick V's fucking stupid impersonations! 

racism is racism regardless if the victim cares or not.


Its like saying "killing a person with a deathwish is not murder". Yes it is murder, because regardless if the person who is killed wants to die or not, the person who commited the act of killing someone does not hold a special legal right allowing them to do so.

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There's alot of hate for Nicky v here.  I figured some people might be alittle annoyed by him but there's some full blown hate going on here

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Whining and complaining galore! Hear ye! Hear ye! Some people are annoyed or offended by Berkel's personality that brings flavor to an otherwise dull office. Therefore, we should not encourage this behavior or have any more of it. The little ones might get triggered.


If you don't like it, nobody will force you to watch it. Those of us who enjoy more than PC cookie cutter people will enjoy ourselves while you guys do whatever makes you happy.


Ah whatever I actually don't care...

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