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  1. I would recommend to just simply to get a new PC altogether. If that's not an option i would recommend using older version of chrome or use Firefox, since latest version of Chrome seems to heavy for your computer.
  2. quick question, will a 1x4GB sodimm work on a 2x2gb sodimm ? sounds dumb to ask but just to make sure
  3. pirated Windows ? if not just re-install and hope for the best, or contact Windows Support
  4. is there a Disc version of BF1 ?
  5. can someone recommend me a cheap 27" Monitor ? all i want is that its 1080p and has a HDMI Port, i don't care if its bulky or its TN Thanks.
  6. the GPU is really damn weak, also you're paying for the CD Burner and RGB Lightning, just get custom
  7. just LoL ? i3 Skylake + 950 will do
  8. never seen 144Hz in action, but as far as my experience go switching from 30fps to 60fps was a huge difference, i would just say get 4K60Hz
  9. that is why these thing comes with a handy-dandy magical god blessing book called MANUAL
  10. lmao no some people don't like the idea of "Mod" and they just gonna get the 50 bucks bluetooth earphone
  11. prob your CPU gonna 90%-100% on load, but its fine
  12. so you gonna OC 4790K and 2x1080 ? i 850W-900W PSU, dont forget to get Tier 1/2, and just to make sure the 80+ doesnt mean it has 80W extra, its just an efficiency rate
  13. try open Disk Management and see if the Drive is there, if its there probably it was hidden or something messed up