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  1. Let us not forget that Roberts was a lead developer for Freelancer and its prequel... he KNOWS how to build space games. he KNOWS how this should be done. He has been watching and sueing the freelancer modding community for YEARS, specifically because they made mods that are now MAGICALLY a core part of SC... Wake up sheeple, its a fucking scam. You got scammed. Roberts is but the nigerian prince of game development
  2. lol, when will you realize its but a giant ponzi scheme?
  3. Good riddance. Low quality reviewers need to get rekt.
  4. your anecdotal evidence means shit when we have review upon review upon review upon review of acer devices running dangerously close to TJ-max out of the box.... and what happens 6 months later? dust + wear and tear means it always throttles. Acer has been bad with thermal design on their sub 1500 USD devices. This is just how it is. Maybe they will pick up the slack sooner or later, but for now, they suck. Deal with it and move on.
  5. Lol people. this is ACER.... they skimp so hard on cooling that anything under 1500USD will NEVER EVER hit max frequency without throttling. These laptops are great on paper and terrible in practice. Just wait and see
  6. Sueing a ponzi scheme..... Tell me how that is going to work out for you, Crytek
  7. you do realize that just because a chip CAN reach 5GHz+ doesnt mean it PERFORMS like it "should" at 5GHz+ These scores may very well be true. Cinebench also do NOT report on top turbo speed, it only reads base clock.
  8. not really. Games are using more and more cores/threads. More games are needing more threads. As time goes on, there is no justification to have less cores when multitasking. Our browsers keep using more and more RAM, same with spotify and other streaming services. huge caching
  9. the amount of RAM and core count is more of a limiter if you are trying to multitask. I would love for linus to promote higher rated powersupplies. Owning a RM750 and AX1500i, i KNOW how huge a difference there is on 10% draw. Its NOT negligible. 10% power loss over time sounds little, but given HOW much time most of us spends browsing and doing low intensity shit, its ridiculous not to think of it. And considering you can get Titanium grade PSUs at just 120 bucks (whilst gold is 75-90), well, its a far cry from the days when Titanium grade was at a 250 dollar premium
  10. FX struggles due to its pipeline design, its a scheduler + cache issue 90% of the time.