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    Computers(suprise), tinkering, Bunnies.
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    Core 2 due e7600
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    4gb ddr2
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    Gtx 660
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    Hp prebuilt case
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    500b segate
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    evga 500w
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    acer monitor from garage sale, 2003 dell monitor
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    stock heat, x2 120mm cooler masters
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    cm storm blue
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    cm storm blue
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    altec speaker+sub
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  1. I just realized I misread your initial post. You mean for me to get two of those?????
  2. That's really nice of you man. I think I will take you up on that and I'll be sure to pay if forward when I'm back on my feet. Do you have the link for the other headset? Or should I just find something and let you know how much it is? I don't want to take more then it actually cost.
  3. Dude are you serious??? I don't know if I can accept that it's so generous. I mean I know it's only $20 but I don't even know you.
  4. Tldr: I don't have a lot of money but came across some so I want to use it to buy two of my brothers each a CHEAP but still half decent usb headset for Xmas. (USA, $30~ each or $60) Full length plus obligatory sob story: Hey guys, I was hoping to see if anyone had a list of or links to some reviews of some cheap gaming headsets. Two of my brothers asked for gaming headsets this year for Xmas (one has one but it was from a peripheral combo and is falling apart, the other is getting his first gaming pc for xmas and the rest of my family has everything covered except that)
  5. Bearded Linus is the Linus I've always wanted. I've always appreciated the youthful Linus of yesterday and just feel like him having a beard is symbolic of a new era of Linus in someway. Like it makes him more rugged and points out his age and similarly his experience above the rest of the LMG staff. Tldr Non-beard Linus = LTT Bearded = successful LMG
  6. Yeah you know it's come to my attention that less than ever there is a need for this (of course depends on who you are) so I'm hoping it doesn't end up being all that necessary but i can recall a time where I was the "friend who ran Linux" when we'd all get online to play games and I brought everyone down to my level. Again I've heard this has gotten better....but probably still not an ideal solution. But I could be surprised!
  7. I see. It is apparent that I have very much more research to do regarding this topic and I'm afraid that it is extending past what I am willing to investigate atm. Again my purpose of this thread was just about the ability to VM boot off of a drive. With that said I appreciate your help and it is fortunate that my parts for the system will not arrive for some time so I do have time to do more research and will certainly bother you again when/if I find the need.
  8. While I don't intend on that use case that's certainly and interesting thing to think about as I'm planing on dual booting windows for gaming (at least for when I'm intending to play with friends for best experience) but perhaps I could do something similar where if I find Vm usable for a scenario then I'll just do that and limit having to actually turn off my computer.......though that's a whole another can of worms.
  9. Perhaps I should note that I intend on the Main OS being Linux as well (Deciding between Manjaro or Ubuntu as I have more experience with Ubuntu but really like Manjaro's interface, aesthetic, ect out of the box). But while performance is a concern to me I'm curious to know how much it'll matter in my particular use case. Would the performance be that much different using one or the other? Security is also a big question since I'm VMing for that reason...but maybe that is unnecessary to ask since it's all VMing.
  10. Well that's good to know. I see your point about driver issues and that is a concern. While Linux definitely comes off as more adaptable to this sort of thing I'm sure it too will have some issues with it....perhaps it depends on what I can do about it/how easy that would be to deal with if that problem arises.
  11. Definitely banking on this. I'm sure in a scenario with Windows this would be more of a headace.
  12. Well I suppose for all intents and purposes you've answered my question. But let's say both Qemu/Kvm and VMWare ESXi can do it. Any reason to choose one over the other? Features, overhead, user friendless, etc?
  13. Sorry for leaving this topic to rot. I ended up giving up on this and finding another solution for what I was intending to do with the Samba Share. Consider it closed.
  14. Not 100% sure if this is where this belongs. My rational is: Asking If a program (Say Vmware or virtualbox) can do this thing involving a hard drive with an operating system on it. I've very lightly used (maybe better to say tried?) Virtual machines in the past but never seen or heard of this use case so I wanted to see if it's possible as I will be consolidating my various lightweight/main computers/experiences into one computer that I will be building soon once the parts arrive. Basically I have a Lenovo mini computer running Ubuntu server 18.04 that I use to run my Minecraft Server. I
  15. When attempting to access with the Ubuntu Server I get "failed to retrieve share list from server: no route to host"