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  1. Yeah I feel like waiting could be a good idea just i wouldnt want to miss out on something for lack of patience Is there any benefit to my looking at say Ryzen 7 or is it largely a waste for my requirements?
  2. Hello everyone, wow, not been here in a while.... Anyway, I am looking to upgrade my PC as my 4770k is starting to bog me down, I game at 1440p 60 or 1080p 144hz, (hoping to upgrade to 1440p 144hz later in the year) I edit 4k footage from my Sony A73 in davinci resolve Wanting to do some stwitch streaming (probably using nvenc) not sure how CPU dependant this is Most games etc are fine but some new games like COD Warzone are pushing my CPU to 100% when gaming, and im struggling to edit 4k etc as its just so laggy My current pc is a 4770k 16GB C
  3. There is also the Sigma 30mm F1.4 which is superior optically although the Sony does have stabilisation which could be a benefit the 55-210 is okay nothing special but cheap and light for tele use instead of the 16-50 you could get the 18-105 or 18-135 which are both much sharper
  4. Keyboard no Mouse 10000000000% definately Screen - helps to use a proper monitor
  5. yeah doing hunting would be a safe way of getting your shoot on shooting poor people in the street with a bb gun is completely not
  6. bbs guns are not particularly damaging, considering as a sport people shoot each other with them brandishing them in public is illegal, and shooting somebody not in a game is assault and if armed police came would probably shoot you Also, you would harm genuine airsofters being reckless IF you want to shoot people with bbs guns, join an airsoft site and do it safely
  7. Hey everyone, really miss you all! sorry i have barely been on in the last year! if you ever wanna get in touch PM me, im active on social media etc :)

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      It's been a long time :)


  8. Yo everyone :D im still alive haha just saying hi :D

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      Sir Asvald

      I'm okay! Just working on my project for my final year. :( 


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  9. Hey guys, here is a quick review of the MSI Z270 Krait gaming motherboard - apologies for the terrible colour grading and clipped audio! Anything that could have gone wrong with this video, went very wrong indeed - hopefully its still enjoyable and educational!!! TLDR - Great priced motherboard, attractive design, wealth of features, great performance, lots of good IO Video Review Specs - Socket 1151 Intel Kaby Lake 7th Gen CPUs - 4x DDR 4 RAM slots with support for OC 3733mhz - 2x M.2 SSD slots - 6x SATA Ports with RAID (0/1/5/10) su
  10. KOTOR Jade Empire Dragon Age Witcher Alpha Protocol (bit poo) Deus Ex Fallout (well not quite but still)
  11. haha YUP Yeah I agree! Its great to have alternative options and it works great for certain things that would be impossible on a regular controller Sure, you can try, but since I still use regular controllers for PS4, Xbox, and various games, I will never really have time to make the steam controller my "go to" Ive tried plenty of configs, I just dont think I could ever like playing first or third person games with it as much as my 360 pad, for a start, the XAYB buttons are way harder to use than a regular controller, like I can press A+X when using the right stick,
    1. kameshss


      your dad plays Rocket League wow

  12. (oh I am still alive BTW for those wondering :D) I Recently picked up but the Steam Link and Steam controller in the steam sale for a really good price - both are interesting pieces of tech for sure TDLR: Steam Link = amazing must have, Steam Controller = pretty cool but not a replacement of a normal pad Video Review Steam Link First up is the steam link, this tiny apple TV-esque box sits under your TV and lets you stream any steam game on your PC directly to your TV and use any controller/K&M etc. Set up is as simple as boo
  13. Playing back a 4k video on a 1080p monitor still results in a shaper image, for a start YouTube plays back at a MUCH higher bitrate, and you benefit from supersampling
  14. Sure, but have you seen some of the amazing cinematography on display on youtube? especially when streaming in 4k bitrates... its pretty stunning even if its only YouTube not some shakey blurry crappy go pro footage even then there is go pro hero 4 black and hero 5 footage that looks nicer than his...
  15. What???? Its also 10000x better and has way more stuff to it
  16. It all depends on what you are intending to film etc not enough information
  17. No, its only within like 14 days of purchase, not like 6 years after you buy it