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  1. So... just like every other sport. If it doesn't get views, it wont bring in money, so a major channel like ESPN or Sky News wont broadcast it. Why would you watch football? It's just 22 blokes running around a pitch for a ball. Yet we pay football players multimillion pound sallaries for what they do. Darts is a sport. In fact it's specifically a marker sport. Also, level of demand needed for a sport isn't a requirement for whether something is or isn't a sport. By that metric, why is motocross more demanding than road racing, freestyle snowboarding/skiing, or any other ex
  2. What doesn't make eSports sports? If darts is a sport, in which the physical exertion is getting munted and throwing darts at a round board, I'd say eSports are sports. In the case of a game like CS, it's a competitive and highly skill based game where two teams compete for our entertainment. Which matches sports pretty well, only difference is it's played on a PC and not on a pitch or field.
  3. Question: Is it normal for an AIO, after roughly a year of use, to begin rattling at whatever speed the pump is set to?

    Either yes or no, worth it to just ditch and go for a Noctua air cooler instead?

    1. flibberdipper


      Both of my H115i's did, but then again both were g a r b a g e, sooooo

    2. SeriouslyMikey


      2 hours ago, flibberdipper said:

      Both of my H115i's did, but then again both were g a r b a g e, sooooo

      Yeah it's put me AIO's so I think Noctua is the way

  4. A joke is a joke whether it's liked by some people or not.
  5. I'd argue most of us didn't grow up in the "golden era" of pop music. After all, it's just what is mainstream of the time. 80's had some outstanding artists that we just wouldn't get today, for example. But you may think the 80's was cheesey garbage. It's all personal preference at the end of the day.
  6. Every now and then you have one of those moron moments. For ages I thought my G403 wireless was dying. Constantly skipping, constantly cutting out for microseconds. Which was fine when on the desktop, but when I'm trying to enjoy a shooter, it was really getting annoying.

    Turns out, the three feet of distance between the back of my PC and the mouse is enough for the reciever to bork and not pick up the singal.


    I was 🤏 this close to buying a new mouse and it would've done nothing. 🥴

  7. Complaining about miners getting ahold of GPUs and demanding that only "true" gamers are able to buy GPUs is childish and hilarious.
  8. Corsair AIO making a mad rattling noise but really noticeable on the low speed preset.
    Last half an hour spent tilting shifting and trying to work out whatever air bubbles that could've gotten trapped inside and nothing is happening. Fingers crossed this bitch is under warranty.

    1. Spotty


      Which AIO is it? Mine also rattles on the quiet pump speed. I just leave it on performance. 🤷‍♂️

    2. SeriouslyMikey


      Corsair H100i. It rattles the worst on the quiet preset (which is the one I idealy want it on). Stuck it onto balanced and it is still rattling a little.


      This one to be exact: https://www.scan.co.uk/products/corsair-h100i-rgb-pro-xt-aio-cooler-2x-120mm-ml120-pwm-fans-copper-heatsink-aluminium-240mm-radia

  9. Right someone explain to me what's so valuable about having a watch that measures movement and heartrate? It seems like the most pretentious thing to have, especially on a fashion watch like a smart watch.

    1.   Show previous replies  1 more
    2. Lurick


      You mean something that helps you be healthy?

    3. Zando Bob

      Zando Bob

      It's a watch. Some people don't wear them (I often don't wear mine), most have their own reasons for wanting a specific kind of watch if they do wear one. I can't really tell you what's so valuable about a smartwatch. I can tell you what I value, what I found worth paying the $400 I did for mine, but my preferences are different from yours, and what I give a shit about you may not. I can tell you that I don't have mine for pretentious reasons, I genuinely wanted it for the features, not as a fashion accessory or something just to try and impress others. 

  10. I was laughed at for buying a 2070 Super just a couple months before the 3000 series launched.

    Who's laughing now 😄

  11. LTT: Fuck miners! Fuck miners!
    Also LTT: So here's a good way to start mining.

    LTT: Security is important to us and it should be to you.
    Also LTT: Promotes products such as Alexa which are always recording and connected to the internet.

    1. WaggishOhio383


      10 minutes ago, SeriouslyMikey said:

      Also LTT: Promotes products such as Alexa which permanently are always recording and connected to the internet.

      You do know how products like the Amazon Echo work, right? It's not constantly recording and uploading everything you say to the internet. The way it actually works is by constantly recording and overwriting a short audio clip which it scans to detects the wake word. Once it hears that, then it records a longer clip of what you said and sends it to Amazon's (or Google's, etc.) servers so that it can know what to say in response. The only time it actually uploads what you're saying is after it hears the wake word. Otherwise, the audio it records is stored on the device's internal memory and is quickly overwritten.


      And from what I've heard, the point of the mining video wasn't to say "hey, you should buy a GPU and start mining". It was to say "hey, if you have a gaming PC, here's an easy way to start mining with it in your spare time to make a bit of money".

    2. RichardJiang123456789


      When he said,'' **** you miners!''. It make us gamers feel very good. 🙂