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What should I review next?

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How about the Asus gl702zc as that looks fun and fancy, and is out now, finally. It would be interesting to see how good ryzen does in a portable situation.

Hello, I probably made this post from one of my servers from while while Remote desktoping it from my gaming machine and typing it on there while also having this fourms open on the gaming PC, because why not

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I would really like to see a review of some slimbook ultrabooks, especially of the Katana and Pro. The idea of these products is

to address the issue of hardware compatibility with Linux by choosing hardware that's working well in sync with Linux and optionally pre-install it.

I'm a CS student and would love to have a professional Linux laptop for programming and such.

So I think of buying one but I can not find a review online that is in my opinion thorough enough.



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Linus, please review the grandpa of mechanical keyboards:


The IBM Model M.

How well do they do in 2017? How do they compare to modern mechanicals?


Having used a keyboard without a windows key, not a problem.


You could also review the modern replicas:



Unicomp also sells USB versions. Please do it Linus, they are very loud and clicky.

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